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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough 2: Police Station — Investigate the East Side

Retrieving Officer Elliot’s notebook and finding the Lion Medallion

The Police Station is where Resident Evil 2 really starts. What you’ll do in the next few hours is a template for the rest of the game.

Police Station Main Hall

Approach the counter in front of you, collecting the First Aid Spray on the green box to your right. Use the Typewriter to save. Collect the Handgun Ammo x6 near the Typewriter. Behind the counter, there’s an Item Box where you can store your excess inventory.


Before heading to your objective, head upstairs to the walkway that overlooks the Main Hall, where you’ll find the following:

  • Handgun Ammo x5 at the deadend on the west side.
  • In the Waiting Room on the east side, you’ll find a Green Herb for restoring your health as well as a Guide Pamphlet for reading and a Safe.
  • A Lion Statue on the landing at the top of the stairs, but you can’t do anything with that yet.

Interact with the computer back at the desk, and you’ll receive a new objective.


Interact with the switch by the door to the east of the front desk. Crawl under.

Interact with the Fuse Box on the wall to your right. You don’t have a fuse yet, but it’ll get labeled on your map.

Head down the hall, turn right, and turn left into the Press Room. Collect the Handgun Ammo x10 from the zombie corpse on the ground. Turn on the light switch on the east wall.

Head back into the hall and move the filing cabinet out of your way. Enter the Bathroom on your left, and search the stalls for First Aid Spray.

Continue down the hall into the Watchman’s Room. Watch the cutscene play out, and you’ll receive the Officer’s Notebook, which tells you how to solve the Goddess Statue puzzle.


Now you’ll have to backtrack to the Main Hall, fighting (or avoiding) zombies along the way.

The door to this room opens after you visit the Watchman’s Room
Capcom via Polygon

The door to a room to the west of the Press Room is open, and there’s a zombie inside. Put him down, and collect the Wooden Boards and the Handgun Ammo x10 inside.

You do not have to kill all of the zombies. This is an important point. You can save them for later or avoid them altogether.

You’ll receive the Combat Knife after the next cutscene, as well as a new objective.


The way to get underground is to find the three medallions and insert them into the Goddess Statue in the Main Hall.

The Lion Medallion

Resident Evil 2 Lion Statue puzzle solution Capcom via Polygon

Head up the stairs in the Main Hall to the Lion Statue, and turn the tumblers so that they match the pictures in the Officer’s Notebook: Lion, Branch, Bird. You’ll receive the Lion Medallion. Head downstairs, and insert that into the Goddess Statue. One down, two to go.

The next level of puzzles.

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