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Resident Evil 2 Leon walkthrough 9: Opening the Jail cells and escaping the Parking Garage

We’re finally done with the Police Station, so it’s time to escape.

Resident Evil 2 Opening the Jail cells and escaping the Parking Garage Leon walkthrough Capcom via Polygon
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Our last few Resident Evil 2 guides involved a lot of running around and preparation, but we’re finally done. You now have both parts you need for the Jail’s Electronic Panel, so let’s go use them.

Break Room to Parking Garage

You’ve opened most (all?) of the shortcuts in the Police Station, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble making your way from the Clock Tower across to the Break Room on the east side’s first floor.

From the Break Room, head back down the stairs and follow the long hallway into the basement. You’ll have to cut back through the Kennel again, then continue to the Parking Garage.

Parking Garage

When you return to the Parking Garage, there are three zombie dogs patrolling. You’ll have to deal with them before you can cross. If you’ve got any shotgun ammo, it’ll make this a lot easier.

Cross over to the door to the Jail and head back to the cells.


Head straight through the row of cells again back to your unlucky friend. It’s tempting to try to clean up the zombies in the cells, but don’t waste the ammo or time. Yes, they will (unsurprisingly) be let out in a minute, but you’ll want those bullets later and you won’t make enough of a difference to matter.

Resident Evil 2 Jail puzzle solution Capcom via Polygon

Place both Electronic Parts in the wall panel, then solve the puzzle. Your job is to make sure the circuits connect. (You’ve probably seen this type of puzzle before in games like BioShock, or, if you’re an old, Pipe Dream on the NES). Our solution is in the image above.

Once you complete the circuit, head into the cell and grab Ben’s Memo, the First Aid Spray (from the toilet — gross), the Interview Transcript recording, and finally the Parking Garage Key Card.

Escaping the Jail

This next section is very stressful — like we said, the cells are all open now, so the prisoner zombies are on their way. Oh yeah, and Tyrant’s back. However, there’s nothing to find in the cells and you’re about to open a detour that should let you sprint without stopping until you’ve escaped.

Resident Evil 2 map of the Jail and shortcuts Capcom via Polygon

Exit the jail cell and turn right. Sprint to the intersection, then throw the switch there. That’ll open the gate to your left.

Use the detour on your left and keep checking your map as you sprint your way through the Jail. Try not to stop and don’t let yourself get lost. Just keep running until you get back to the Parking Garage.

Escape the Parking Garage

When you run back into the Parking Garage, you’ll trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, use your new Parking Garage Key Card to open the gate.

Follow Ada out.

Streets of Raccoon City

There’s nothing to find or pick up along the streets, so just keep following and listening to Ada until you get to the Gun Shop.

Gun Shop

Once you get inside the Gun Shop, grab the Hand Grenade, Long Barrel (W-870) upgrade for your shotgun, and the Handgun Ammo.

Once you get to the back of the shop, watch the cutscene, then keep following Ada to the sewers.

The next level of puzzles.

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