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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough 3: Police Station — Unicorn Medallion

Capcom via Polygon

Now that you’ve explore the east side of Resident Evil 2’s Police Station and gotten the Lion Medallion, it’s time to track down the second medallion.

Interact with the Taped Box on the west side of the Main Hall to cut the yellow tape with your Combat Knife.


Enter the room, and collect the Handgun Ammo x11 and Green Herb. Exit through the door at the southwest corner of the room.


Follow the hallway down into the Operations Room. There are things you can interact with. You can also board up a window, which prevents zombies from getting in from outside.

Operations Room

Turn left as soon as you enter to get Handgun Ammo x7. Read the Record of Events document on the desk. Get the Police Station 1F Map from the chalkboard.

Climb up the boxes with yellow tape in the corner of the room to get into the next area.


Turn around as soon as you land, and collect the Handgun Ammo x5 off of the corpse at the end of the hallway. Ignore the zombie(s) you see here, and enter the next room.

Safety Deposit Room

When you enter the Safety Deposit Room, the zombies in the hall will start making their way through the door you closed behind you. Walk to the far end of the room, and face the door. This is a great and safe place to shoot them in the head.

Near the front of the room, you’ll see the Lockers Terminal. It’s missing two keys, which means you can’t open any of the lockers (yet).

Read the Storage Locker Terminal Memo on the table near the terminal.

At the far end of the room, you’ll see the Weapons Locker, which you need a key to open.

Head back into the hallway.

West Office

Resident Evil 2 West Office items Capcom via Polygon

Both of the zombies here are playing dead. They’ll spring to life as you explore the room, or you can be proactive and start shooting first.

There are several items to collect in here:

  • Gunpowder at the end of the long row of desks, just ahead of where you enter
  • Uses of Gunpowder note next to the Gunpowder
  • Handgun Ammo x3 in a locker along the west wall
  • Operation Report note on Elliot Edward’s desk
  • Rookie’s First Assignment note on Leon’s desk
  • Mr. Raccoon toy at the top of the shelf along the northern wall of the West Office, sitting among some cardboard boxes.

There’s also a Safe in the southwest corner, but you don’t have the combination yet. In fact, you won’t get the combination for quite a long time when you visit a room called the STARS Office.

Leon’s desk puzzle

The Rookie’s First Assignment note on Leon’s desk tells you to enter all your fellow officers’ first initials to open the locks on the desk. Run along the desks and look at all the nameplates to find the answer.

Enter NED on the left lock and MRG on the right one. Open the desk to get the Speed Loader (SLS 60). Combine it with the gun to double increase your reload speed.


Head back into the hallway and follow it north, turning right before the staircase. Grab the Green Herb and the Wooden Boards in the hallway. (And you might as well use the boards on the nearby window.)

Enter the Darkroom, where you’ll find a Typewriter, an Item Box, and in the back, a Darkroom Sink to develop film (that you haven’t found yet).

Collect the following items:

  • Gunpowder from a locker
  • Handgun Ammo x4 from a locker
  • Medicinal Benefits of Herbs note near the Typewriter
  • Red Herb in the room with the sink. (Combine this with the Green Herb you found to create an item that restores all of your health, just like First Aid Spray.)

Upstairs Hallway (2F)

Head upstairs, and kill the zombie shuffling down the staircase from the floor above you. Collect Handgun Ammo x5 on the cop corpse at the east end of the hallway and the Red Herb by the vending machine at the west end of the hallway.

Locker Room

Enter the locker room. To your left, there’s a never-ending stream of steam preventing you from going further and a Valve that controls the steam. There’s nothing you can do about that now.

Resident Evil 2 Portable Safe puzzle solution Capcom via Polygon

Pick up the Portable Safe (and read the Portable Safe Instructions note nearby) in the southeast corner of the room. Examine it in your inventory to solve the puzzle. Unfortunately, the solution is randomly generated in every game.

Your goal is to light up the bulbs green in order — one next to the other. It’ll probably help you to write down the solution as you figure it out. We like starting at with the first button in the first column, which we’ve labeled 1-1 below. Here’s how that might look in your game:


Solve it, and you’ll get the Spare Part (Key Item). Examine it in your inventory, and you’ll learn its real name: Spare Key. It fits in the Safety Deposit Room Terminal.

Before you go, open the lockers to find Flame Rounds x2. (It’s for a weapon you don’t have yet.) A Dial Lock prevents you from opening one of the lockers in here. You won’t find the combination until you reach the Operations Room much later. (And inside, you’ll find Flame Rounds x2.)

Safety Deposit Room

Make your way back downstairs to the Safety Deposit Room. Place the Spare Key in the the 2 slot of the Lockers Terminal, which allows you to collect more items right now.

Resident Evil 2 Safety Deposit Room Locker Terminal Capcom via Polygon

Enter the following codes to open the lockers:

  • 102 for Gunpowder
  • 106 for Roll Film, which becomes Film: “Commemorative” when you examine it in your inventory.
  • 109 for Handgun Ammo x9


Head back to the Darkroom, and place the Film: “Commemorative” item into the Darkroom Sink. This gets you the Commemorative Photo, which is a clue for an upcoming puzzle.

Hallway (3F)

Head back out into the hallway and take the stairs up to the third floor. Collect the Handgun Ammo x8 on a crate to your left.

At the end of the hallway, there’s another locker secured with a Dial Lock. You’ll get this later.

Enter the nearby room, and pick up the Spade Key on the desk. Exit the room and enter the hallway.

Follow the hallway down until the dead end. Pick up the To any survivors note. Enter the West Storage Room.

West Storage Room

Resident Evil 2 West Storage Room Capcom via Polygon

Collect the Gunpowder and the Wooden Boards in the area just after you enter. Walk to the other side of the room, and pick up the Handgun Ammo x8 on the shelf along the west wall.

You can interact with the Explosive Barricade here, but you can’t do anything with it.

Check the table near the barricade for the Some Guy’s Scribblings note and a Hip Pouch to increase your inventory by two slots.

Exit through the east door to enter the Library.


You’ll get a call from Marvin as you start exploring the walkways above the Library. If you cross and turn left, you’ll fall through the floor. Don’t do that. Instead, turn right and head toward the staircase. Pick off the zombies in the room one at a time. Remember to use your Combat Knife after they fall to make sure that they’re dead.

Collect a new Combat Knife from the cop corpse in the southwest corner of the room by the bottom of the staircase.

There’s a large zombie playing dead near the door with the exit sign. He’ll take more ammo to put down. And he can get up more than once, so be prepared.

Collect the Red Book on a table near the Spade Door on the east side of the room.

On the west side of the Library’s first floor, there’s a zombie eating a zombie. There’s also a Jack that you can’t do anything with right now.

Move the bookshelves to the left of the bookshelf with the Jack to the right. Walk back into the space you’ve created to find Handgun Ammo x12.

Exit the Library through the door at the bottom of the staircase.

Lounge (Unicorn Statue)

Collect the Police Station Upper Floors Map on the wall opposite of the door where you entered. Collect the Gunpowder on a small table sitting against the west wall.

Resident Evil 2 Unicorn Statue puzzle solution Capcom via Polygon

Turn the dials on the Unicorn Statue, using the Officer’s Notebook to enter the correct symbols: Fish / Scorpion / Water Jug

Do that, and you’ll receive the Unicorn Medallion.

There’s another door in here, but it’s locked. So …


Return to the Library. Exit through the Spade Door.

Main Hallway

Walk back down, and watch the cutscene with Marvin. You’ll see Leon, and Marvin will say that the second floor of the east side will take you to Leon.

Insert the Unicorn Medallion into the Goddess Statue.

Before you go there, you can use the Spade Key to unlock the door from the Main Hall to the West Office. (That’s the room where you solved Leon’s desk puzzle. It’s just a shortcut.)

Two medallions down, one to go.

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