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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough Part 7: Find the Power Panel Parts (1)

Resident Evil 2 Chief’s Office Capcom via Polygon

You’ve made it out of Resident Evil 2’s Underground Passage and back into the Police Station. Now you’ll explore the Chief’s Office, and in the surrounding rooms, find a puzzle and a new objective to find the Power Panel Parts. We’ll find the first of two in this walkthrough.

Chief’s Office (2F)

Pick up the Green Herb as you make your way inside (and back into the Police Station). Examine the Copy of Emails to Chief Irons note on the desk.

There’s a Typewriter and an Item Box in the office. Sub Machine Gun Ammo x50 is on the coffee table in the middle of the room. (Put it in the Item Box.) So is a Taxidermy Log.

You’ll need a Heart Key to exit one door, so exit through the other one.

Private Collection Room (2F)

Take the hallway from the Chief’s Office to this room. Pick up the High-Grade Gunpowder (White) sitting on a shelf across from the door.

You can see (but can’t get) the Parking Garage Key Card behind the Electronically-locked Door, so you’ll need to collect a couple of power panel parts first.

Keep heading away from the door and pick up the Repair Shop Letter, which tells you that one of the power panel parts you need is on the “3rd floor east storage room,” and that you can seek out the repairman in the clock tower.


At the dead end of the hallway, pick up the Lovers Relief (Key Item). Examine it in your inventory, spin it around and press the button when prompted to receive the Heart Key.

Backtrack to the Chief’s Office.

Chief’s Office (2F)

Use the Heart Key to open the door in the Chief’s Office. It opens into a hallway with staircases leading up and down. We’re going down first.

The hallway past the Chief’s Office (2F)

Resident Evil 2 Mr. Raccoon Chief’s Office hallway Capcom via Polygon

Shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy as soon as you enter the hallway.

Walk down the stairs. Board up the window if you have any Wooden Boards.

Hallway (1F)

Continue down the hallway toward the Interrogation Room and the Observation Room. At the end, search a locker across from the Observation Room door for High-Grade Gunpowder (White).

You’ll want more than one round of ammo for your grenade launcher in a minute, so if you have any Gunpowder on you or in your Item Box, consider combining that with this High-Grade Gunpowder to make Acid Rounds.

Interrogation Room (1F)

Use the Heart Key to unlock the Interrogation Room door. Pick up the Handgun Ammo x13 on the table near the door. Pick up the Bejeweled Box (Key Item) on the shelf at the far end of the room.

Resident Evil 2 Interrogation Room Capcom via Polygon

Combine the Red Jewel with the Bejeweled Box to receive the STARS Badge (Key Item). Examine and rotate the STARS Badge in your inventory and press the prompt when indicated to receive the USB Dongle Key, which you can use in the STARS Office back in the Police Station. (You can’t get there quite yet.) You can also use it (with the USB dongle retracted) to open the Special Weapons Case way back in the Underground Passage staircase. But we can’t get there yet, either.

A Licker will crash through the glass. Kill it with powerful ammo. (Otherwise, run away and take the stairs up. The Licker won’t follow. But you’ll want to come back.)

Hop across the gap into the other side of the room where the Licker came from. You’re now in the Observation Room.

Observation Room (1F)

Resident Evil 2 Observation Room Capcom via Polygon

Collect the Gunpowder from a corpse. Read the Confiscation Report and note the Left 6, Right 2, Left 11 safe combination. You can use this the Police Department Waiting Room.

Hallway and staircase past the Chief’s Office (2F to 3F)

Take the stairs up past the Chief’s Office, and collect the following on 3F:

  • Wooden Boards next to the shelves
  • Flash Grenade in the locker along the wall past the boards
  • Handgun Ammo x8 in another locker

Take the western door that leads to the East Storage Room.

East Storage Room

There are two zombies in this room. It’s a good place to see how much easier headshots are with your laser sight.

Collect the following:

  • Blue Herb to your left as you enter
  • Flame Rounds x2 on a shelf on the eastern side of the room
  • Large Gear (Key Item) in the center of the room ( it takes up two inventory slots)

The western door heading to the Main Hall balcony is locked, so use the Heart Key to open the southern door.

Resident Evil 2 East Storage Room Mr. Raccoon Capcom via Polygon

Collect the Combat Knife from the mannequin’s head. Shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy on the shelf above you.

Collect the Boxed Electronic Part (Key Item) from the table. Examine and rotate it, pressing the button when prompted to receive the Electronic Part (Key Item). Put the part in the Electronic Door Panel in the Private Collection Room. One down, one to go.

Balcony (3F)

Head back up the stairs outside of the Sheriff’s Office, and take the southern door that leads onto the Balcony. Collect the Blue Herb. Climb down the ladder.

Roof (2F)

Welcome to the other side of the hallway that the crashed helicopter prevented you from reaching earlier.

You can interact with the Water Valve Lever near the fire, but it won’t do anything useful yet. Instead, collect the Handgun Ammo x7 on the red bench near the fire.

Alleyway (1F)

Take the stairs down from the Roof, and kill, down or avoid the two zombies. Collect the two Green Herbs.

Interact with the Water Valve Lever, changing it from R to L.

Now head back up to the roof and interact with the Water Valve Lever to put out the flaming helicopter.

Hallway (2F)

Enter the door near the chopper, and collect the Red Herb.

Resident Evil 2 Tyrant Hats Off Trophy Capcom via Polygon

A gigantic enemy awaits you here. His name is Tyrant. You can shoot his hat off to earn the Hats Off! Achievement/Trophy. You can shoot him a lot and knock him down, but Claire will just say you’d “better move it,” so conserve your ammo. You can’t kill him. But you can knock him down and run way.

He will be following you. His footsteps and accompanying music are terrifying. But the good news is that you’re faster than him, so it’s relatively easy to avoid him.

You can bait him outside onto the roof and then run back into the hall. Or you can shoot him to stun him. It’s best to bait him (try running back onto the roof), and then run around and past him to your destination (which is down the hall past where the helicopter was).

Your goal is to return to the Police Station Main Hall through the path you’ve cleared.

Resident Evil 2 Waiting Room Safe combination Capcom via Polygon

On your way, stop in the Waiting Room to open the Safe (Left 6, Right 2, Left 11) for a High-Capacity Mag. (JMB Hp3), which significantly increases the pistol’s ammo capacity.