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Resident Evil 2 Leon walkthrough 4: Police Station — Maiden Medallion

Finding the final medallion and a way out

Resident Evil 2 Police Station walkthrough — Maiden Medallion Capcom via Polygon

You’ve already collected two of the three medallions in Resident Evil 2’s the Police Station in Resident Evil 2. There’s one more to grab before you can find your way out.

This guide begins after you find and place the Unicorn Medallion. Below, we’ll help you solve every puzzle, unlock every door, and find every one of those precious, precious bullets on your way to the Maiden Medallion.

Find Three Medallions

Visit the Item Box and Typewriter at the front desk. You can move whatever you need to to free up space, but keep the Red Book in your inventory.

Head upstairs again and turn right this time. There’s nothing to collect at the far end, so just go through the door to the Waiting Room. Grab the Green Herb off the table and pick up the Guide Pamphlet on the desk.

Unlock the Blue Spade Door and go through.

Art Room

Turn left, then take the first door on your right to find the Art Room. Grab the Weapons Locker Key Card from the table ahead of you and the Art Article: “The Red Stone” magazine to the left.

Turn to the right and head toward the handless statue at the back of the room. Pick up the Statue’s Left Arm from the table on the right and combine it with the Red Book from the Library. Place the Left Arm with Book onto the statue. It will release its grip on the Scepter.

Examine the Scepter in your inventory, rotating it until you get a button prompt. Hit the button, and you’ll get the Red Jewel (Key Item), a “pricey-looking gemstone.” Feel free to put this in an Item Box as soon as you can. You won’t need it for a while.


Head back out to the hallway and turn left (to the south). Run past the door to the Waiting Room and down to the far end. Follow the hall to the left, then grab the Green Herb on the windowsill next to the exit door.

Fire Escape

Head out through the door to trigger a quick cutscene where people seem more interested in flirting than, you know, the zombie apocalypse happening all around them. Once the cutscene is over, turn to the left and grab the Wooden Boards. Turn around and head over to the door. There’s also Handgun Ammo on a nearby barrel. Grab the Cutting Tool from the toolbox and use it to cut the lock on the door.


You’ll come back inside right next to the Watchman’s Room. There’s a zombie that will crawl through the window right next to you. Handle it, then board up the window. Follow the wall around to the right and cut the chain on the door to the East Office.

East Office

Turn to the left and grab the Green Herb off of the low table and the Flash Grenade off the desk. A zombie will come through the window and there’s already a zombie officer in here with you. Use the desks to keep some space between you while you handle them. Check the collapsed officer next to the window for some more Handgun Ammo.

Follow along the desks to the other end of the room and grab the Electrical Part off of the desk. Inside the office on your left, there’s a Round Handle (for the Men’s Locker Room) and some High-Grade Gunpowder (which can make shotgun ammo). If you’re low on space, you can leave these here for now.

Head to the door on the west side of the office and move the chair. Deal with the zombie waiting for you in the hall, then turn left. Place the Electrical Part in the box on the wall to restore power to the East Hallway’s shutter and return to the Main Hall. Don’t forget to run back and grab (at least) the Round Handle now that you’ve got room in your inventory.

Visit the Item Box and the Typewriter while you’re here.

You could use the Blue Spade Key to cut through the West Office directly from the Main Hall, but there are a few items to pick up and a shortcut to open if you take the long way around.

Reception and Hallway

Stay on the south end of the Main Hall and head back into Reception. Continue through into the hallway. Deal with any zombies you encounter, and continue along the hallway all the way around to the Operations Room.

Operations Room

Use the Cutting Tool to open up the door and continue through to the next room. At this point, you can discard the Cutting Tool. Grab the Electronic Gadget off the desk ahead of you, then turn left. Take note of the combination on the whiteboard on your left — CAP — for the Men’s Locker Room locker (we’ll go there in a minute).

Grab the Green Herb off the filing cabinet and the Flash Grenade off the stack of chairs. There are also some Wooden Boards in here, if you want to backtrack a little to secure a window. Head through the door next to the pile of chairs and into the hallway beyond. This is right outside the Safety Deposit Room.

Safety Deposit Room again

Head back into the Safety Deposit Room. Use the Weapons Locker Key Card to unlock the weapons locker. Grab the W-870 Shotgun and Shotgun Shells.

Men’s Locker Room again

Head back outside and to the stairs. You can visit the Darkroom Item Box and Typewriter on your way past. Head up to the second floor and back to the Men’s Locker Room. Try out your new shotgun on any zombies that have popped up since the last time you were here.

Head into the locker room, then straight ahead to the locked locker. Enter the combination you just learned — CAP — and grab the Shotgun Shells inside. Turn left and place the Round Handle on the valve to turn off the steam. There’s nothing in here or the next room, so just keep walking forward until you run out of showers.

Turn to the left and hit up the lockers. Grab the Gunpowder out of the first one (the second one is empty), then go through the door. Pick up the Shotgun Shells off the bench ahead of you, then head down the hallway where you’ll meet your first Licker.

STARS Office

After the Licker is licked, keep walking straight down the hallway to the STARS Office. Inside, grab the Red Herb to your right, then duck into the office on the left. Pick up the Battery off the desk and combine it with the Electronic Gadget to create a Detonator.

Head around the desk and read the Internal Memo to discover the combination for the safe in the East Office. Back in the main room of the STARS Office, head toward the jacket and guitar. Grab the Shotgun Shells off of the desk and the Flash Grenade.

Over to the right side of the room, grab the First Aid Spray and the High-Grade Gunpowder. The computer and locker on the left side of the room is tempting, but there’s nothing you can do here now. Head back into the hallway.

Turn left and follow the hallway. At the far end, just past the locked door to the Linen Room, unlock the door to the Lounge — this is where you picked up the Unicorn Medallion earlier. Continue through to the Library and back out to the Main Hall.

West Office safe

Visit the Main Hall Item Box and Typewriter if you want. Head to the Blue Spade Door halfway up the west side of the room. Unlock it to get back into the West Office. Continue through the office along the left side and head into the attached office at the back.

Check out the Internal Memo again to remember the safe combination — Left 9, Right 15, Left 7 — and open the safe for another Hip Pouch.

Back to the West Storage Room

Go through the door opposite the office to get back into the hallway. Take the stairs up to the third floor. Head back through the hole in the wall and follow the halls to get back to the West Storage Room. Work your way through the storage room to get to the convenient C4. Place the Detonator on the C4 and back away.

When the cell is blown open, head inside to the statue. Enter the last set of symbols — woman’s head, bow, and snake — to pick up the Maiden Medallion. The reels are rusted on this statue, so you’ll have to pay close attention. Use the image in the gallery above to help you.

Once you have the medallion, deal with the zombie and the Licker that show up in the main storage room.

Find a way out

Head back to the Main Hall along whatever path you prefer. Place the Maiden Medallion in the Goddess Statue, then stand back as your exit appears. Don’t worry about visiting the Item Box or Typewriter right now — you’re about to find another set.

Head down the stairs to the Secret Room. Pick up the Shotgun Shells next to the model Police Station to your left and the Gunpowder on the desk. Hit the Item Box and the Typewriter here, then head out through the open doorway and into the waiting elevator.

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