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Red Dead Redemption 2 guide: Trinkets and Talismans

Every Trinket and Talisman in RDR2, how to get them and what they do

RDR2 Fence Trinkets and Talismans guide Rockstar Games via Polygon

Beyond pelts, you’ll pick up other bits and pieces from Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animals that you hunt and kill. You can turn these into valuable Trinkets and Talismans at a Fence, like the one pictured above. In this guide, we’ll explain them all.

RDR2 Trinkets

You can craft the following Red Dead Redemption 2 Trinkets with the associated Legendary Animal parts:

  • Beaver Tooth Trinket — Legendary Beaver Tooth. Slows weapon degradation by 10 percent.
  • Buck Antler Trinket — Legendary Buck Antler. Receive higher quality skinned animal parts (more on this one below).
  • Moose Antler Trinket — Legendary Moose Antler. Increases health XP gained by 10 percent.
  • Cougar Fang Trinket — Legendary Cougar Fang. Increases stamina XP gained by 10 percent.
  • Coyote Fang Trinket — Legendary Coyote Fang. Increases Dead Eye XP gained by 10 percent.
  • Elk Antler Trinket — Legendary Elk Antler. Increases money looted by 10 percent.
  • Fox Claw Trinket — Legendary Fox Claw. Adds five seconds to Dead Eye.
  • Panther’s Eye Trinket — Legendary Panther Eye. Decrease Dead Eye drain by 10 percent for the first three seconds.
  • Pronghorn Horn Trinket — Legendary Pronghorn Horn. Stops animals on horse from spoiling.
  • Ram Horn Trinket — Legendary Ram Horn. Doubles the amount of thyme, oregano and mint you collect.
  • Wolf Heart Trinket — Legendary Wold Heart. Doubles the amount of alcohol you can drink before you feel the effects.
  • Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket — Legendary Tatanka Bison Horn. Decrease all melee damage received by 10 percent.

RDR2 Talismans

These Red Dead Redemption 2 Talismans will need a few extra pieces to craft:

  • Alligator Tooth Talisman — Legendary Alligator Tooth. Decrease Dead Eye core drain rate by 10 percent. (You’ll also need the Vintage Civil War Handcuffs that you get for sending in your first Cigarette Card set and a Gold Jointed Bracelet. Check our our RDR2 Cigarette Card guide to learn how to get them all.)
  • Bear Claw Talisman — Legendary Bear Claw. Decrease health core drain rate by 10 percent. (You’ll also need the Quartz Chunk you get when you send in your first Dinosaur Bone coordinates and a Silver Chain Bracelet.)
  • Bison Horn Talisman — Legendary Bison Horn. Decreases stamina core drain rate by 10 percent. (You’ll also need the Abalone Shell Fragment you can find in a chest in Rhodes and a Silver Earring.)
  • Boar Tusk Talisman — Legendary Boar Tusk. Decrease horse health and stamina core drain rates by 10 percent. (You’ll also need the Cobalt Petrified Wood that you can find in a hidden chest near Lake Isabella and a Gold Earring.)

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