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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough Part 11: Sewers – Find Sherry and Save Sherry

Make your way into the Sewers and discover the puzzle

Resident Evil 2 Find Sherry and Save Sherry Capcom via Polygon

After you escape from the Tyrant and take the elevator down, you’ll see a cutscene. And then you’ll get …


In the room where you regain control, pick up the Submachine Gun Ammo x30 on the crate. Open the nearby door and head into the Office.

The Office

Read the Report: About “G” document by the whiteboard. There’s a Typewriter and an Item Box here. Pick up the High-Powered Rounds (SLS 60) x3 on the desk in the east side of the room.

Lower Waterway

Jump down and follow the hallway. Jump down again, climb up on your left, and collect the Blue Herb. You can also interact with the T-Bar Handle Slot here, but you can’t do anything with it (yet).

Follow the sewers away from where you came, and collect the High-Grade Gunpowder (White) sitting on a pile of sludge on your left.

Climb out of the muck, and open the door at the end of the hallway.

Control Room

Climb the stairs and ladder and fight the zombies in the Control Room.

There’s a Dial Lock on a locker. (You can’t unlock it yet.) There’s a Copy of Emails to Umbrella HQ document on a table. Pick up the Flame Rounds x2 on a chair against the wall.

Jump down twice, and watch the cutscene.


Monitor Room

Resident Evil 2 Monitor Room Capcom via Polygon

There’s a Typewriter and an Item Box in this room. Do a loop to collect the following:

  • Handgun Ammo x8 on a chair along the north wall
  • Sewers Company Pamphlet
  • Sewers Map on the south wall by the door

You can also interact with the Video Player, but you don’t have anything to put into it.

In the west part of the room, you’ll find a clue that reads:

Pretty sure the rook and knight are on the same wall and the bishop and queen aren’t next to each other. The queen and rook were opposite each other, too.

You’ll also find a document called Unlocking the U-Area Door. Read that and you have a new objective, which we’ll cover in our next guide.

The next level of puzzles.

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