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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough Part 10: Rescue Sherry

From the Parking Garage, Behind RPD, and into the Orphanage.

Resident Evil 2 Orphanage Resident Evil 2

After playing as Sherry in Resident Evil 2, you return to Claire, who has to rescue Sherry. It begins with a new objective and a new item.


You’ll pick up with Claire and receive the Parking Garage Key Card. Now head back to the Parking Garage.

Parking Garage

Insert the Parking Garage Key Card into the machine in the Parking Garage. You’ll receive the Never-Ending Rain Achievement/Trophy.

The Tyrant will come after you as the door is opening. Avoid him. Run into the street.

The street

Across the street to your right, you’ll see a zombie banging against a chain link fence. Head to him, and he’ll knock the door in the fence down. Head past him (and his friend) and up the catwalk.

Behind RPD

Follow the catwalk until you find yourself behind the police station. Kill the dogs. Pick up the Submachine Gun Ammo x50 and the Green Herb on the benches by the basketball court.

Resident Evil 2 Mr. Raccoon bus Capcom via Polygon

In the area beyond the court, about halfway up on the western side, grab the Blue Herb. Get in the bus, shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy and pick up the Hand Grenade.

On the other side of the bus, you’ll find the entrance to the Orphanage.


Approach the front door, enter, and head upstairs.

Resident Evil 2 Mr. Raccoon Orphanage Capcom via Polygon
  • In the Nursery, shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy on the shelf immediately in front of you when you enter.
  • In the Bathroom, collect First Aid Spray and Submachine Gun Ammo x50, and read the Letter from the DIrector.

Head back downstairs and into the Director’s Room. After the chief departs, continue down the hallway. Read ____’s Diary (if you didn’t as Sherry) and save at the Typewriter.

Head further into the room, and take the ladder down. Find Sherry and run like hell.

The next level of puzzles.

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