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Resident Evil 2 Leon walkthrough 8: STARS Office and Clock Tower (Electronic Part 2)

Finally finding the second Electronic Part and the Lightning Hawk

Resident Evil 2 STARS Office and Clock Tower Leon walkthrough Capcom via Polygon
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Traveling from Resident Evil 2’s basement back to the Main Hall, you picked up a few keys. It’s time to use them (and pick up another key or two) as we continue heading toward that second Electronic Panel Part.

Records Room

Resident Evil 2 records room Capcom via Polygon

Now that you’ve got the Club Key, there’s one more door you can open. Head through Reception in the southwest of the first floor. There are new zombies and a Licker in the hallway, so be careful. And Tyrant is probably going to be following you, too.

Make your way around the building and use the Club Key to unlock the door to the Records Room. Grab the Gunpowder, Tool (which will become the Mechanic Jack Handle when you examine it), and Hand Grenade, then head back into the hallway.

Darkroom and 3F Locker

Turn right and sprint, shoot, or sneak your way past the next Licker. Cut through the Operations Room and make your way back to the Darkroom. Use the sink in the back to expose the ‘3F locker’ Roll Film you picked up and find the combination. This locker is directly above you on the third floor.

Resident Evil 2 3F Locker solution code Capcom via Polygon

Head out to the stairs outside and climb up to the third floor. Head toward the west and you’ll spot the locker standing by itself in the hallway. Enter the combination from the film — DCM — and open the locker for some MAG Ammo. Now, let’s find something to put that in.

STARS Office and Armory

Resident Evil 2 Lightning Hawk handgun Capcom via Polygon

Take the stairs back down to the second floor and cut through the Shower Room to get all the way to the west. Get back into the STARS Office and head to the computer in the corner. Use the USB Dongle Key in the tower and interact with the monitor to open the door to the Armory.

Inside, you’ll find the Lightning Hawk — a very powerful handgun — and a Letter to STARS Members from Chris Redfield.

Linen Room

Resident Evil 2 Linen Room Capcom via Polygon

Exit the STARS Office and turn left. Follow the hall around to the left, then use the Diamond Key to unlock the door to the Linen Room on your left. Inside, grab the Gunpowder and the Portable Safe. Unlock the safe — remember that every button on the safe corresponds to one of the lights and you just have to light them all in a circle, regardless of order — to find the other Spare Key for the Safety Deposit Room.

Get to the Safety Deposit Room

Exit the Linen Room and turn left. Go through the Lounge into the Library. We’ll be back here in a minute, but for now just run through the Library back to the Main Hall. Head downstairs and cut through the West Office to get to the Safety Deposit Room.

Safety Deposit Room

Place your new key on the keypad in the 3 position so you can open the rest of the lockers. Open up 103 for a Combat Knife and 203 for a Hip Pouch.

Retrace your steps back through the Main Hall to the Library.


Capcom via Polygon

Head over to the rolling shelves. Use the Mechanic Jack Handle to remove the jack. Now you can slide all the shelves so they create a walkway above you — there will be an empty space on either side with the four shelves lined up in the middle.

Climb the ladder and cross over the tops of the shelves to the door.

Main Hall third floor catwalk

Capcom via Polygon

You’ll come out on a balcony or catwalk that surrounds the third floor of the Main Hall. Take a right and loop around the Hall. Grab the Green Herb as you pass and watch out for the zombies and Tyrant while you run.

All the way at the far end of the catwalk, unlock the door to the East Storage Room. (We skipped this room earlier when we went to the Balcony.)

East Storage Room

Capcom via Polygon

Check the shelves for a Blue Herb and some Shotgun Shells as you handle the zombies waiting for you in this room. The main thing you need to grab here is the Large Gear.

Once you have it, head back out through the same door you came in through to the catwalk.

Clock Tower

Capcom via Polygon

Head to the southwest corner of the catwalk and go through the door there to find the Clock Tower. Inside, read the Repair Plan on the table, then turn to the right. Place the Large Gear in the machinery there to lower a set of stairs, then grab the Large Gear again.

Run around the central shaft. Before you go up the stairs, head through the door on the opposite side of the room. Follow the hallway to the end for a Gunpowder (Large).

Back in the Clock Tower, head up the stairs to the second floor. Loop around the bell again and retrieve the Small Gear from the machine there. Place the Large Gear into the machine on the second floor, then take the Small Gear down to the machine at the bottom of the stairs.

This will knock loose a box that you can open for the second Electronic Part.

When you head back out to the catwalk, you’ll probably be jumped by Tyrant again. Keep running and shooting your way back to the Break Room on the second floor on the east side.

The next level of puzzles.

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