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Polygon Recommends is our way of endorsing our favorite games. When we award a game the Polygon Recommends badge, it’s because we believe the title is uniquely thought-provoking, entertaining, inventive or fun — and worth fitting into your schedule. If you want to see the very best of the best for your platform(s) of choice, check out Polygon Essentials.

Star Wars: Squadrons review: a triumph of focused design and succinct storytelling

You have to play the most confident game of 2020

Hades is a near-flawless romp through hell after two years of early access

RTX 3080 review: It’s time to get into PC gaming

Spelunky 2 review: perfection

D&D’s next adventure will test even the best Dungeon Masters

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 review: Coming home feels great

All the fun of Doom is injected into this tiny, wild shooter

Crusader Kings 3 is one of the best role-playing games of 2020

Hunt A Killer is a violent, role-playing, and mystery-solving break from real life

Microsoft Flight Simulator review: clear skies with some light chop

Video games revel in death, Spiritfarer focuses on what happens next

Mortal Shell is Dark Souls without the baggage

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the perfect chaotic battle royale

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Carrion is a body horror masterpiece

This surreal adventure about bird-people might be the year’s best puzzle game

I never thought I’d play this acid trip of a Switch game

The best games of 2020 (so far)

D&D will change to address racism, but someone has already done the work

Desperados 3 feels like a turn-based game built for speedrunners

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics review: an embarrassment of riches

What the Golf? is out on Nintendo Switch, and you should buy it

Saints Row: The Third Remastered review: the best of the worst gets better

In stunning indie visual novel If Found..., you must erase to rebuild

Super Mega Baseball 3 is another unparalleled triumph

Streets of Rage 4 review: The cool kids finally get a well-earned sequel

The Room VR: A Dark Matter fulfills the promise of VR puzzle games

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a much-needed escape from everything

Half-Life: Alyx is the best that VR, and Valve, have to offer

Dungeons & Dragons’ Critical Role book is one of the best campaign guides published for 5th edition

Doom Eternal review: one of the best shooters in years

Kentucky Route Zero review: a grim road trip about the stops along the way