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Resident Evil 2 Claire & Leon [2nd] walkthrough Part 2: Find all three medallions

Find a couple new guns and escape the Police Station

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run All three Medallions walkthrough Capcom via Polygon

Resident Evil 2’s Raccoon City is even less welcoming during your 2nd run. Our last guide ran you through a lot of the Police Station to pick up supplies, keys, Hip Pouches, and heavy weapons. We left off in the Darkroom.

This time, you’ll grab even more supplies, the Spake Key, and all three medallions.

Spade Key

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Spade Key Capcom via Polygon

Exit the Darkroom, and head up the stairs.

Editor’s note: You could head to the second floor now, but we wouldn’t do that. Instead, we’re going to run past the second floor. If you save that (and the STARS Office) for last, you’ll avoid triggering [SPOILER], which will make your run less stressful.

Grab the Large-caliber Handgun Ammo at the first landing, then continue up to the third floor. Grab the Large-caliber Handgun Ammo while you deal with the zombie there.

The locker combination is still the same, so enter DCM to unlock it and pick up some Submachine Gun Ammo (Claire) or Mag Ammo (Leon). Head through the hole in the wall and pick up the Spade Key.

Turn left and follow the hall into the West Storage Room. (You can read the To any survivors note about Lickers at the end of the hallway.)

West Storage Room

You won’t be able to get to the Maiden Medallion yet, but this room is a convenient shortcut. Sweep the room for the following:

  • Gunpowder on a desk near the entrance
  • Wooden Boards on the floor near the Gunpowder
  • Large-caliber Handgun Ammo on a shelf along the west wall
  • Some Guy’s Scribblings note on a table opposite the Explosive Barricade

Go through the door on the east wall that leads to the Library.


Run straight across the middle walkway of the Library, then turn right to go down the stairs. Deal with any of the zombies you want to, but your only real goal is to get to the door right at the bottom of the stairs.

Since you’re right there, loot the corpse near the door to the Lounge for a Combat Knife.


Resident Evil 2 2nd Run ‘Lion Statue’ Roll Film location Capcom via Polygon

In the Lounge, grab the Tin Storage Box on your right, then open it for the “Lion Statue” Roll Film. Pick up the Police Station Upper Floors Map, then head to the statue.

Use the Scrap of Paper and the Notebook with Missing Page to figure out the code here — couple, scales, snake (the one facing left, not the other one). Grab the Unicorn Medallion and head back into the Library.

Main Hall

From the Lounge, head back into the Library. Turn right and head for the Spade Key Door. Grab the Red Book on your way past, then unlock the door to return to the Main Hall. Head downstairs and deposit the Unicorn Medallion in the Goddess Statue.

Lion Statue

While you’re here, it’s convenient enough to unlock the door to the West Office and use it to return to the Darkroom. Expose the “Lion Statue” Roll Film you just picked up to get the code, then head to the Lion Statue on the second floor behind the Goddess Statue.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Lion Statue solution Capcom via Polygon

Enter the code — crown, flame, dove — to get the Lion Medallion, then take it back downstairs to the base of the Goddess Statue.

Waiting Room

Head upstairs on the east side of the Main Hall and go into the Waiting Room.

If you haven’t yet, grab the Green Herb and read the Guide Pamphlet. The safe combination is the same, so enter it — 6 left, 2 right, 11 left — for the High-Capacity Mag. (JMB Hp3) upgrade for a gun you don’t have yet. Unlock the door out (you can probably drop the Spade Key now) and head into the Art Room.

Art Room

Head to the back of the room. Pick up the Statue’s Left Arm and combine it with the Red Book. Take those and place them on the statue to get the Scepter. Investigate the Scepter to find a switch on the back and get the Red Jewel.

A Licker will drop from the ceiling at this point. Your best bet is to just sprint back to the Waiting Room — it won’t follow you in there. If you’re moving the moment after picking up the Scepter, you might even get past it without taking a hit.


Head back to the stairwell near the Darkroom (and visit the Item Box to clean up your inventory). Head up to the second floor, then turn right and go toward the Shower Room. Grab the Red Herb on the way in.

Shower Room

Use the Round Handle to turn off the steam pipe, then start opening lockers for Flame Rounds (Claire) or Shotgun Shells (Leon). (If you didn’t pick it up, it’s on a desk in the first floor East Office.)

On your right, grab even more Flame Rounds or Shotgun Shells, the Portable Safe Instructions, and the Bejeweled Box.

Place the Red Jewel from the Art Room onto the Bejeweld Box to get the STARS Badge.

The combination in here is the same, so enter CAP into the locker on the right ahead of you for some Flame Rounds.

STARS Office and Armory

Head through the Shower Room, then follow the hall around to the left. Get the Gunpowder out of the first locker, then head through the door.

Grab the Flame Rounds or Shotgun Shells off the couch in the hallway, then go through the first door on your left into the STARS Office.

Sweep the room for the following:

  • Red Herb to your right as soon as you walk in
  • Battery from the desk (combine it with the Electronic Gadget from the Operations Room to make a Detonator)
  • High-Grade Gunpowder on a desk in front of a fax machine
  • First Aid Spray on the wall near the fax machine
  • Flame Rounds/Shotgun Shells on a desk near the guitar
  • Flash Grenade on a box next to the guitar
  • Large-caliber Handgun Ammo on a cart next to the trophy case
  • Leon’s/Claire’s Memo on a cart next to the trophy case

There’s also a Mr. Raccoon toy on a desk behind a computer monitor near the southeast corner of the STARS Office for Claire and Leon (unless you found it in your first campaign).

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Submachine Gun location Capcom via Polygon

Examine the STARS Badge to turn it into a USB Dongle Key, then use it at the computer to open the Armory. Pick up the Letter to STARS Members and the MQ 11 Submachine Gun (Claire) or the Lightning Hawk (Leon).

Before you leave, take the STARS Badge out of the computer so that it’s back in your inventory.

Exit, turning left.


Head toward the Linen Room. Your old friend Tyrant will show up before you get there, though. If you want to, four Flame Rounds/Shotgun Shells will make him take a knee. But that’s not necessary. Save your ammo and avoid him instead.

Your goal is just to sprint past him toward the Linen Room and Lounge. Unlock the door to the Lounge, then continue into the Library.

Maiden Medallion

From the Lounge, get to the second floor of the Library — either use the ladder or the stairs. Use the door on the west wall to get back into the West Storage Room. Plant the Detonator on the C4 in the southwest corner and set it off

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Maiden Medallion solution Capcom via Polygon

Get the code from the Notebook with Missing Pageram’s head, harp, bird — and pick up the Maiden Medallion.

Get back to the Main Hall by whatever path you’d like — we prefer going north and down the stairs there so you can hit the Darkroom Item Box and Typewriter on your way past.

Secret Room

Dodge Tyrant in the Main Hall and place the Maiden Medallion in the Goddess Statue. Run down the stairs to the Secret Room. The door will stay open — unlike in the original campaign — but Tyrant won’t follow you. Grab the Flame Rounds/Shotgun Shells on the desk with the building model and the Gunpowder on the desk with the Typewriter.

Underground Stairs

Before you start on the next section of the story, let’s grab a weapon upgrade.

Make sure that the STARS Badge/USB Dongle Key is in your inventory.

Ride the elevator down from the Secret Room, then take the Underground Stairs all the way to the bottom. Pick up the Hand Grenade under the stairs.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Special Weapons Case Capcom via Polygon

Place the STARS Badge — you may have to examine it to switch it back from being a USB Dongle Key — in the Special Weapons Case. You’ll pick up the Suppressor (MQ 11) for Claire’s shiny new Submachine Gun or the Long Barrel (Lightning Hawk), which “reduces recoil and increases the gun’s destructive power.”

Now you can head back up to the Secret Room to save and sort through your inventory before you move on.

The next level of puzzles.

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