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Resident Evil 2 Leon walkthrough 3: Police Station — Unicorn Medallion

Finding the second medallion for the Goddess Statue

Resident Evil 2 Police Station walkthrough — Unicorn Medallion Capcom via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Once you have explored the East Side of the the Police Station in Resident Evil 2, you’ll have to find two more medallions before you can escape.

This guide begins after you find and place the Lion Medallion. Below, we’ll help you solve every puzzle, unlock every door, and find every one of those precious, precious bullets on your way to the Unicorn Medallion.

Objective: Find three medallions

Hit the Item Box and Typewriter (if you want to) before we set off. There’s another one not too far away, but it’s a rough trip to get there.

From the desk, turn right this time — to the west. Use your new knife to cut through the tape on the box on the wall and open the gate to Reception.

As soon as you walk into Reception, grab the Green Herb on your right and the Handgun Ammo on your left. Continue through the room to the far side, then turn left to find the door out.

Walk straight down the hall to the end and visit the probably fine officer slumped on the ground. Follow the hall to the right and go around the officer hanging from the ceiling. He’s fine — he’s probably just doing pull-ups very slowly. Go through the metal door at the end of the hall.

Follow the dogleg to the left, then walk straight along the hall toward the window where you’ll make a new friend. You can wait here for her to her to smash through the window, or rush past her — she’ll probably find you in a minute. Turn right at the corner, then go through the first door on your right into the Operations Room.

Operations Room

Turn left as soon as you get in to find some Handgun Ammo on one of the chairs. Head around the table and toward the board on the far side of the room. (If you didn’t handle the window zombie in the hall, she’ll probably come through the door around now.) On your way to the board, hit the desk next to the door to pick up the Record of Events. Continue to the board to grab the Police Station 1F Map.

Turn left from the board, then climb the box and squeeze through the window near the ceiling. When you land, you’ll be facing another zombie officer losing a fight with a vending machine. Before you take him on, turn around and grab the Handgun Ammo from the corpse behind you.

West Office

Handle the zombie, then walk to the intersection he was occupying. Head into the hallway on the left, then take an immediate right into the West Office. There are two zombies in here that currently appear dead, but you’ll end up dealing with them at some point. Pick a fight with the zombie officer sleeping at the desk straight ahead of you.

Once he’s handled, turn a little to the right. Grab the Gunpowder and Uses of Gunpowder note off the desk. Turn right and cross the room. Visit the last locker on your right for some Handgun Ammo, then continue into the office. Handle the civilian zombie on the ground. There’s nothing else to do in the office right now, so head back into the main room.

Walk up along the right side of the room and grab the Operation Report off of the middle desk.

Leon’s desk puzzle

Continue to the end of the row of desks and visit the rolltop desk on the end. Pick up the Rookie’s First Assignment note. It’ll tell you to enter all your fellow officers’ first initials to open the locks on the desk. Run along the desks and look at all the nameplates to find the answer.

Enter NED on the left lock and MRG on the right one. (We never found the G nameplate, but got this one through trial and error.) Pick up the High-Capacity Mag for your Matilda handgun. Combine it with the gun to double your ammo capacity.

You can’t unlock the door out or the safe yet, so head back out through the door you came in.

Safety Deposit Room

Cross the hall into the Safety Deposit Room. Loop to the left inside and pick up the Storage Locker Terminal Memo. There are only a couple of lockers you can unlock at the moment. Punch in 106 and 109 at the terminal (hit enter after each), then pick up the Roll Film and Handgun Ammo from each. That’s all to do here for now, so head back into the hall.


Loop around to the left when you exit the Safety Deposit Room and head into the next hallway. You’ll meet another new window friend at the end. Sprint forward before he breaks through, and turn to the right. Don’t go up the stairs, though. Look in the area to the right of the staircase to find a Green Herb and some Wooden Boards on the ground. Take the Wooden Boards back to the window quickly and board it up to prevent the zombie from breaking through.


Head back to where you picked up the herb and boards, then turn right to find the Darkroom. Pick up the Medicinal Benefits of Herbs book that’s right ahead of you when you walk in. Visit the lockers on your right for some Handgun Ammo and Gunpowder. (If you combine the Gunpowder with the Gunpowder you picked up in the West Office, you’ll create some more Handgun Ammo.)

There’s an Item Box and Typewriter in this room, but hold off for a second before visiting. Continue through the room to the darkroom behind it. Do not hit the light switch, though. We’re going to develop some film.

Grab the Red Herb off the counter, then head over to the sink. Use the Roll Film you got from the Safety Deposit Room to get a Commemorative Photo (it won’t mean anything yet, but it’s a hint for later). Head back out to the first room to visit the Item Box and Typewriter.

Men’s Locker Room (2F)

Head out of the Darkroom and take the stairs up to the second floor (2F). Grab the Handgun Ammo off the officer at the top of the stairs. Turn right and continue along the landing. Go past the stairs up and into the hallway. Go past the janitor’s cart and grab the Red Herb on the floor to your left.

Back up to the Men’s Locker Room and head inside. You can ignore the broken valve and steam-blocked doorway for now. Ahead of you, the left locker has a body inside and the right one is locked with a combination. Visit the lockers on your right instead.

From left to right, grab the Shotgun Shells out of the left locker, skip the second locker (it’s empty), read the Portable Safe Instructions, and pick up the Portable Safe. Open your inventory and examine the Portable Safe to unlock it.

The solution to unlock the Portable Safe seems to change with each game. Pick a button to start with, then find the next one that doesn’t reset the lock. Just keep at it — it’s easier than it seems. When you get it open, you’ll have a Spare Key for the Safety Deposit Room downstairs.

Return to the Safety Deposit Room

Head back out to the stairwell. There’s a good chance a zombie from above you has taken an interest and come down to the second floor, so watch out for him. Head downstairs and visit the Item Box in the Darkroom to free up some space if you want.

Safety Deposit Room

Continue along the first floor to return to the Safety Deposit Room. Inside, place the Spare Key in the slot where there should be a 2. (There will still be a few things you can’t grab yet.) Punch in 102 for some Gunpowder and 208 for some Shotgun Shells. You can drop the shells off at the Item Box on your way back upstairs since we won’t get a shotgun for a bit (but you’ll be thankful for those extra shells when you do).

Head to the third floor

Head back outside and take the stairs all the way up to the third floor (3F). Turn right at the top of the stairs and grab the Handgun Ammo off the boxes on your left. Continue forward and turn right through the hole in the wall.

Pick up the Blue Spade Key off the desk.

Turn left and go through the door. Follow the hallway around to the left, then head past the door and all the way to the end to grab the To any survivors note. Turn around and head through the door you passed — it’ll be on your right now — into the West Storage Room.

West Storage Room

There’s some Gunpowder ahead of you on the right. Combine this with the Gunpowder from the Safety Deposit Box for some more Handgun Ammo. There’re also some Wooden Boards here.

Take a left at the boards and cross to the other side of the room. Head toward the statue in the cell at the back of the room. Grab the Handgun Ammo from the bookcases on your right.

When you get to the cell, face away from it and grab your first Hip Pouch to (finally) expand your inventory a little. Next to the Hip Pouch, grab Some Guy’s Scribblings to get a hint about what you’ll be doing in this room next time you visit.

That’s all to do in here for now, so head back across and through the door next to the guy hanging from ceiling on the east side of the room.


Head to the left and walk over to the ladder. Look down and take a few shots at the zombie below you. There’s a second one down there you might be able to get an angle on as well. When you’re out of shots, cross the walkway in the middle of the room. If you turn left, you’ll eventually crash through the floor, which is, technically, a way down. If you go right, you can just walk down the stairs, which is also a way down, but way less fun.

Handle any other zombies that attack you down here. Head over to the rolling bookshelves on the north side of the room. Move the right bookcase one slot to the right. Walk between the shelves and look on the ground behind the first one to find some more Handgun Ammo.

Run down to the south end of the room — the end with the tables — and head to the bottom of the stairs. Look in the corner to find the corpse of another officer with a Combat Knife on the ground next to him. Go through the door at the bottom of the stairs. Inside, you’ll find another of the statues from the Officer’s Notebook.

Enter the fish, scorpion, and water jug symbols to receive the Unicorn Medallion.

Grab the Police Station Upper Floors Map from the stand and the Gunpowder from the table, then head back into the Library. Turn to the right and head toward the Blue Spade door. Grab the Red Book off the table on your right, then unlock the door to return to the Main Hall.

You’ll come out on the second floor. Go down the stairs to place the Unicorn Medallion in the Goddess Statue’s base. Visit the Item Box and Typewriter while you’re down there.