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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough Part 8: Find the Power Panel Parts (Panel Part 2)

Resident Evil 2 Library Jack Capcom via Polygon

You found Resident Evil 2’s first Power Panel Part. You met the Tyrant. You’ve made your way back into the Main Hall. Now it’s time to get the second (and final) Power Panel Part in the Clock Tower.

Along the way, you’ll unlock doors to collect new items, clear out the Records Room, open a Dial Lock that’s been plaguing you for hours and more.

Main Hall

Save your game and shuffle your inventory in the Main Hall.

Equip at least a couple rounds for your grenade launcher. (You can combine High-Grade Gunpowder and Gunpowder to make Acid Rounds.)

And make sure you have the Heart Key with you.

West Office > Hallway

There’s nothing to worry about in the office, but be careful. There’s a Licker waiting for you in the hallway outside. Open the door slowly, gun drawn, and look right. Fire. Kill it until it is dead.

Head into the door in the hallway by the vending machines.

Records Room

Resident Evil 2 Records Room Capcom via Polygon

Open the door to the Records Room with the Heart Key, and pick up the Tool. Examine it in your inventory, and you’ll learn its real name: the Mechanic Jack Handle. You’ll use this in the Library to move the bookshelves.

Make a circle around the room, collecting the Gunpowder x1 on the copy machine by the Club Door (that you can’t unlock), and a Hand Grenade x1 on the other side of the table where you got the jack handle.

Make your way back to the Main Hall, where things are relatively safe.

There are a couple of things to do next, and the Library is the key to both. Head back to the Main Hall (through the West Office).

The next sections require three special items. You’re already heading through the Main Hall, so stop by the Item Box to pick up the Diamond Key, the USB Dongle Key, and the Large Gear. (We’ll use them in that order.)

Library (2F) > Linen Room

Head up the stairs from the Main Hall, and enter the Library. Take the Lounge door near the base of the staircase into the hall.

Resident Evil 2 Linen Room Capcom via Polygon

Unlock the Linen Room door with the Diamond Key. Grab the Gunpowder to your right, and pick up a Portable Safe on the washing machines to your left.

Solve the puzzle (starting at the top left button, to make the order easier to remember because you’ll always start there), and you’ll receive the second Spare Key for the Safety Deposit Room. (Don’t go there just yet. We have a short stop to make.)

STARS Office (2F)

Since you’re just around the corner, head to the STARS Office. Make sure you have the USB Dongle Key with you.

Put the USB Dongle Key into the computer, interact with the monitor, and Take the USB Key back. This is important. Don’t leave it in the computer. You’re not done with it.

Claim your MQ 11 Submachine Gun in the Armory.

Read the Letter to STARS Members.

Head back to the Main Hall.

Safety Deposit Room

Resident Evil 2 Safety Deposit Room second key Capcom via Polygon

Return to the Safety Deposit Room (Lounge > Library > Main Hall > Stairs down > West Office > Hallway > Safety Deposit Room), slot it in the keypad, and enter the following codes:

  • 103 for a Combat Knife
  • 208 for Flame Rounds x2
  • 203 for a Hip Pouch to increase your inventory by two slots

Now make your way back to the Library.

Library (2F)

Resident Evil 2 Library Jack bookcases Capcom via Polygon

Use the Mechanic Jack Handle in the Jack in the Library, and move the bookcases to create a path on the balcony above. (The image above shows you what they need to look like.)

Climb the ladder, and open the door that you can now access. This brings you to a second, higher balcony above the Main Hall.

(Seriously, make sure you have the Large Gear in your inventory.)

Main Hallway Balcony (3F)

Exit and turn right. (There’s nothing to your left.) Watch out for two more zombies, who are on the balcony to your left. (You can pick at least one of them off as you walk.) Collect the Green Herb before you can make a left.

If you run all the way around the balcony and unlock the door at the end, you’ll create a create a path into the East Storage Room.

Open the door near the Green Herb.

Clock Tower (3F)

The next Power Panel Part/Electronic Part is in the Clock Tower, according to the Repair Shop Letter.

Read the Repair Plan letter on the desk. There are two Gear Box Panels in this room: one near the door where you entered, and one near the back of the room.

Place the Large Gear between the two larger gears near the door to unlock a staircase. Remove the Large Gear and put it back in your inventory.

Resident Evil 2 Clock Tower (3F) map Capcom via Polygon

Take the staircase up. Pick up the Small Gear. Head back down the stairs and put the Small Gear into the Gear Box panel at the back of the room.

Remove the Large Gear from the Gear Box panel at the front of the room. Head back up the stairs, and place the Large Gear in the panel where you got the Small Gear.

The bell will ring and swing and dislodge a Boxed Electronic Part. Pick it up, examine it and turn it into your second Electronic Part.

Clock Tower rear hallway (3F)

Before leaving, head to the back of the Clock Tower and through the door into the hallway. Pick up the Gunpowder (Large) at the end of the hall. Shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy on the windowsill to the left of the Gunpowder.

Dark Room > 3F Locker

A little diversion before we go back to solve the puzzle and open the garage.

Leave the Clock Tower, and make your way back to the Dark Room. Develop the Film: “3F Locker” there. The photograph shows the solution to the locker on the third floor above you: DCM.

Climb the stairs, enter the combination, and receive Submachine Gun Ammo x100.

Back to the Private Collection Room

Now that you’ve collected both of the parts that you need, return to the Private Collection Room, on the second floor of the Police station. The easiest route:

Clock Tower > 3F Balcony > Library 3F > Library 2F > Main Hall Balcony 2F > Waiting Room 2F > Hallway 2F > Roof 2F > up the ladder to Balcony 3F > down the stairs to 2F > Captain’s Office 2F > Hallway 2F > Private Collection Room 2F.

Insert the Electronic Part and solve the puzzle to connect all of the circuits.

Enter the cell. Collect the key. Take a phone call from the chief.

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