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How to get fishing bait in Raft

Grab fishing bait from Trading Posts

A lit up trading post in raft at night Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Polygon

The final update for Raft included the option to add bait to your fishing rods, but you can only get bait in specific places. Our Raft fishing bait guide explains where to find fishing bait and how it works.

Where to get fishing bait in Raft

There are three types of fish bait: Simple Fishing Bait, Advanced Fishing Bait, and Expert Fishing Bait. You can only find these from Trading Posts, found on random large islands. Each costs one Trash Cube for a stack of four bait, and you can buy them five times each per island. Once you buy out the bait, you’ll need to find another large island to buy more.

The higher tier the bait, the higher reputation you need at the Trading Post. You’ll be able to buy Simple Fishing Bait right away, but Advanced and Expert Fishing Bait require tier two and tier three respectively. You can increase your reputation by selling fish at the posts.

A Raft Trading Post screen, but the fish bait has been bought out Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Polygon

Specifically, you’ll want to sell the fish you catch with the bait to get reputation and Trade Coins. You can use these coins to buy other things, like rare food ingredients, recipes, and blueprints. The special fish you catch with bait cannot be used for anything else, so you might as well just trade them in.

To get Trash Cubes, you’ll need to grab the Recycler Blueprint, which is found at the top of the Radio Tower (the first story island). Once you get it, you can put raw materials into the Recycler to get Trash Cubes.

How to use fishing bait in Raft

Once you have your fishing rod out, use the right mouse button to select your bait. Once you do that, you can fish as normal to bring in the unique fish.

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