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Red Dead Redemption 2 guide: Master Hunter 8 Challenge

The best place to shoot fish

RDR2 Master Hunter 8 Challenge shoot fish guide Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Master Hunter 8 Challenge asks you to “catch 3 small fish without using a Fishing Rod.” The solution is pretty simple: Shoot fish in shallow water. Finding fish to shoot isn’t quite so easy, so in this guide we’ll show you our favorite “fishing” location.

Northwest of Strawberry, there’s a lake labeled as Owanjila on your map. Past a waterfall at the the northwest corner of Owanjila, a river feeds into the lake. That’s what you’re looking for. You can see the prime “fishing” area highlighted in the map below.

Enter the river past a smallish waterfall north of Owanjila, and walk north and south, looking down into the water. Brightly colored fish like orange-pink Sockeye Salmon are the easiest to spot, but you’ll also find others, particularly near the waterfalls, clustered by the riverbank and generally near rushing water.

When you see fish, shoot them with your pistol(s). Just keep a few things in mind:

  • To complete the Master Hunter 8 Challenge, you need to catch fish, not just shoot them. You’ll probably need to chase some dead fish downriver until you see the “Pick Up” prompt appear on the bottom right of your screen.
  • You don’t need to catch different kinds of fish to complete the Challenge. Five Sockeye Salmon will do just as well as a variety of fish.
  • Large fish don’t count. There are large fish in the river, and you can tell they’re large … because of their size. And also because you won’t put them in your Satchel when you pick them up. You’ll just stand there admiring the handiwork in your hands. You’re free to shoot them and cook them, but they won’t count toward this Challenge.

This is also a great area to do several other things, including cougar hunting, gathering crafting materials and using those to tick off Herbalist Challenges.

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