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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough Part 13: NEST — Investigate the Lab

Security Room, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Nap Room

Depart the Cable Car, and you’ll receive the A Great Need for a Shower Achievement/Trophy for escaping from the Sewers. Then you’ll arrive in NEST with a …


Security Room

Put Sherry down in the Security Room. Now you can interact with the world. You’ll also get the ID Wristband.

In this room:

  • Interact with the computer to read the [IMPORTANT] NEST-wide Alert email.
  • Pick up the Flame Rounds on the table in the room.
  • Pick up the Research Lab North Area Map

Save your game and shuffle your inventory at the Typewriter in the room behind the reception desk. Read the ID Wristbands document on the whiteboard.

Head back out into the hallway, and interact with the computer behind the reception desk to read the Nap Room Log.


Head back the way you came in, and take the door heading west. This leads to three rooms. The only one you can go in is the Cafeteria.


Resident Evil 2 NEST Cafeteria Capcom via Polygon

There are four active zombies in this room. Take care of them and loop around to find:

  • Needle Cartridges x4 on a counter with tea bags along the south wall
  • Handgun Ammo x15 on a table near the zombie who’s having a meal on the floor
  • A Mr. Raccoon toy against the wall, after you walk around the debris to get to the back of the room
Resident Evil 2 NEST Cafeteria Mr. Raccoon Capcom via Polygon

Climb the ladder at the north end of the Cafeteria and make your way to the next room.


Hop down, collect the Gunpowder (Large) and the Combat Knife on the counter, and exit. Kill the zombie in the hallway, and enter the next room.

Nap Room

Snag the Flame Rounds x2 on the counter, the High Voltage Condenser (Spark Shot) in the locker, and the Electronic Chip off the hand poking out of the wall. Combine chip with your wristband to gain the second level of access to nearby doors.

There’s also a Circuit Breaker in this room, but you can’t do anything with it yet. Instead, backtrack to the hallway where you entered the facility.

Main Shaft

Enter the door labeled Main Shaft. Examine the corpse to your right for the Special Forces Recording.


Interact with the terminal to unfurl the bridge, and walk over it. On the opposite side, interact with another terminal to create another bridge. Walk over to the East Area, where we’ll pick up in our next guide.

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