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Red Dead Redemption 2 guide: How to get rid of your Bounty

Buying your way out of trouble.

It’s surprisingly hard to get away with anything remotely illegal in Red Dead Redemption 2. It feels like there’s always someone waiting to tell the cops about anything they see. And that leads to Bounties being placed on you.

This guide will explain where you can go to pay off your Bounty and a quick overview of the Bounty system, but you can also check out our Bounties guide for a more in-depth discussion on how Bounties (and being Wanted) work.

Where to pay off your Bounty in RDR2

The Bounty payment menu at a Post Office.
Paying off your Bounty means all your murders are forgiven.
Rockstar Games via Polygon

You can pay off Bounties at any Post Office. There are Post Offices in Valentine, Wallace Station, Riggs Station, Strawberry, Emerald Station, Annesburg, Van Horn Trading Post, Saint Denis, Rhodes and Blackwater — in other words, nearly every town and train station you can visit. You can spot them by their envelope icon on your map.

Reminder: You can only pay off your Bounty if you’re not currently Wanted.

The Bounty system

The Bounty system is basically just fines for the crimes you’ve committed (well, gotten caught committing). Bounties can range from $5 for unarmed assault to $15 per murder and continue (adding) up from there.

Bounties are tracked in each state individually — the Bounty you have in Lemoyne doesn’t apply to New Hanover — but you can pay off your Bounty at a Post Office in any state.

While you have a Bounty (depending on how high it is), you might be chased by Bounty hunters. This doesn’t happen immediately, though, so you’re probably just going to be surprised by them when you least expect it a few hours — or even days — later.

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