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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough Part 12: Sewers – Find the Plugs, solve the puzzle, fight the boss

The entire Sewers, step-by-step

Resident Evil 2 Sewers guide Capcom via Polygon

You’re in Resident Evil 2’s Sewers. You’ve discovered the chess-based puzzle in the Monitor Room. Now it’s time to explore the area, gather the pieces and save Sherry.

This area is long and confusing, so we’re going to break it down into a few parts. In this one, we’ll take you through the Sewers and back to the Police Station to pick up an upgrade.

Monitor Room


Examine each of the chess piece-shaped plugs, and you’ll see their names. The goal is to put them where they belong. The problem is that you’re missing some. And also that most of them aren’t labeled.

There are three already plugged in: the Pawn Plug, the Knight Plug , and the Bishop Plug. Unplug the Knight Plug and put it in the one labeled plug. (Hint: It’s the one with the picture of the knight.)

You’ve got to get what you’re missing. Exit through the east door into the Treatment Pool Room.

Treatment Pool Room

Resident Evil 2 Treatment Pool Room Capcom via Polygon

Pull the switch to lower the bridge. Cross the bridge.

Turn right at the end of the bridge and follow the path to its conclusion. There you’ll find a safe and a Blue Herb. Ignore the zombie who’s playing dead for the moment.

Look at the side of the safe to find its combination: Left 2, Right 12, Left 8.

Open it for a Reinforced Frame (SLS 60). Combine that with the gun, and you can fire special high-powered rounds.

Now test out your new ammo with a headshot to the zombie playing dead nearby. It’s basically pistol ammo with the power of a shotgun, and it will make heads explode with a single shot.

Double back the other way, pass the bridge, and pick up the Red Herb.

Cable Car Platform

Head forward and pick up the Tool. Examine it for its real name: T-Bar Valve Handle. You can use this back where you first entered the muck. You just have the get there first. Make sure it’s in your inventory, and check out the area:

  • Walk near the cable car, and you’ll hear that “ID required for cable car entry.” So that’s a no-go.
  • Head down the stairs, and read the Delivery Receipt. It tells you that the combination to a safe is written on the side of it in chalk. (If you haven’t already, double back and look at the side of the safe for the combination.)

Treatment Pool Room

Back on the southern side of the room, exit through the door with the exit sign above it.

Resident Evil 2 Sewers Exit sign door Capcom via Polygon

Head slowly down the stairs while aiming your gun. Kill the two zombies waiting for you below.

Collect the Green Herb along the right wall.

Pull the lever along the right wall to open the gate and create a path to the Lower Waterway, where you came in.

Jump down into the sewage and head away from the path you just opened. Pick up the Hand Grenade sitting along the left edge.

Now head through the path you opened, and hug the right wall. Jump up onto the ledge, and insert the T-Bar Valve Handle into the mechanism to open the nearby door.

Head through the door.

Workroom Lift

Pick up the High-Powered Rounds (SLS 60) x4 sitting on a barrel to your left. Take the elevator up.


Resident Evil 2 Workroom Capcom via Polygon

The zombie lying on the floor is just playing dead. This is a great opportunity to use your SLS 60 and its High-Powered Rounds to shoot it in the head.

Loop around the Workroom to collect:

  • Roll Film (Hiding Place) on the table in the middle of the room
  • Hip Pouch at the north of the room
  • Handgun Ammo x10 at the south of the room

Unlock the door to enter a catwalk overlooking the Lower Waterway.

Workroom Hallway

Kill the enemies gathered there. Once again, you can eliminate each of the four zombies out here with a single headshot from your SLS 60 with High-Powered Rounds.

There are two doors labeled “Treatment Facility” in this hallway, but they’re both locked.

On a wall to your left just outside of the Workroom Door, interact with a plug to receive the Electronic Part. Examine it in your inventory to reveal its real name: Rook Plug (Key Item). Put it back for now to keep the bridge down.

There’s a lot to pick up in this area. If your inventory is full (or nearly full), you can turn left, slide down the ramp and make your way back to the room with the Item Box.

Put it back in to keep the nearby walkway down. Follow that walkway, taking the northern staircase down into the Lower Waterway.

Lower Waterway

Collect the Combat Knife on a barrel at the bottom of the staircase.

Head back up the stairs, and take the other path out of the Workroom Hallway.

Upper Waterway

Collect the U.S.S. Digital Video Cassette (Key Item) from the special ops soldier’s corpse at the bottom of the staircase. It’s labeled Operation NESTWRECKER (2). Insert that into the VCR next to the Item Box in the Monitor Room, and you’ll see a short, gruesome video.

Descend into the sewage and head right. Resist the urge to run, because a swimming monstrosity will surface from the sewage in front of you. It’s possible to run away and jump back up to solid ground to avoid it.

Resident Evil 2 sewer enemy
Shoot the glowing orange part on the right
Capcom via Polygon

You’ll be seeing a bunch of these down here, and the goal is always the same (though there are slight variations). If you fight it, here’s what you need to know:

  • Keep your distance. When it starts firing projectiles, either shoot them or retreat to hire ground. They’ll pop out of existence pretty quickly.
  • Carry a secondary weapon in case it grabs you.
  • If it grabs you (or its G-Young projectiles hit you), you may get poisoned. (Combine a Green and Blue Herb and eat it to cure yourself.)
  • Your ultimate goal is to shoot it in its eye. Sometimes, the eye will be exposed. Sometimes, there are layers of skin covering it. If it’s the former, shoot the eye. If the latter, shoot the yellow skin around the shoulder to your right (its left) until it pops, revealing the eye.

Take the 90-degree turn in the Upper Waterway and, on a garbage pile at the dead end, pick up High-Powered Rounds (SLS 60) x3.

On a pile of garbage at the southern end of the Upper Waterway, you’ll find Handgun Ammo x10.

Jump up to dry ground at the northwest end of the Upper Waterway, and use the T-Bar Valve Handle to open a path back to the Lower Waterway.

Back to the Lower Waterway

Take the stairs down, and collect the Sewers Key hanging on the wall.

Resident Evil 2 Lower Waterway Sewers Key Capcom via Polygon

Follow the walkway around, and use the T-Bar Valve Handle once again to create a shortcut back to the Monitor Room (where you can save and shuffle your inventory).

Climb down the nearby ladder, and collect the Green Herb next to the corpse.

Don’t proceed further. You can climb out of the sewage and make your way into an area with a few more swimming monstrosities. But before you do that, backtrack up the ladder and head to the Workroom. Now that you have the key to those locked doors, you can collect what’s inside, and that includes items that will help you.

Water Injection Chamber

Resident Evil 2 Sewer Water Injection Chamber Capcom via Polygon

Use the key on the northern door to enter the Water Injection Chamber. Pick up the Gunpowder (Large) and the High-Grade Gunpowder (White) on the table inside.

Now head out of the room and to the other locked door. Pick up the Rook Plug along the way.

Workers’ Break Room

Use the key to enter the room. (You can safely discard the key now.)

Resident Evil 2 Sewer Workers’ Break Room Capcom via Polygon


  • Gunpowder on the desk in the middle of the room
  • Handgun Ammo x10 in a locker
  • The Raccoon City Jazz Festival Flyer on the desk in the middle of the room. The letters S, Z and F are circled. This is the combination to the Dial Lock in the Control Room. You’ll get Submachine Gun Ammo x100.

Interact with the filing cabinet covered in yellow tape to move it and reveal an entrance to an elevator (or lift, if you prefer).

Take the lift up, and collect the High-Powered Rounds (SLS 60) x5 sitting on a white paint can in the room.

Take the stairs up, and unlock the door.

Underground Stairs

This is the area where you first entered — the bottom of the staircase. There’s a Special Weapons Case here.

Resident Evil 2 Sewer Underground Stairs Special Weapons Case
Underground Stairs Special Weapons Case
Resident Evil 2

Examine the USB dongle in your inventory, and retract the USB part. Use it to unlock the case, and you’ll receive the Suppressor (MQ 11). Not only does it make your SMG quieter, but it makes it steadier. It also makes it take up two inventory slots. Such is life.

Climb two flights of stairs, and take the elevator back to the Secret Room.

Secret Room

Welcome back to the room that took you out of the Police Station. Use the T-Bar Handle to create a path back into the Police Station. You can now safely discard the T-Bar Handle.

At this point, you can make your way Back to the Darkroom to develop the Roll Film: “Hiding Place” (Key Item) that you picked up earlier.

Make your way back to the Darkroom, and use the film in the sink. You’ll get two pictures.

Resident Evil 2 Darkroom Sink Capcom via Polygon
Resident Evil 2 hiding place pictures Capcom via Polygon

Roll Film: “Hiding Place” (Key Item)

There are two locations to visit to find your items.

Press Room

Roll Film: “Hiding Place” location Capcom via Polygon
Roll Film: “Hiding Place” location Capcom via Polygon

Make your way back to the Press Room (to the east of the Main Hall). Open the drawer in in a table to the let of the podium with the microphones to get Needle Cartridges x7. (They’re for a weapon that you don’t have yet.)

STARS Office

Roll Film: “Hiding Place” location Capcom via Polygon
Roll Film: “Hiding Place” location Capcom via Polygon

Go to the office within the office, and open the drawer in the desk there. You’ll receive the High-Capacity Mag (MQ 11), which extends the clip capacity of your SMG to 50 rounds.

Now make your way back to the Secret Room, into the Sewers and to the Bottom Waterway.

Bottom Waterway

Head back to the area where you picked up the key. Take the ladder down. Climb up onto dry land, and then back down into more sewage.

You’ll need to fight three more eyeball monstrosities here.

Resident Evil 2 Sewer Bottom Waterway Capcom via Polygon

As before, you’ll need to shoot their eyes to kill them. Sometimes, that’s as easy as shooting their eyes. Other times, you’ll have to shoot away layers of skin covering the eye first.

There’s SMG ammo down here, so you may want to use that. Hug the left wall and head into the first alcove, where you’ll find Submachine Gun Ammo x60 on a ledge against the wall.

Take the door at the western end of the room.

Supplies Storage Room

Capcom via Polygon

Head up the stairs, and stop. Turn to your left, and shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy on the ground.

Walk through the door into the next room, collecting the Red Herb on the shelf to your right. Walk down a second set of stairs and search the area for a Blue Herb sitting in a cardboard box.

In this room, you’ll find Plug Sockets for the Queen Plug and the King Plug. In one, you can collect the Queen Plug. There’s also a Locked Door.

Here’s how to solve the puzzle:

  1. Switch the Queen Plug from the Plug Socket it’s in (which will close the door) to the other Queen Plug Socket (which will open a door).
  2. Deal with the zombie that appears. (If you don’t, it’ll grab you at the end of the next step.)
  3. Walk up the stairs, and collect the King Plug from the socket. Jump down into the room below.
  4. Put the King Plug into the socket near the staircase, and enter the room to collect the Spark Shot.

Now you need to leave with both plugs, so:

  1. Unlock the door in the room where you got the Spark Shot.
  2. Remove the King Plug.
  3. Place the King Plug at the base of the first staircase you descended when you got into this room.
  4. Exit through the door where the Queen Plug is plugged in.
  5. Remove the Queen Plug. (And collect the Blue Herb in the cardboard box.)
  6. Exit through the door where you put the King Plug.
  7. Remove the King Plug.

Now that you’ve got both in your inventory, you can head back to the room with the puzzle, Typewriter and all of that.


Backtrack to the ladder, but beware: There’s a new eye eyeball creature right before the ladder. Head back to the Monitor Room (where you scan save and solve the puzzle). Be on the lookout for new enemies on the way back.

Monitor Room

OK, we’re back in the Monitor Room.

Here’s the clue again:

“Pretty sure the rook and knight are on the same wall and the bishop and queen aren’t next to each other. The queen and rook were opposite each other, too.”

The solution is:

Left | Middle | Right
King | Queen | Pawn
Bishop | Rook | Knight

That’s as you’re facing them. They’ll look little a little different on the map.

Resident Evil 2 Sewer chess puzzle sloution
Resident Evil 2 Sewer chess puzzle sloution
Capcom via Polygon


Head down the stairs and pick up the Blue Herb. The door on your right is locked, so head in the opposite direction and pick up the Green Herb in front of you.

Pull the Garbage Collection Room Lever next to the doors labeled WASTE DISPOSAL, and you’ll learn that the power’s out. Head through the other door.

Main Power Room

Pick up the Red Herb on the ground. Interact with the Switchboard.

The idea is to get the power up but not into the red. From left to right, flip them On, On, Off, On.

G will return as G (Stage 2). Run around the room doing your best to avoid his gigantic hand.

New objective: Save Sherry

Proposed Water Purification Room – G (Stage 2) boss fight

Boss fight!

In the area, you’ll find Handgun Ammo, a Combat Knife, a Flash Grenade, and Submachine Gun Ammo.

Knock G (Stage 2) down here, and then bring the crane back Capcom via Polygon

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Interact with the control panel to move the crane off the platform you’re on.
  2. Avoid, shoot, or through a grenade at G (Stage 2) to knock him down at about the middle of the platform you’re on.
  3. Interact with the control panel to return the crane.
  4. Wait for the crane hit him.

It’s simple conceptually. It’s annoying practically.

You can use the Flash Grenade to cause G (Stage 2) to stutter. Or you can fire with the SMG indiscriminately. You don’t have to shoot his eye. He’ll go down eventually.

Just make sure don’t shoot him until the crane is docked away from where you’re standing. You want to shoot him, stagger him, and immediately bring the crane back to hit him.

Do that twice, and you win.

Do a loop around the area to collect everything that you haven’t.

Take the stairs up, unlock the door and pull the Garbage Collection Room Lever. Or, better yet, head up the stairs first and save.

Watch the cutscene to learn Sherry’s fate.


Carry Sherry to the Cable Car. Pull the lever. Watch the cutscene.

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