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Red Dead Redemption 2 guide: camp companion item requests and where to find them

Finding Jack a Penny Dreadful and more.

Red Dead Redemption 2 guide to camp requests and where to find them Rockstar Games via Polygon

When you visit camp in Red Dead Redemption 2, some of your companions might ask a favor of you. A few of these requests are for common items like Moonshine or Rabbits — we’re not going to include those here since they’re pretty easy to come across while playing. The other requests are a lot more difficult — these items are only found in one place.

The Log with a list of Camp Item Requests.
You can track your requests by tapping left on the D-pad.
Rockstar Games via Polygon

Below, we’ll list out the camp requests you might come across (don’t be surprised if you don’t get them all — the game’s internal logic for when requests are made is inscrutable). We’ll include galleries with two maps, one zoomed out and one zoomed in, as well as a picture of the item in situ.

Jack — Penny Dreadful locations

Jack’s more difficult request is for a Penny Dreadful. There are four locations around the map where you can pick one up — we recommend the one in Osman Grove because you can also grab the Fountain Pen for Mary-Beth while you’re there.

Osman Grove Penny Dreadful location

The cabin named Osman Grove is located just a little east-southeast of Emerald Station and Emerald Ranch. The Penny Dreadful is on a table next to the dead old woman in a rocking chair.

Clawson’s Nest Penny Dreadful location

Another Penny Dreadful is in a cabin called Clawson’s Nest on the eastern edge of the Grizzlies West. The cabin is the northwest of Valentine on the other side of the Dakota River.

Pleasance Penny Dreadful location

One more Penny Dreadful can be found in the schoolhouse of the burned-out town of Pleasance. You’ll find the town northwest of Saint Denis a little to the west of the Bluewater Marsh. The schoolhouse is the building on the very southeast edge of Pleasance.

Downes Ranch Penny Dreadful location

The fourth Penny Dreadful is in the Downes Ranch. (You’ll visit here a couple times while doing the loan collection mission for Herr Strauss.) The ranch is to the southwest of Valentine.

Jack — Thimble location

At some point, Jack will also ask you for a Thimble to replace one he lost. This item will just show up as random loot on enemies after Arthur’s asked, so there’s no location for that one.

Dutch — Pipe location

The Pipe Dutch requests is located in a small cabin named Vetter’s Echo on the far western edge of the map. It’s located to the west of both Valentine and Wallace Station, just a little to the northeast of the W in West Elizabeth. When you get there, though, you’ll find a bear has taken up residence in the cabin, so be ready for that. The Pipe is on the desk next to the typewriter.

Hosea — Book location

If you pick up the book, The Deceitful German, that you find near Hosea’s tent, you’ll get a request to find Hosea another book. This book is on the coffee table in the house at Hagen Orchards — people might be working at the orchard, so try not to offend them. You’ll find Hagen Orchards northwest of Saint Denis — it’s right between the Y and the N in Lemoyne on your map.

Mary-Beth — Fountain Pen location

You’ll find the Fountain Pen for Mary-Beth in the cabin named Osman Grove, located just a little east-southeast of Emerald Station and Emerald Ranch. The Fountain Pen is in the drawer of the table next to the dead old woman in a rocking chair. (This is the same table where you can pick up a Penny Dreadful for Jack.)

Molly — Pocket Mirror location

Molly’s Pocket Mirror is at a camp called Martha’s Swain. You’ll find it to the west of Annesburg and southwest of O’Creagh’s Run.

Pearson — Naval Compass location

Pearson might request a Naval Compass if you play poker with him at camp. You’ll find one in the boathouse on the west side of Braithwaite Manor to the south of Rhodes.

Sadie — Harmonica location

You can find a Harmonica for Sadie at Granger’s Hoggery. This one never gets labeled on your map, but you’ll visit here looking for Granger as part of the “Noblest of Men, and a Woman” Stranger Mission. It’s straight east from Flatneck Station, a ways to the south of Valentine.

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