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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough 5: Underground Facility, G boss fight, and Sherry

Machinery Room boss fight G Capcom via Polygon

You’ve collected all of Resident Evil 2’s medallions and escaped from the Police Station. Now you’ve got to explore the Underground Facility.

Secret Room

In this room, you’ll find a Typewriter, Item Box, Flame Rounds x2, and Gunpowder x1. There’s also a T-Bar Handle Slot (to get back into the Police Station), but you don’t have the required item yet.

Make sure you have a bunch of your most powerful ammunition equipped. Head through the hallways, and take the elevator down.

Underground Stairs

Descend the stairs all the way down. Pick up a Hand Grenade x1 on the ground. There’s also a Locked Door that you can’t open, and the Special Weapons Case requires a key that you don’t have (yet).

So head up the stairs to the middle level and enter the door.

Machinery Room boss fight with G

Walk the hallway that leads into the Machinery Room. Try to dislodge the cabinet, and you’ll meet Sherry during a cutscene.

And now it’s time for a boss fight with G. The first phase is about shooting it to expose its gigantic eye. The second phase is about shooting its gigantic eye.

If you’ve got a lot of Flame Rounds, you can make this fight fairly easy. Just keep unloading on it, though aim at the eye whenever possible. G takes a lot of damage and keeps coming, so don’t be shy.

There are many items in the area where you have the boss fight, which you can collect during or after. Those include:

  • A Green Herb, Handgun Ammo x14, and a Grenade in the northwest corner
  • A Red Herb and Handgun Ammo x14 and in the southwest corner
  • A Green Herb and Handgun Ammo x15 in the southeast corner

If G grabs you, you can use a melee weapon like your knife or grenade to break free.

When that’s done, Sherry will drop the ladder. Before you climb up, walk the area to collect everything.

Climb up the ladder, turn right and check the room for Gunpowder x1 in a locker and a Green Herb on the floor near the door.

Follow the girl, pull the lever and leave the room, taking the path that you just created.

Operators Room

The Operators Room contains a Typewriter and an Item Box. Check the locker for a Hip Pouch that increases your inventory. Save, sock up, and climb the ladder.

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