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Resident Evil 2 Claire & Leon [2nd] walkthrough Part 1: Investigate the Police Station

Stock up on supplies and keys before you find a way out

Resident Evil 2’s 2nd run campaign beings after you beat the game as Claire or Leon. Now you get to start again as the character you didn’t pick the first time around.

The Police Station in the 2nd run is the same for Claire and Leon, but it’s not the same as it was the last time you were here. (We use Claire images below, but this part of the campaign is effectively identical for Leon, too.) You’re surrounded by more and tougher zombies and equipped with fewer bullets. The puzzles change. Item Boxes and Typewriters have moved and disappeared. Our guides are here to help.

What’s in this guide?

Figuring out the best way to organize our Resident Evil 2 2nd run guides took a bit of work, but we think we’ve cracked the code.

The first thing you need to do: Stock up on healing herbs, ammo, and other items that will help you survive. And that’s what this Resident Evil 2 remake 2nd run guide is about. In this guide, we’ll take you through all of the things you do before you start collecting medallions (again). That includes:

  • Exploring every available room on first floor of the Police Station
  • Collecting Leon’s shotgun or Claire’s rocket launcher way earlier than you otherwise would
  • Finding the first two Typewriters

We’ll wrap up in the Darkroom, just before we head upstairs and begin our hunt for the three medallions (which are different here than in the first campaign) in the next guide.

Investigate the police station

Resident Evil 2 Clair 2nd Run outside the Police Station Capcom via Polygon

You’ll begin outside of the Police Station. You can’t just walk in through the front door, so you’ll be taking a different path inside.

Run through the makeshift graveyard, down the stairs, and past the Entrance. You’ll run past a locked door. Head up the stairs.

Stop at the top of the stairs. Grab the Blue Herb and the Red Herb sitting in this area. Shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy nestled among the bushes on your left, and continue forward.

Pick up the Cutting Tool (Bolt Cutter) out of the wheelbarrow . You’ll see a cutscene, and then things will get scary.

Turn around and run back down the stairs to that locked door to cut the chain. You only have three bullets, so don’t bother wasting any on the zombies — just run around and past them. Use the Bolt Cutter on the chain and duck inside the Guardroom.


Resident Evil 2 Claire 2nd Run Guardroom Capcom via Polygon

Inside, collect the following:

  • Hand Grenade on the radiator
  • Quickdraw Army handgun (Claire) or the M19 (Leon) on the crate by the locker
  • Large-caliber Handgun Ammo (which ammo for the Quickdraw Army and the M19) on the table
  • Courtyard Key hanging on the locker

You’ve got more ammo, but not much. We’re still going to ignore the zombies in this area and minimize backtracking. So open the Item Box. Store the Hand Grenade, Bolt Cutter, and the herbs to create space for items you’ll pick up soon.

There’s at least one zombie who knows you went into this room — possibly two — but you’re safe inside, and you have an advantage. Your destination is out and to the right, back by where you picked up the Bolt Cutter. Wait for the zombie(s) to shuffle to the left (or wait until they have their backs facing to the door so they can’t immediately grab you), and run out of the room, heading right.


Head back to the Courtyard again, avoiding the zombies. Use the Courtyard Key to unlock the gate and step through. Discard the Courtyard Key to free up another inventory slot.

Fire Escape

As soon as you enter, grab the Wooden Boards and Large-caliber Handgun Ammo on this side of the fence. Head up the stairs and into the second floor.

Police Station 2F hallway and Art Room

Deal with the two flaming zombies (or, preferably, avoid them), then grab the Green Herb on the windowsill near the door. You can combine that with the herbs you picked up earlier to create a Mixed Herb (G+B+R), which heals you fully and gives you a buff against damage for a while.

Don’t be afraid to take a hit or two here. You’ll be ale to heal.

Loop around the hallway to grab the other Wooden Boards, then head into the Art Room. Grab the Weapons Locker Key Card from the table. You can read the Art Article: “The Red Stone” pamphlet, but feel free to leave the Statue’s Left Arm for later if you don’t have room for it in your inventory. (Just like last time, you’ll use it here later, so there’s no great reason to lug it around.)

Head back down the fire escape to the ground floor, and go through the door into the Police Station 1F.

Watchman’s Room

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Claire Watchman’s Room Capcom via Polygon

Turn right as soon as you enter to find the Watchman’s Room. Deal with Officer Elliot’s top half, and grab the Scrap of Paper from the desk.

Continue past Elliot through the open shutter door. Grab the Combat Knife out of the wall on your right, and follow the hall past the stairs.

There are some Flame Rounds (Claire) or Shotgun Shells (Leon) on the shelves next to the stairs. Put them in the Item Box in the Break Room.

Break Room

Resident Evil 2 Claire 2nd Run Break Room Capcom via Polygon

Inside the Break Room, flip the light switch next to the door. In the front room with the Item Box and Typewriter, Grab the following items:

  • Blue Herb on the table by the Typewriter
  • High-Grade Gunpowder in a locker
  • Large-caliber Handgun Ammo x8 in a locker

Head into the back room with the bunk beds and grab:

  • Submachine Gun Ammo (Claire) or MAG Ammo (Leon) on the skink (and store it in the Item Box for now)
  • Electrical Part on a folding chair, which is for the Fuse (Break Room Hallway)
  • Mr. Raccoon toy on the floor between the sink and the bunkbed (if you played as Claire the first time around)

Open the Item Box and store the Weapons Locker Key Card. Make sure you have the Bolt Cutters and one Wooden Board in your inventory.

Head back down the hall through the Watchman’s Room again and into the hallway. Use the Bolt Cutter to unlock the door to the East Office.

East Office

As soon as you get inside, run left to board up the window next to the slumped officer. That prevents the a zombie from getting in.

Resident Evil 2 Claire 2nd Run East Office Capcom via Polygon

Circle the room to collect the following:

  • Large-caliber Handgun Ammo from the police officer’s corpse
  • Flash Grenade on a desk near the window you boarded up
  • Green Herb on a table near the door where you came in
  • Gunpowder on a desk near the northern wall

If you don’t have space, just get close enough for those items to show up on your map — we’ll work on expanding your inventory in a minute.

Deal with the other zombie in the smaller office, and then search inside there for High-Grade Gunpowder behind the desk and the Round Handle on the desk.

Move the chair to unblock the red doors on the west side, and head into the hallway.

Press Room, Closet, and Bathroom

Turn right (away from the path leading to the Main Hall). Before leaving, let’s get some items from the rooms that the hallway leads to. Those include:

  • The Press Room for some Large-caliber Handgun Ammo
  • The closet to the southwest of the Press Room for some more Large-caliber Handgun Ammo and some Wooden Boards
  • The Bathroom, where you’ll find First-Aid Spray in the middle stall

Now head back down the hallway toward the Main Hall. Use the Fuse you picked up in the Break Room to open the shutter door back to the Main Hall.

Main Hall

There’s a random zombie wandering around the entryway just as you walk in, and Marvin will show up at some point, too.

Resident Evil 2 Claire 2nd Run Main Hall Capcom via Polygon

Explore the room fo find:

  • First Aid Spray on a green box between the desk and the shudder door
  • Large-caliber Handgun Ammo on the desk
  • Hip Pouch on the desk
  • Notebook with Missing Page where Marvin sat during your other campaign

Use the laptop to get some CCTV footage of Tyrant.

With a larger inventory, you can go back and collect anything you left back in the east part of the Police Station and put it in the Break Room Item Box.

Balcony (2F)

Head to the second floor and turn left. There’s some Large-caliber Handgun Ammo all the way at the end on the west side. There’s another zombie on the east side. Head there.

Waiting Room (2F)

On the east side of the second floor the Main Hall, go into the Waiting Room (fighting or avoiding the zombie along the way). Grab the Green Herb and read the Guide Pamphlet.

The safe combination is the same as it was before, so enter it — 6 left, 2 right, 11 left — for the High-Capacity Mag. (JMB Hp3) upgrade for a gun that Claire doesn’t have yet. Leon will get the Muzzle Break, which increases accuracy for the Matilda handgun.

Head downstairs to the southwest corner of the first floor of the Main Hall and into Reception.

Reception and hallway

Grab the Green Herb and Large-caliber Handgun Ammo, and continue through to door at the back of the room.

Resident Evil 2 Claire 2nd Run Licker in the hall past Reception
Walk slowly down this hallway, and the Licker won’t attack.
Capcom via Polygon

You’re going to walk through this hallway and loop around to the right until you can get into the Operations Room. When you round the first corner, though, there will be a Licker on the ceiling. We had a lot of luck just quietly and slowly walking past this one, so try that before you go in with your guns blazing. Just do not run, and you should sneak past fine.

Keep following the hallway until you find the door to the Operations Room on your right.

Operations Room

Sweep the room for the following:

  • Large-caliber Handgun Ammo on a desk to your left as soon as you enter
  • Record of Events note
  • Police Station 1F Map on a whiteboard

Use the Bolt Cutter to open the door to the next room. (Provided you also used this item to open the door to the East Office, you can drop it now.)

Go through the door you just opened. Sweep the room for the following:

  • Electronic Gadget from the desk
  • Green Herb on the filing cabinet next to the whiteboard
  • Flash Grenade on a pile of desks
  • Wooden Boards sitting on the floor under the corkboard

Unlock the door and head into the hallway. Take a left. Run all the way to the end of that hall to grab some Large-caliber Handgun Ammo on a corpse.

Use the hall to loop around and head north to the Darkroom. (We’ll be right back for the other rooms, but let’s save first and grab a key.) Grab the Green Herb and Wooden Boards just outside the door.


Just like the last time you were here in the other campaign, there’s an Item Box and Typewriter. Sweep the room for the following:

  • Medicinal Benefits of Herbs note
  • Gunpowder in a locker
  • Large-caliber Handgun Ammo in a locker
  • Red Herb in the back room with the sink


Take the Weapons Locker Key Card from the Item Box and head back down the hallway.


The same two zombies from your other campaign are in here again, so deal with them first. If you fire your gun, you’re likely to attract the attention of two zombies upstairs, as well as the zombie who crashes through the window. So you may have to fight several zombies here.

Duck into the West Office when you’re done with them.

West Office

Resident Evil 2 Claire 2nd Run West Office Capcom via Polygon

Sweep the room for the following:

  • Gunpowder at the end of the long row of desks, just ahead of where you enter
  • Uses of Gunpowder note next to the Gunpowder
  • Large-caliber Handgun Ammo in a locker along the west wall
  • Operation Report note on Elliot Edward’s desk
  • Rookie’s First Assignment note on Leon’s desk
  • Mr. Raccoon toy at the top of the shelf along the northern wall of the West Office, sitting among some cardboard boxes (unless you got it in your first campaign)

Inside the office within the office, the safe combination is still the same, so enter it — 9 left, 15 right, 7 left — for a Hip Pouch.

The codes on the two locks for the Rookie’s First Assignment are also the same, so enter them — NED and MRG — for the Speed Loader (SLS 60) for Claire and the High-Capacity Mag. (Matilda) for Leon.

Head back through the door you came through and cross the hall to the Safety Deposit Room.

Safety Deposit Room

Read the Storage Locker Terminal Memo.

Punch in 106 for the “Commemorative” Roll Film and 109 for some Large-caliber Handgun Ammo.

In the back of the room, use the Weapons Locker Key Card to unlock Claire’s GM 79 grenade launcher or Leon’s W-870 shotgun.

Head back to the Darkroom.


Resident Evil 2 Claire 2nd Run Commemorative Photo Capcom via Polygon

Develop the film for the Commemorative Photo and save.

That’s it for this section of the Police Station. In our next guide, we’ll head upstairs to collect the three medallions.