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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart achievements and trophies

Every trophy and how to get all 47

Image: Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a planet-hopping adventure that brings the titular duo to the PS5 and, now, PC. Players have dozens of PlayStation trophies and Steam Achievements to collect. The game’s creators, Insomniac Games, tweeted a thread of achievements to work toward after the game’s June 11 launch.

In this Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart trophy guide, we’ll list all 47 and link out to guides that help you get them. Each accomplishment is in a different trophy list to help you easily understand what trophies you can unlock in the game.

Combat and weapon trophies

  • They Blow Up So Fast. Get a weapon to level five.
  • There’s Even a Cupholder. Fully upgrade a weapon.
  • Full Rack. Fill a weapon wheel.
  • Fully Stacked. Purchase all weapons.
  • Icebreaker. Melee five frozen enemies.
  • No Need for Multiball. Kill two enemies with a single ricochet round.
  • Return Policy. Kill 10 enemies by returning shots with the Void Reactor.
  • Hole Puncher. Get 20 headshots with the Headhunter.
  • Life of the Party. Deploy 50 Mr. Fungis.
  • Extreme Gardening. Defeat 30 enemies while they are topiary’d.
  • Extinction Event. Kill five Grunthors.
  • Just Stay Down. Defeat 30 ejected Nefarious Trooper heads.

Collectible trophies

Miscellaneous gameplay trophies

  • Victory! Complete a Battleplex Challenge.
  • Can’t Stop Me. Complete a Gold Cup Battleplex Challenge.
  • Hey Lombax DJ. Play three songs on Zurkie’s jukebox.
  • Quantum Mechanic. Repair a Dimensional Anomaly.
  • Glitch, Uh, Finds a Way. Complete all Glitch Challenges.
  • Shifty Character. Hit every Blizon Crystal on Blizar and Cordelion.
  • BOING! Bounce on Big Al, Clank, and Qwark’s parade balloons.
  • Max Relax. Find the Nefarious Citizens by the Hot Springs.
  • Lombax and Chill. Turn on the TV in Rivet’s Hideout.
  • Alert the Sponsors. Perform five trick jumps on a Grind Rail.
  • Must Go Faster. Do a trick jump while going at max speed with the Hoverboots.
  • Feeding Friendsy. Collect 20 Zurpstones for Trudi.
  • Sweet, Sweet Victory. Collect honey for Chef Tulio.

Story trophies

  • Masters of the Mulitverse. Collect all trophies.
  • Rift Apart. Get separated in Nefarious City.
  • Hide ‘N Seekerpede. Defeat the Seekerpede.
  • This Crystal Is My Things. Acquire Phase Quartz.
  • Don’t You Walk Away from Me. Reach the Archives.
  • It’s Loose! Set Juice free.
  • Emotional Support Robot. Meet the Fixer.
  • Rated Aaarrr! Feed Bubbles.
  • Return to Sender. Sink the Mothership on Sargasso.
  • No Bones About It. Retrieve the Dimensional Map.
  • I’m the Warden Now. Break in and out of prison.
  • 2 Fuzz 2 Nefarious. Defeat Doctor and Emperor Nefarious.