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Resident Evil 2 Leon walkthrough 10: Sewers, Ada, and the Incinerator

Welcome to Raccoon City(‘s Sewers)

Resident Evil 2 Sewers, Ada, and the Incinerator Leon walkthrough Capcom via Polygon
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You’ve explored and finally escaped Resident Evil 2’s Police Station and followed Ada into Raccoon City’s sewers.

Find Annette

Leon takes the lead in the sewers, so you’re in charge of exploring again. Take the first right, then the next left. Run past the doorway on your right for some Handgun Ammo, then backtrack to the door.

Safe room

Go through the doorway and keep following the only path open to you — just ignore the giant monster you keep catching glimpses of — until you get to a small room. Visit the Typewriter and Item Box, then head through the gate to the right.

More sewers

Drop out of the safe room into the next sewer, then turn right. Follow it to the far end, then climb out onto the landing on your left. Grab the Handgun Ammo from the barrel there, then head down the stairs.

Keep following the only path you can until you drop down into the (let’s call it) water below. It doesn’t go well.

Sewer Gator

Running from the gigantic Sewer Gator
Don’t flush unwanted pets, kids.
Capcom via Polygon

What follows is not really a boss fight. All you’re going is running for your life. The giant alligator will telegraph where it’s going to chomp and all you have to do is run to the other side of the sewer. Just keep sweeping back and forth avoiding the jaws until you get to the far end.

When the Sewer Gator gets stuck on the convenient gas pipe, keep backing away until you find a Hand Grenade on the ground. Pick it up and toss it to put an end to the monster.

The next safe room

Ada will drop a ladder for you. Before you climb up the ladder, shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy that’s sitting above the water at the southeast corner of the room.

Climb up to the catwalk and follow Ada through the hall to the elevator.

At the bottom of the ride, get out and continue through the rooms until you get to a Typewriter and Item Box.

Head through the door on the left to trigger a cutscene. It really doesn’t go well.


Using Ada’s EMF Visualizer Capcom via Polygon

When you take control of Ada, walk straight forward to the ladder. Draw your EMF Visualizer and use it to aim to the right of the ladder. Hack the panel inside the wall, then aim up at the fan above you. Hack the motor to make it explode, then climb up the ladder and into the duct.

Follow the duct to the end, then repeat the process. There’s a panel below you on the right to power the fan, then you can hack the fan motor to blow open the vent.

Drop out of the duct and put down the zombie waiting for you. Grab the Sept. Inspection (Week 1) note from the workbench to find out what your next goal is. Aim your EMF Visualizer at the door and follow the power conduit around to the left. Hack the switch to unlock the door.

Control Room and Tyrant

The next room frustratingly isn’t named, so we’re going to call it the Control Room.

Follow the power conduit from the elevator Capcom via Polygon

Walk straight along the catwalk and grab the Handgun Ammo from the barrel, then head down the stairs on your right. Follow the walkway around to the nonfunctional elevator — that’s your next goal. Pull your EMF Visualizer and follow the power conduit as it snakes around the room.

You’ll have to handle or avoid four zombies as you run, so be careful. At the far end of the conduit, hack the panel to power the lift. Check a crate near the panel for a Flash Grenade and some Handgun Ammo.

Head back to the elevator. If you get lost, use your EMF Visualizer to retrace your steps.

Second floor

Follow the catwalk around to the room where you spotted Annette and go through the door. Follow the room around to the left. That switch ahead of you is your task here.

Tyrant will show up around this point. Lead him away from this room if you have to (or can). Knock him down and then get back to work.

Powering up another switch Capcom via Polygon

Use your EMF Visualizer to trace the wires in the wall around the switch. There’s a panel off to the right and a diverter-type switch above and to the left. Once the switch is powered, throw it and go through the door.

Grab the Handgun Ammo off the table ahead of you, then turn around and follow the fan’s power supply back to the diverter switch above the door. Flip it to power the fan, then overload the motor to open up a path for you.


Head into the main room of the Incinerator. There’s a Typewriter on the right next to the unpowered door. Cross to the left across the Incinerator door, then look on the ground on the far side for a Mr. Raccoon Toy.

Resident Evil 2 Ada hacking the Incinerator Capcom via Polygon

Head up the stairs and read the Sept. Inspection (Week 2) memo, then pull the lever on the panel to open the Incinerator door. Walk back down and into the Incinerator itself. Head to the back to grab the ID Wristband.

Escape the Incinerator

Resident Evil 2 Ada escaping the incinerator Capcom via Polygon

Oddly enough, now that you’re inside the Incinerator, you get trapped. Still facing the corpse in the back, pull out your EMF Visualizer and look to the right to find a power panel to hack.

Follow the power conduit from that panel and use the diverter switches along the circuit to direct power to one of the three panels above the door. Just keep switching and hacking until you get the door open.

Head to the right and make sure you’ve got power flowing to the ID Wristband door, then head through.

Hallways and Catwalks

On the other side of the door, take the first left and go through the door at the far end. Follow the catwalks as they loop around the room until you trigger a cutscene. It doesn’t go well.

The next level of puzzles.

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