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Resident Evil 2 Claire [2nd] walkthrough Part 1: G (Phase 1) boss fight, Parking Garage, and Chief’s Office

Your first fight with G and picking up the Heart Key

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run G (Phase 1) boss fight, Parking Garage, and Chief’s Office Claire walkthrough Capcom via Polygon

It’s time for your first boss fight in your Resident Evil 2 2nd run. You’ve already explored a lot of the Police Station and found all three medallions to find your way out. Now it’s time to head into the next area.

In this guide, we’ll explore the Machinery Room, fight G (Phase 1), explore the rooms around the Parking Garage, pick up two keys, and end in the Chief’s Office.

Machinery Room

You’ve still got access to the Police Station, so feel free to head back to pick up anything you’ve skipped. When you’re ready, take the elevator down from the Secret Room to the Underground Stairs. While you’re here, if you haven’t yet, go grab the upgrade for your Submachine Gun from the Special Weapons Case using the retracted STARS Badge.

At the bottom of the first flight of stairs, take the hallway on your left into the Machinery Room. After a cutscene, you’ll have to face G (Phase 1). The fight is the same as in your first run.

G (Phase 1) boss fight

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run G (Phase 1) boss fight Capcom via Polygon
  • The first step is put some distance between you and G. Use your map to keep track of where you are and where the long hallways are.
  • If you use a Hand or Flash Grenade, either aim low or make sure you’re not standing in a low hallway. Claire’s overhand throw will send the grenade into the walkways above you, which will interrupt your throw and make things a lot more dangerous for you.
  • Concentrate your fire into his human head and its right (your left) shoulder. As it takes damage, a large yellow eye will appear in that monstrous shoulder. Whenever you can see that, put everything you can into it.
  • When G gets too close, sprint past him and start these steps over.
  • Don’t forget to use the left thumbstick + B/Circle for a quick, 180 degree turn.
  • Your goal is to get that yellow eye to turn red. At that point, he’ll fall over a handrail and not be a problem anymore.

In the three room-like areas, look for these items:

  • A Green Herb, Handgun Ammo x14, and a Grenade in the northwest corner
  • A Red Herb and Handgun Ammo x14 and in the southwest corner
  • A Green Herb and Handgun Ammo x15 in the southeast corner

After the fight and walkways

After the fight, climb the ladder and turn right for a Green Herb near the door and some Gunpowder in the small office’s locker.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Operators Room Capcom via Polygon

Follow Sherry west and up the stairs. Cross the bridge you move into place, then keep following the walkway until you get to the room with the Typewriter and Item Box.

Open the locker on your right for a Hip Pouch (and run back for anything you left in the Machinery Room).

When you’re done playing inventory Tetris, turn around and head down the hall on your right. Climb the ladder at the end.

Parking Garage

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Parking Garage Capcom via Polygon

Follow Sherry to the Parking Garage gate and try the scanner to trigger another cutscene. We suspect that Police Chief might not be a great guy.

Once you regain control, head through the door to the right of the gate. At the end of the hall, grab the Police Station B1 Map and read the Raccoon Monthly, June Issue. You can’t do anything else here right now, but that map is too useful to skip.


We’re heading to the Morgue next, but we’ve got to go through the Kennel first.

Use the door in the northeast corner of the Parking Garage, then turn right. Follow the hall around toward the Kennel. There’s a Licker patrolling the hall you can sneak past and two more inside the Kennel (but they ate the zombie dogs, so that’s nice).

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Lickers in the Kennel Capcom via Polygon

Inside the Kennel, grab the High-Grade Gunpowder on your right, then continue around. Don’t run so you can sneak up on (and hopefully past) the Lickers.

On the other side of the Kennel, go through the door and turn left. Had through the door ahead of you to find the Morgue.


Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Morgue Capcom via Polygon

Inside, turn left and handle the zombie there, then read the Autopsy Record No. 53477. On the far side of the room, pull open the second drawer from the left. Handle the (surprisingly aggressive) zombie inside, then pick up the Diamond Key.

Back on the side by the door, pull open the first drawer for a Flash Grenade and the fifth (second from the right) for a Red Herb.

Firing Range

From the Morgue, our next stop is the Firing Range. Head back through the Kennel and follow the hallway around to the right. The Firing Range is on the north side. Watch out for that patrolling Licker on your way.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Firing Range Capcom via Polygon

There are two zombies in the target range part of the room on your left — they may or may not notice when you come in. Check the Equipment Disposal Notice by the door, then pick up the Tin Storag Box next to it. Open the box to get the Car Key (we’ll use it in just a minute).

Continue into the room and grab A Message from Mr. Raccoon pamphlet, then use the Diamond Key on the door. In that office, grab the Red Herb and “3F Locker” Roll Film (you can skip the film if you want — we already opened that locker).

Before you leave, duck into the target range and pick up the Flame Rounds.

JMB Hp3 Handgun

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run JMB Hp3 Handgun location Capcom via Polygon

Head back into the Parking Garage and turn to your left. Use the Car Key to unlock the trunk of the police cruiser ahead of you. Open the trunk to grab the JMB Hp3 handgun.

Elevator Controls Room

Go back through the door on the north wall of the Parking Garage. Use the Diamond Key to unlock the door to the Elevator Controls Room.

Pick up the Blue Herb and High-Grade Gunpowder. You’ll find the Shoulder Stock (GM 79) upgrade for your Grenade Launcher in the locker.

Pull the lever on the console to power up the elevator.

Chief’s Office

Ride the elevator up. Grab the Green Herb on your left as you run along an alley, then head back inside. Follow the hall until it leads you to the Chief’s Office.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Chief’s Office Capcom via Polygon

Read the Copy of Emails to Chief Irons on the desk, then grab the Submachine Gun Ammo from the table in the middle of the room. Check out the Taxidermy Log while you’re there.

Visit the Typewriter and the Item Box. You can drop off your SLS 60 now that you have the JMB Hp3 — remember to grab the High-Capacity Mag upgrade you picked up earlier.

Private Collection Room

Head through the door in the southwest corner into the hall beyond. Follow the hall around to the right to the Private Collection Room. Grab the High-Grade Gunpowder ahead of you and the Repair Shop Letter from the back.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Heart Key location Capcom via Polygon

Pick up the Lovers Relief and examine it to find the Heart Key. Head back to the Chief’s Office and use the Heart Key to unlock the other door out.

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