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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough Part 9: Sherry

Escape from Chief Irons

Sherry Resident Evil 2 Capcom via Polygon

After Claire answers the phone in Resident Evil 2, you swap bodies to play as Sherry for a while. There’s not a ton to do here in the Orphanage, but it can be frustrating. In this guide, we’ll show you the puzzle solution and where to hide.


Take control of Sherry. Pick up the Stuffed Doll (Key Item), examine it and collect the Picture Block (Key Item).

Combine the Picture Block with the puzzle on top of the toy chest. Solve the puzzle matching the pieces on each side and collect the Scissors (Key Item).

Resident Evil 2 Claire 2nd run Sherry Picture Block puzzle Capcom via Polygon

Use the scissors on the tape surrounding the cardboard on the wall.

Go into the next room and into the hallway. Read Sally’s Diary on a table in the corner.

Pull out the dresser drawer, climb up the dresser and into the next room — the Nursery. The door to the north is locked, so take the door to the east.

In the Front Hall, take the stairs down. In the lobby, read Tom’s Diary. The front door is locked, so head through the west door.

Go through the hallway into the Director’s Room. Take the key from the wall.

Run up to the Nursery and crouch through the walkway, turning left to hide behind some furniture. (You can see the position in the image up at the top of this guide.) Stay away from the flashlight beam, and circle around the furniture to avoid him.

The chief will leave the area where you’re hiding and move some furniture. Stay hidden. Then he’ll come back. When he does, go to where he moved the furniture, and hide underneath a table on the path to the bathroom (see the pictured below).

Sherry hiding spot Orphanage Resident Evil 2 Capcom via Polygon

Eventually, he’ll run into the bathroom. Take the Orphanage Key from the door where he left it.

Backtrack to the room where you found him downstairs and watch the cutscene play out. You’ll receive the Hide and Seek Achievement/Trophy for completing Sherry’s segment.