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Resident Evil 2 Leon [2nd] walkthrough Part 11: NEST Laboratory — West Area, G boss fights, and the true ending

W-03 West Area, an old boss fight, a two new boss fights

RE2 remake West Area, true ending Capcom via Polygon

When you play Leon’s 2nd run, the West Area isn’t any different geographically than it is in Claire’s campaign. But there’s still some unique content here. It’s time to go grab that G-Virus and leave. It’ll probably be easy. (It won’t.)

Objective: Get the G-Virus sample in the West Area

Run around to the back side of the Main Shaft again and use the panel on the left to extend the bridge to the West Area.

Grab the Lab Digital Video Cassette and the Hand Grenade from the corpse in the hall, then continue into the room ahead of you.

Biotesting Lab

Use the Signal Modulator tuned to AWS to power up the area. Watch the Lab Digital Video Cassette, and read William Birkin’s Inbox. You can drop off the VHS and Signal Modulator in the Item Box.

Head into the next room. Just before you exit, cut to the left to pick up a Blue Herb. Continue into the hallway beyond. There’s nothing in the lockers, but there is some High-Grade Gunpowder on the counter on the right at the far end.

Bioreactor Lab

Keep heading west through the decontamination process and cross the bridge through the Bioreactor Lab. In the room on the far side, hit the computer on the left to read the Research Diary. Turn to the right and grab the G-Virus Sample.

Head to the attached room. Grab the High-Grade Gunpowder, Gunpowder (Large), and Red Herb, then visit the Typewriter and Item Box. Things are about to get serious.

If you have any Mixed Herb, put it in your inventory. If you can make some, do that. It’s good to have the health buffs they offer.

Turn around and run back across the Bioreactor Lab.

G (Phase 3) boss fight

Leon [2nd] G (Phase 3) boss fight Capcom via Polygon

After the cutscene, you’ll face G (formerly Dr. William Birkin). This is pretty much exactly the same fight as it was when you were playing as Claire.

These supplies are scattered around the Bioreactor Lab floor to help you out:

  • Large-caliber Handgun Ammo
  • MAG Ammo
  • Flash Grenade
  • First Aid Spray
  • Hand Grenage
  • Fuel
  • More Large-caliber Handgun Ammo
  • More MAG Ammo

As usual, shoot G’s eyes — on his shoulder, his left thigh, and his shoulder blade. A single shot with your Lightning Hawk will pop each eye.

When he tries to lift one of the explosive pieces of machinery around the room, target one of his eyes and pop it. That’ll keep him from throwing a deadly chunk of metal that explodes.

Eventually, he’ll fall to his knees and expose a cluster of eyes on his chest. Pump everything you can into those eyes. The Flamethrower works really well here.

After G is definitely dead for real and forever this time, sweep the room for anything you didn’t collect, and take the lift back up to the walkway above.

Objective: Return to Ada

Sprint all the way back to the Main Shaft.

After the cutscene, take the elevator in the center of the Main Shaft down.

Monitor Room

Resident Evil 2 NEST B3 Monitor Room Capcom via Polygon

Grab the First Aid Spray as soon as you get off the elevator. After the cutscene, grab the Combat Knife on your way out.

Pump Room

Exit the room and go down the stairs. Hit the Typewriter and Item Box one more time, then duck into the room on your left. Follow the walkway and take the lift down.

There are Ivy waiting for you down here. Watch for the Blue Herb on your left. Follow the walkway around and go through the door at the far end. Through the door, pick up the Green Herb, then climb down the ladder.

Resident Evil 2 Tyrant again Capcom via Polygon

Just keep following the walkways. About when things look like you might actually survive, Tyrant shows up again. Because why not?


Sprint past Tyrant and keep winding your way through the fiery underbelly of the NEST. You’ll bump into another zombie or two. You can put the down if you want, or just keep running.

There are no branching paths to worry about, so keep running until you trigger another cutscene.

Escape Shaft

When you regain control of Leon, follow the walkway to the right and into the Escape Shaft. Grab the Red Herb, Handgun Ammo, and Joint Plug. There’s an Item Box right here too if you need to free up any space, and you’ve just picked up three herbs that you should combine into a Mixed Herb.

Take the Joint Plug over, plug it into the panel ahead of you, and pull the lever.

Super Tyrant boss fight

Leon [2nd] Super Tyrant boss fight Capcom via Polygon

Facing Super Tyrant is a lot like your previous encounters with Tyrant. You can’t beat him, but you can stall him for a few precious seconds (and Flash Grenades are great for this).

Keep moving and try to keep some room between you and him while you shoot him. He’ll telegraph when he’s going to do a rushing or jumping attack, so watch and listen to him him closely, and run away when he’s closing the gap.

Eventually, you’ll trigger another brief cutscene. Afterward, sprint to the Anti-Tank Rocket, equip it, and put one in Tyrant’s face.

The end (G Phase 4 billion)

When the elevator comes to a stop, a crowd of zombies will pile through a door at you. You could slowly pick them off with one of your guns or make a hopeful throw with a grenade … or you could just fire your Flamethrower or one more of your new Anti-Tank Rockets into the doorway.

You’ll pick up on the train. After your reunion and introduction, scour the area for two bottles of Gunpowder (Large) and a Combat Knife. Head through the train. Save and shuffle your inventory to stock up on ammo.

Leon [2nd] G (Phase 4) boss fight train Capcom via Polygon

When the monstrosity appears (which Leon strongly implies is G once again, and we’re inclined to agree), back away while you shoot it. There is no reason save your ammo here. This is the last fight in Resident Evil 2.

Leon [2nd] G (Phase 4) boss fight train Capcom via Polygon

After you deal a ton of damage, its eye will appear in its mouth, because why not? Save your Anti-Tank Rockets for this phase. Two eyeshots will take it down.

Walk into the sunset, and watch the credits roll. (And after that, you’ll get two Achievements/Trophies — A Hero Emerges for completing Leon’s story and Broken Umbrella for witnessing the true ending).

You’ll also unlock “Claire’s [2nd] Story Mode” and “The 4th Survivor” mode. You can access the latter from “Extra Modes” in the main menu.