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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough Part 14: NEST — E-02 East Area

Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough NEST — E-02 East Area Capcom via Polygon

Enter Resident Evil 2’s NEST Lobby and grab the Green Herb on the reception desk and the Gunpowder on the desk behind. There’s also a Typewriter and an Item Box here. If you have Flame Rounds, equip them.

The room to the south is locked. Enter the door to the Presentation Room.


Presentation Room

You can interact with the corpse on the other side of the glass to see the upgrade you’re looking for. Now you just have to get to it.

Follow the path around, picking up the High-Grade Gunpowder (White) on a tray in the next room. Use Flame Rounds to kill the plant-like enemy, which is called an Ivy.

If you don’t have Flame Rounds, you’ll need to destroy the yellow-orange nodules on its body to take it down. But after a few minutes, they’ll grow back, and the Ivy will get back up.

Fire is the only way to kill them dead. They’ll do a satisfying little “I’m dying!” dance when they’re, well, dying. If you don’t see that, they’re coming back.

Two well-placed Flame Rounds will burn Ivy to a black char and prevent it from getting up ever again. (Though we’ve successfully knocked them down with a fully charged Spark Shot shot and then burned them to a crisp with a Flame Round, which is a nice way to conserve some ammo, sort of.)

There are three more Ivy monsters in a room not far from here (the Greenhouse), so keep that in mind (and use your ammo wisely).

Resident Evil 2 ivy plant zombie
This Ivy is down but not dead. You can tell because it’s still got green tendrils. Shoot it with fire.
Capcom via Polygon

Greenhouse Control Room

Grab the Flash Grenade directly in front of you. Interact with the Facility Control Terminal, and you’ll see that you need a code. Interact with the Solution Sprinkler System, and you’ll receive the Dispersal Cartridge.


Inside the Greenhouse, head straight and kill the Ivy with fire. Collect the Blue Herb. Turn left and note the pattern on the box that you can interact with.

Greenhouse Control Room

Greenhouse Control Room puzzle solution Resident Evil 2 Capcom via Polygon

Now head back to the Greenhouse Control Room, enter the pattern and return here to open the hatch and get access to the ladder. The code looks a bit like this: F II L7 F.


Return to the Greenhouse, and take the path left, picking up the Red Herb along the way. Hug the left wall to enter a new room.

Drug Testing Lab

Read the Herbicide Synthesis note on the counter next to the sink.


There’s a machine locked with a cage here. You can see the L7 code clearly, but the rest are obscured.

There’s a Hand Grenade in the northwest corner of the room, sitting next to a corpse wearing a yellow hazard suit. There’s also Gunpowder (Large) on the east side of the central desks.

You’re relatively close to your Item Box, so feel free to make a few trips back and forth to free up your inventory and store any items that you can’t pick up. Just watch out for the Ivy enemies, who are super great at respawning.

Descend the ladder you unlocked, and search the dead end for Gunpowder (Large) and the Research Lab East Area Map. Open the door to the next hallway.


The hallway leads to several rooms, some of which are locked. Continue into the Lounge, and pick up:

  • Flame Rounds x3 on a bench (which you can totally use on the Ivi back in the Greenhouse)
  • A Green Herb on the southern wall
  • The Trophy on a table, and Examine it in your inventory, and you’ll see a code on the bottom: L7, a thin I, a lowercase i, and a thick capital I. That’s the next code you need to enter n the Greenhouse Control Room.

There’s also a Circuit Breaker (labeled MURF) in the corner near the vending machines. You can’t do anything with that quite yet.

See all of those corpses playing dead around the Lounge? As you head away from the Lounge, the three corpses will spring to life. Take care of them before they awaken. One headshot each with your powerful handgun and ammo will turn them into non-issues.

As you head down the hallway away from where you entered, Lickers will appear in the hallway leading to the Low-Temp Testing Lab (which is locked). A direct hit on each with a Flame Round will kill them, but feel free to use whatever powerful ammo you have.

Take the only unlocked door (it’s west), and head toward the stairs.

Lounge Staircase B2 to B1

Watch for the zombie on your right as soon as you enter. Also the one who falls as you’re ascending the staircase.

In the room at the top of the stairs, kill another zombie. Collect:

  • High-Grade Gunpowder (White) near the door where you came in
  • Handgun Ammo x15 in a locker just up the wall from that door
  • Signal Modulator along the wall
  • Somebody’s Note on a chair near the Signal Modulator.

Unlock the door to return to the Lobby, where you can offload some equipment and save.

Greenhouse Control Room

Greenhouse Control Room trophy code Resident Evil 2 Capcom via Polygon

Return to the Greenhouse Control Room, and enter the code from the Trophy. That’s one of ours above, but yours may be different.

Drug Testing Lab

Go to the Drug Testing Lab, and interact with the machine you’ve given yourself access to — the Solution Dispenser. It’s not nearly as difficult as it seems, but you can refer back to the note if you need help.

Place an empty cartridge into the Solution Dispenser
Add the required amount of UMB No.21
Cool immediately

Or you can just keep rotating and filling until the liquid on the left is the same level as the red ring round one of the tubes. It won’t take more than a minute. The moment it happens, you’ll receive the Dispersal Cartridge (Solution).

If you head back to the Greenhouse Control Room again and put the cartridge back where you got it, you’ll receive this message:

ERROR: Solution temperature is outside acceptable range.

So you’ve got to cool it downstairs.

But first!

Nap Room

Mr. Raccoon Nap Room Capcom via Polygon

Return to the Nap Room, back by where you came in. Use your Signal Modulator there to dial in the code MUF. Then rotate the waveforms until they overlap. Once that’s done, insert it into the Circuit Breaker. The lights will come on. A zombie will rise (so kill it), and check the beds for a Mr. Raccoon toy, your final Hip Pouch upgrade, and Wayne Li’s Note.

Now head back to the Lounge (so through the center again, and down the staircase where that one zombie probably fell on your head).


Head back downstairs, watch out for a new zombie down in the Lounge (though not if you shot it while it was playing dead earlier), and stand in front of the Circuit Breaker.

Resident Evil 2 MURF Signal Modulator puzzle solution Capcom via Polygon

Open your Signal Modulator in your inventory, and tab through until it says MURF. Adjust the dials until the two waveforms are overlapping. Now place the modulator into the breaker.

That’ll restore power to the basement.

Server Room

Head here to collect some High-Grade Gunpowder (White), a Combat Knife, and Flame Rounds x3. There’s also a Typewriter and an Item Box. Feel free to scour the area for things you didn’t collect and do some inventory swapping.

Low-Temp Testing Lab

There’s an enemy playing dead sitting on the floor. It will take an unreasonable number of headshots to knock it down.

Interact with the computer to read Wayne Li’s Inbox.

Enter the lab, and pick up the Gunpowder on the table near the window. Interact with the Cooling System to lower the temperature of your Dispersal Cartridge (Solution). It will return to your inventory as Dispersal Cartridge (Herbicide).

Greenhouse Control Room

Make your way back to the Control Room, and interact with the Solution Sprinkler System to unleash the herbicide.


Enter the adjacent room, and pick up the Electronic Chip. Hit the (sigh) new Ivy with everything you’ve got as you make your way back to the laptop in the Presentation Room.


Presentation Room

Interact with the Senior Staff PC to read Byron Cartwright’s Inbox.

Main Shaft

Head back to the Main Shaft, and interact with the terminal there to reach the next area.

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