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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough 4: Police Station — Maiden Medallion

We’ve collected two-thirds of the Medallions we need. Now we’re going to find the third.

In the Main Hall, head back upstairs, turn right, and enter the Waiting Room.

Waiting Room

Use the Spade Key to unlock the door in the Waiting Room. (If you’ve unlocked the Spade Key in the Main Hall, you can safely discard the key now.)


Enter the hallway, and turn left. Collect the Wooden Boards on the north wall. At the end of the hallway, you’ll see a Crank Handle Slot, which you can’t do anything with right now.

Art Room

Resident Evil 2 Statue puzzle solution Capcom via Polygon

Backtrack and enter the Art Room. Collect the following items:

  • Art Article: “The Red Stone” pamphlet sitting on a chair
  • Weapons Locker Key Card on the desk with the green lamp
  • Statue’s Left Arm on a table to the right of the statue

Pick up the Statue’s Left Arm. Combine the Statue’s Left Arm with the Red Book to create, I kid you not, Left Arm with Book. Put that on the statue, and his other hand will open. Get the Scepter.

Examine the Scepter in your inventory, rotating it until you get a button prompt. Hit the button, and you’ll get the Red Jewel (Key Item), a “pricey-looking gemstone.”

Drop that off in an Item Box at your earliest convenience. You won’t need it for a while.


Leave the Art Room, and turn left to travel south down the hallway. Collect the Green Herb on a windowsill near a door with an exit sign. At the end of the hallway is a crashed helicopter.

Exit through the door.

Fire Escape

Watch the cutscene with Leon. The police chopper catches fire as you’re walking away. The chopper blows up. Claire and Leon split up. I call Marvin. He doesn’t answer.

After you regain control, check the area for:

  • Wooden Boards in the corner against the fence
  • Handgun Ammo x12 on a barrel
  • Cutting Tool near the door

The Cutting Tool, which is really a Bolt Cutter (as you’ll learn if you examine it in your inventory), opens chained doors, so open the nearby Chained Door with it.

East Office Hallway

That brings you back into the hallway by the Watchman’s Room, where the cop gave you the Officer’s Notebook. Wouldn’t you know it, there are Chained Doors here.

Watch the window nearby where you enter for a zombie. Board it up with the Wooden Boards you just got.

Hug the right wall, and open the Chained Door with the Bolt Cutter to enter the East Office.

East Office

Resident Evil 2 East Office map and items Capcom via Polygon

To your left as you enter, a zombie’s trying to get in through a window. Run there and board up the window. If you don’t (or can’t) do that, you’ll have to fight two zombies here. (The other one starts shambling as you explore the room.)

Do a loop around the room to collect a bunch of items:

  • Handgun Ammo x10 on the corpse next to the window
  • Flash Grenade x1 on a desk between the window and the door where you entered. (It’s a new secondary weapon, and it works just like the Combat Knife except that you throw it instead of swinging it but of course you already know the difference between a knife and a grenade.)
  • Green Herb on a coffee table in the southeast corner of the room
  • Gunpowder on a desk near the copy machine
  • Electrical Part on the desk on the end of the row of desks, farthest from the door where you came in. Examine it, and you’ll see that it’s the Fuse (Main Hall), which we’ll use to raise the Main Hall Shutter and get out of here.
  • Round Handle in the office within the East Office
  • High-Grade Gunpowder (White) behind the desk in the office within the office

Move the chair propped up against the door handles to access to the other side of the hallway. Use the Fuse to open the door and return to the Main Hall.

If there’s anything you found but couldn’t fit in your inventory over in the East Office, take as many trips as you need back and forth between the Item Box in the Main Hallway and the East Office to collect and store them.

Safety Deposit Room

Now that you have the Weapons Locker Key Card, you can return there to get a new weapon.

Resident Evil 2 Weapons Locker key card GM 79 Grenade Launcher Capcom via Polygon

From the Main Hall, head into the West Office. Exit north, and head into the Safety Deposit Room. Head to the back, and use the key to get the GM 79 Grenade Launcher and some ammo.

There’s a chained door in the Operations Room that we can now open, so head back to the Main Hall and through Reception to make your way to the Operations Room. There will be plenty of enemies waiting for you in the hallway. Avoid them. Shoot them. If they’re bunched up together, feel free to shoot the group with your grenade launcher.

Enter the Operations Room.

Operations Room

Head to the the southwest corner, and use your Bolt Cutters to enter the next (unnamed) room. (Check the Bolt Cutter in your inventory. If it has a red check mark, you can safely discard it.)

Collect these items:

  • Electronic Gadget on the desk immediately ahead of you. Examine it, turn it around and hit the button at the prompt, and you’ll find that it’s actually a Detonator (No Battery). This is for the Explosive Barricade in the West Storage Room adjacent to the Library.
  • Clue: “Locker Room CAP” is written on a whiteboard. Enter that code in the Locker Room locker on the second floor to get Flame Rounds x2.
  • Green Herb next to the whiteboard
  • Flash Grenade x1 on a pile of chairs
  • Wooden Boards next to a door leading south into the Records Room

On the south side of the room, there’s a Heart Door, which you don’t have the key for yet.

Open the locked door on the east side of the room to enter the hallway by the vending machines and the Safety Deposit Room.

Now would be a good time to save and shuffle your inventory.

Men’s Locker Room

Head upstairs and enter the Men’s Locker Room. Enter the code CAP in the Dial Lock to get Flame Rounds x2.

Used the Round Handle (from the East Office) on the Valve. That’ll stop the steam and gave you access to the Shower Room.

Shower Room to the Hallway

Head through the Shower Room into the room beyond. Open the lockers for Gunpowder x1. The other locker is empty.

Exit the room, and head into the hallway. On the couch to your left, you’ll find Flame Rounds x2.

Equip your GM 79 Grenade Launcher, and shoot out of the Licker.

It’s difficult to say how many shots you’ll need to kill it. As far as we can tell, a direct hit will burn it dead. But other times, even what looks like a direct hit won’t, and you’ll need multiple shots. Approach it with your gun drawn, and shoot it while it’s still on the ceiling licking up the body. (And if you’ve saved just downstairs in the Darkroom, you can always keep loading until you get a good kill.)

Enter the door to the left, halfway down the hall.

STARS Office

There’s a lot going on in the office. Pick up the following items:

  • Red Herb immediately to your right upon entering
  • High-Grade Gunpowder (White) on a desk along the east wall (near a fax machine)
  • First Aid Spray hanging on the east wall next to the gunpowder
  • Flash Grenade x1 on a cardboard box near the guitar and leather jacket
  • Flame Rounds x2 on a desk near the guitar and leather jacket
  • Battery on the desk of the office within the office (combine it with the Detonator in your inventory)
  • Internal Memo at the far end of the office, which gives you the combination for the safe in the West Office — L9, R15, L7 — to get a Hip Pouch that increases your inventory by two slots
Resident Evil 2 STARS office computer Capcom via Polygon

Approach the PC monitor and interact with it, and you’ll get a “failed to authenticate account” error.

PC Accounting Service
Account authentication is required. Insert your dongle key into the USB port.

Approach the PC, and it’ll allow you to insert the dongle that you don’t have yet.

Head out of the STARS office and turn left into the hallway.


Follow the hallway to the south, and turn left. On our left, you’ll find a door to the Linen Room, but it’s a Diamond Door, and you don’t have the key yet.

So head forward and unlock the door to enter the Lounge attached to the Library.

West Storage Room

Head back to the West Storage Room (back through the locker rooms and up the stairs). Combine the Battery with the Detonator if you haven’t already.

Resident Evil 2 West Storage Room Maiden Medallion puzzle solution Capcom via Polygon

Blast open the barricade, and interact with the statue, using the Officer’s Notebook to enter the correct symbols: Woman / Bow and arrow / snake

You’ll receive the Maiden Medallion.


Then you’ll have to fight a Licker and a regular zombie. Just use your most powerful weapon.

Return to the Main Hall and place the final medallion in the Goddess Statue. Save your game.


Open the underground passage. Watch a cutscene in which you talk to Marvin. Enter the Underground Facility.

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