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Red Dead Redemption 2 guide: Dreamcatcher locations and reward

Find all dreamcatchers and learn the ancient secret within the dreamcatchers

Red Dead Redemption 2 dreamcatchers guide tree Rockstar Games via Polygon

As you travel around in Red Dead Redemption 2, you might notice dreamcatchers hanging from various trees. Once you encounter your first one, an entry will open up in your Journal to not only find 20 of them hidden across the map, but to discover the secret behind the dreamcatchers.

If you have no clue where to find them all or if you’ve found them and have no idea where “learn the ancient secret within the dreamcatchers,” this guide will point you in the right direction.

How to find Red Dead Redemption 2 dreamcatchers

You’ll be able to take on the quest for dreamcatchers once you start Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter 2.

At first, the locations of the dreamcatchers will seem quite random. Even after knowing where to look, spotting them can sometimes be difficult. The first trick is to look for trees that seems different among their surroundings. Some might look like a different type of tree, some might be dead and others might be alone.

If you’re in the area of a dreamcatcher and still can’t spot it, just activate Eagle Eye (R3/RT + L3/LT) as if you were hunting, and the decorated tree will have yellow glowing lights on it indicating that it’s different.

Trees with dreamcatches on them sparkle
Rockstar Games via Polygon

Once you identify a dreamcatcher on a tree, all you need to do is walk up to it, investigate it and it’ll be added to your Log. After you find all 20, there’ll be one more mystery to explore.

Red Dead Redemption 2 dreamcatcher locations

Red Dead Redemption 2 dreamcatcher map
A map showing the location of all Red Dead Redemption 2 dreamcatchers
Rockstar Games via Polygon

There are 20 dreamcatchers hidden across the map. You can tackle them in any order, but we recommended the order above as it’ll make the very end of your hunt easier. Once you find all 20 dreamcatchers, you’ll have to find one more hidden location, which is conveniently right next to the dreamcatcher we listed last.

Here’s how we’ve organized this Red Dead Redemption 2 dreamcatchers guide to make finding them all as easy as possible:

  • We’ve grouped dreamcatchers together by location, in four groups of five.
  • In each gallery, there are two images for each dreamcatcher. The first shows its location on the map, while the second shows the tree.
  • The text beneath each gallery
  • The numbers in the map above correspond to the numbers on the images in the galleries, the numbers in the text below the galleries describing how to find them.

Dreamcatchers 1-5

1. East of Cotorra Springs, to the north of the train tracks

2. West of the trail north of the Dakota River right, to the southwest of Window Rock

3. North of Cattail Pond on Grizzlies West

4. Southwest of Valentine

5. West of Caliban’s Seat

Dreamcatchers 6-10

6. West of Latneck Station

7. South of Citadel Rock and east of Caliban’s Seat

8. North of Citadel Rock

9. In the Heartlands southeast of Twin Stack Pass

10. Far south of Emerald Ranch

Dreamcatchers 11-15

11. Between the fork in the road northwest of Bluewater Marsh

12. North of dreamcatcher #10 before the fork in the road

13. On the south end of Heartland Overflow northwest of Emerald Ranch

14. In the center of the “O” in New Hanover northeast of Emerald Ranch

15. Near a watchtower far northeast of Grizzles East

Dreamcatchers 16-20

16. Near a river and fork in the road north of Annesburg

17. Overlooking a fork in the road near the “N” in Annesburg on the map

18. Near the road below “U” in Annesburg on the map

19. To the east of road below the “S” on Annesburg on the map

20. Overlooking the Elysian Pool

Learn the ancient secret within the dreamcatchers

After you’ve found all 20 dreamcatchers, Arthur will draw a map of their locations on his map.

The dreamcatcher locations form a map
Rockstar Games via Polygon

The locations of all the dreamcatchers forms the drawing of a buffalo when drawn over the game’s map. Of course, a simple drawing isn’t the actual reward. The quest on your log has an additional step after finding all the dreamcatchers, “Learn the ancient secret within the dreamcatchers.” If you look at your map closely, you’ll eventually notice a clue.

Every dreamcatcher on the map helps draw part of the buffalo, except for the the 20th dreamcatcher on our list. If you followed our guide, you’ll be right in front of the next step.

Take a dip inside Elysian Pool, and wade straight ahead into the waterfall at the mouth of the pool.

Is there treasure behind this waterfall? Of course there is!
Rockstar Games via Polygon

As you head into the cave, you’ll notice an orange sediment in the flowing steam inside. Follow it into the cave. You’ll have to equip your lantern from your item wheel because the cave is naturally pitch black on the inside as you go further in.

Following the sediment, take the first right, careful not to fall into a crevice in the cave itself. Keep heading right, and eventually you’ll find a large clearing bathed in light. Climbing along the right side of the cave, you’ll come across some cave paintings of various animals.

Red Dead Redemption 2 cave paintings Rockstar Games via Polygon

While finding the ancient cave paintings is a nice touch, there isn’t much to do inside the cave once you discover them. Thankfully your journey to cave isn’t all for nothing. If you look at the map Arthur drew one more time, you may realize that the picture is also a clue for what to do when you find the drawing of the buffalo.

If you position Arthur just right, he can examine the circular hole inside the drawing of the large buffalo. If you think back to the drawing, the final X is right where the eye would be. So by examining the eye of the buffalo drawing, you’ll find an item: the Ancient Arrowhead.

The ancient artifact gives you a permanent stat boost
Rockstar Games via Polygon

The Ancient Arrowhead is a unique item that will make your stamina last twice as long when using the bow. This is a great item if you’re planning on doing plenty of silent hunting. Pulling back your arrow and aiming is a massive drain on stamina, so the arrowhead will be a welcomed item for all the hunters out there.

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