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Resident Evil 2 Leon walkthrough Part 5: Machinery Room boss fight

How to survive your first boss fight

Resident Evil 2 Leon walkthrough Machinery Room G (Phase 1) boss fight Capcom via Polygon
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Even though you’ve found all three medallions and opened up the underground passage out of the Police Station in Resident Evil 2, you’ve still got a lot of work to do. Your next objective is to “find a way out” of the Police Station.

Underground Stairs

You’ll exit the elevator from the Secret Room into some Underground Stairs. The first landing you come to will have a hall on your left — that’s where you’re going. First, though, head all the way down to the bottom of the stairs. Loop around to the right to pick up a Hand Grenade from the floor. You can’t do anything else down here right now, but that grenade will come in handy in a second.

Head back up the stairs to the middle landing and head into that hallway you passed a second ago.

Machinery Room and boss fight

Follow the hallway and ignore that giant thing running above you. When the hall becomes a catwalk, follow it around to the right. Shove the bookcase out of the way and watch as things get interesting.

That big yellow eye is probably a good target.
Capcom via Polygon

After the cutscene, you’ll be in your first boss fight. This is going to be scary, but keeping your head is the best way to not only survive, but also to not waste your precious ammo. Keep in mind that you’re faster than the monster, its swings are pretty slow, and there’s enough room to run past him even in the narrow corridors of the Machinery Room.

Map of the Machinery Room where you’ll have your first boss fight.
Capcom via Polygon
  • The first step is put some distance between you and the monster. Use your map or check the gallery above for ours to keep track of where you are and where the long hallways are.
  • There are some supplies in the three room-like areas in the northwest (Hand Grenade, Green Herb, and Handgun Ammo), southwest (Handgun Ammo and Red Herb), and southeast (Handgun Ammo and Green Herb). Find them and use them.
  • If you use a Hand or Flash Grenade, either aim low or make sure you’re not standing in a low hallway. Leon’s overhand throw will send the grenade into the walkways above you which will interrupt your throw and make things a lot more dangerous for you.
  • Concentrate your fire into the monster’s human head and its right (monstrous) shoulder. As it takes damage a large yellow eye will appear in that monstrous shoulder. Whenever you can see that, put everything you can into it.
  • When the monster gets too close, sprint past it and start these steps over.
  • Don’t forget to use the left thumbstick + B/circle for a quick, 180 degree turn.
  • Your goal is to get that yellow eye to turn red. At that point, the monster will fall over a handrail.

Someone will drop a ladder for you to climb out of the Machinery Room. Make sure you check those corner rooms for supplies before you climb out.

Capcom via Polygon

At the top of the ladder, head into the nearby office. Check all of the lockers and counters to find some Gunpowder and a Green Herb.

Head back out and follow the catwalk around to the left and up the stairs. In the next office, throw the switch on the control panel to move a walkway into place. Turn right and cross the walkway you just moved. Follow it to the right and into the next room.

Grab the Hip Pouch out of the locker, then visit the Item Box and Typewriter. Turn around from there and head into the hallway on the right. Climb the ladder at the end to enter the next area.