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How to get to the Radio Tower and start the story in Raft

After establishing your raft a little bit, you’ll want to start Raft’s story to really get things going

A Radio Tower in the distance between a receiver in Raft Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

If you’re just starting out in Raft, you may not even notice that the game has a storyline. Using your trusty journal, you’ll need to figure out what happened and find the hidden land of Utopia in this flooded world. Our Raft story guide will explain how to get to the first story island, the Radio Tower, and start the game’s storyline.

There’s quite a few steps to start the game’s story. Even if you’re just enjoying survival with your friends, many of the game’s key structures are locked behind blueprints you get on the story islands, so you won’t want to put off starting for too long. That being said, you should only start the story when you’re ready to and have a good grasp on how to survive.

Step 1: Build a Research Table and do some research

Using 14 plank and 2 scrap, you’ll want to build a Research Table. By inserting crafting materials into the table, you can unlock new items to craft.

By fishing up barrels floating in the water, you’ll need to find the blueprints for Antenna and a Receiver.

You will need to submit the following ingredients to the Research Table to get started:

  • Scrap
  • Bolts
  • Circuit board
  • Copper ingot
  • Plastic
  • Vine goo
  • Plank
  • Hinge

If you don’t already know how to make a Smelter, you’ll need to submit dry brick and nails to the book (in addition to plank and scrap). You’ll need the Smelter to make ingots.

All of the materials listed above can be found floating around in the ocean or on the ocean reefs around randomly appearing islands. Make sure to use your hook to harvest clay, scrap, and copper ores from the reefs.

Step 2: Build three Antenna, one Receiver, and a battery

If you already have a second floor for your raft, place the Receiver and three Antenna on the second floor. Put the battery in the slot on the Receiver as well.

The Antenna need to be far away enough from the Receiver to not cause interference, but they also need to be far from each other. The Receiver will note which ones are too close to each other. Here is an (ugly and basic) layout we used at first:

The worlds dingiest raft with three antenna and a receiver set up Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Polygon

If you do not have a second floor to your raft yet, you should focus on collecting plank until you can build a fairly large second floor.

Step 3: Use the Receiver to find the Radio Tower and set sail

Once you place down the Receiver, you’ll get a note with a code to the Radio Tower. That code will automatically be inputted into the Receiver. Set your sail and orient your boat so it heads towards the blue ping on the Receiver.

A Receiver with a battery in it notes where to find islands in Raft Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Polygon

Turn off the Receiver when it’s not in use, as it’ll drain the battery. You won’t have access to a battery recharger until later, so you’ll want to avoid having to make a swarm of batteries now.

Make sure to periodically check the Receiver to make sure you’re still going the right distance. You’ll be able to see the Radio Tower faintly in the distance when it’s about 260 meters away.

After quite a long journey, you’ll approach the Radio Tower, which has new blueprints to learn, a playable character, and the code to the next island to continue the story. Make sure to anchor down before you jump up the tower.

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