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Resident Evil 2 Claire [2nd] walkthrough Part 2: Find the Power Panel Parts

A mad dash to grab both Power Panel Parts and a much-needed Hip Pouch

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Find the Power Panel Parts Claire walkthrough Capcom via Polygon
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Getting out of the Parking Garage during your 2nd run through Resident Evil 2 has gotten unsurprisingly complicated. We’ve gotten to the Chief’s Office and picked up the Heart Key. Now it’s time to find the two Power Panel Parts and get out of here.

Our approach and inventory management

Since we’ve been picking up new guns and weapon upgrades faster than the first campaign, inventory space is probably becoming a problem (it was for us, at least). So we’re actually going to have two goals as we collect the Power Panel Parts:

  1. First, obviously, is finding them.
  2. Second is finding both Spare Keys for the Safety Deposit Room and pick up a Hip Pouch.

Doing that is going to take some planning, though.

While you’re here in the Chief’s Office, visit the Item Box. Clear out five slots. This is probably going to be hard and counterintuitive, but trust us. Just make sure you keep both the Diamond Key and the Heart Key.

We suggest dropping off any healing items, grenades, and your Submachine Gun and its ammo. You might also consider dropping off your Handgun and its ammo — you’ll find some Large-caliber Handgun Ammo along the way, so the Quickdraw Army is probably better here.

Once you have five empty slots, put Wooden Boards back into one of those slots. (If you don’t have any, exit the office and head up the stairs — there’s a set right at the top.) Now you should have four empty slots and one set of Wooden Boards. This is enough room to pick up all of the Key Items you’re going to encounter on your mad dash.

Which brings us to the next point: For a large chunk of this guide, you’ll be running from Tyrant. That means having a planned route and not having to play inventory Tetris is going to keep you safe(r). The guide below will give you a relatively straight path with lots of opportunity to avoid him.

Interrogation Room (B1)

Exit the Chief’s Office through the Heart Key door on the east wall. Shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy near the staircase (if you didn’t shoot it in your first campaign).

Go down the stairs ahead of you and follow the hallway. Use those Wooden Boards to block the window (using the boards here means worrying less about ammo).

Follow the hall around to the left and take it to the far end. Grab the High-Grade Gunpowder out of the locker, then head back and use the Heart Key again to unlock the Interrogation Room.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Interrogation Room Capcom via Polygon

On the left, grab the Large-caliber Handgun Ammo from the table. Cross the room and grab the Portable Safe. Open it up to get a Spare Key.

Around now, while you’re likely thinking, “Wasn’t this mirror smashed in Leon’s campaign,” a Licker will smash through to attack you. You can avoid it, but handling it with a shot or two from your Grenade Launcher is much better for your peace of mind.

Hop through the smashed mirror. Pick up the Confiscation Report (for the Waiting Room safe combination that we’ve already used) and the Gunpowder. (You can combine this with the High-Grade Gunpowder to craft Acid Rounds.)

Climb back through the mirror and head back up the stairs.

East Storage Room (3F)

Climb the stairs all the way to the third floor. There are Wooden Boards, a Flash Grenade, and some more Large-caliber Handgun Ammo here on the landing.

Go through the door on the west wall into the East Storage Room. Grab the Blue Herb ahead of you and the Flame Rounds to your left. There are two zombies in here, so either take them out or avoid them as you explore.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run East Storage Room Large Gear location Capcom via Polygon

In the center of the room — in the same place as it was for Leon the first time through here — grab the Large Gear. Head to the southeast corner.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Power Panel Part location Capcom via Polygon

Open the door there with the Heart Key. Grab the Combat Knife and the Boxed Electronic Part. Open the box for your first Power Panel Part.

Balcony (3F) and Roof (2F)

Exit the East Storage Room and go through the other door out onto the Balcony. There’s a Blue Herb right ahead of you. Take the ladder down. Unlike Leon, Claire can climb down ladders just fine, apparently.

Grab the Large-caliber Handgun Ammo from the bench by the flaming helicopter.

Go down the stairs toward the Boiler Room. There are two Green Herbs behind you and two zombies that will wake up when you come down the stairs. If you’re quick and careful, you can dodge around the zombies without having to fire a shot.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Water Valve Lever Capcom via Polygon

Use the Water Valve Lever on the left wall to switch the water flow, then head back up the stairs. (You can’t get into the Boiler Room in Claire’s campaign.)

Back up on the roof, use the lever to put out the flaming helicopter.


Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Tyrant Capcom via Polygon

Head through the door back into the Police Station. There’s a Red Herb here — if you grabbed the Blue Herb when you first got to the Balcony and at least one of the Green Herbs from below, this will let you make a Mixed Herb (G+B+R). Just like last time, Tyrant will show up when you approach the helicopter wreckage.

Lure him back out onto the Roof. Use the open space there to skirt around him, then head back into the hallway.

Main Hall Linen Room (2F)

Now that you’re in the lead, you can sprint away from Tyrant. We’re going to head all the way to the far (west) side of the Police Station to grab the other Spare Key.

Follow the hallway into the Waiting Room — Tyrant should stop chasing you around now. Continue out onto the Main Hall balcony. Loop around on the second floor to the Library door. While you’re here, it’s a good idea to put down the two zombies in there — the next time you’re here, Tyrant will be on your heels.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Linen Room Capcom via Polygon

Take the door on the left into the Lounge and continue through to hallway beyond. Use the Diamond Key to unlock the door into the Linen Room. You can discard the Diamond Key now.

Grab the Gunpowder and the Portable Safe. Open the safe for the other Spare Key.

Safety Deposit Room

You’re got another long run ahead of you.

  1. Exit the Linen Room and turn right.
  2. Head up the hallway toward the Shower Room.
  3. Take the right and run back through the Locker Room.
  4. Continue around and go down the stairs (next to the Darkroom).

As you head down the hall, there will be a Licker between you and the Safety Deposit Room. Since Tyrant is about to show up, don’t try to sneak past — just shoot it with your Grenade Launcher and follow up with headshots to make it not a problem anymore.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Safety Deposit Room Hip Pouch Capcom via Polygon

Duck into the Safety Deposit Room. Place both Spare Keys on the keypad and punch in 102, 103, 203, and 208. This unlocks all the lockers, but you still need to open them and then pick up the contents.

If Tyrant follows you in, this can be a very dangerous proposition. You do, however, have a loop around the room you can use to stay ahead of him. The best way we found to deal with this is to just keep looping and looping, doing each step — opening a locker, then picking up the contents — once per loop. (If Tyrant doesn’t follow you in, you can just take your time.)

You’ll walk out with some Gunpowder, a Combat Knife, a Hip Pouch, and some Flame Rounds.

Records Room

Get out of the Safety Deposit Room and turn right. Head straight through the door there into that unnamed room attached to the Operations Room. Turn left as soon as you walk in and unlock the Heart Key door (and then discard the Heart Key).

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Mechanic Jack Handle location Capcom via Polygon

As soon as you walk into the Records Room, grab the Mechanic Jack Handle and Hand Grenade from the table on your right. Since Tyrant is right behind you, use the rest of the room to get away from him — like the shelves in the middle of the room to put something between you and him. Grab the Gunpowder from the copier as you pass.

Head back out through the door you came in.


Exit the Records Room and go through the door on your right into the hallway.

Just ahead of you on the right is the entrance to the West Office. Duck in there and cut through to the Main Hall. When you get there, turn left and head up the stairs. Loop around to the left on the balcony to get back to the Library.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Library makeshift bridge Capcom via Polygon

Use the Mechanic Jack Handle in the jack that’s locking up the rolling shelves. Once they’re all free, you have to move them around to create the makeshift bridge again. Run loops around the bookshelves in the middle of the room and up and down the ladder and stairs to keep Tyrant at bay. Move the shelves one at a time.

Once you’ve built your bridge, climb the ladder and run across the tops of the bookcases to the door.

Clock Tower (3F)

When you get to the third floor balcony above the Main Hall, turn right. Grab the Green Herb in the corner.

There’s a pair of zombies here. Deal with them however you want, but you’re going to be running through here again, so putting them down makes life easier.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Clock Tower Power Panel Part location Capcom via Polygon

Turn right into the Clock Tower. Tyrant won’t follow you in here, so you can breathe for a minute. Pick up the Repair Plan, then place the Large Gear in the machinery to the right. Take the Large Gear back when the stairs drop.

Head to the back (west) of the room and go through the door. Follow the hallway there to the end to grab a Gunpowder (Large) and shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy on the windowsill (if you didn’t in your first campaign.)

Get back into the Clock Tower and run up the stairs to the second floor. Loop around the central shaft to the machinery there. Pick up the Small Gear and replace it with the Large Gear. Head back down the stairs and place the Small Gear in the machinery at the bottom.

That will knock loose the Boxed Electronic Part. Open it for the second (and final) Power Panel Part.

Chief’s Office

Now it’s time to get back to the Chief’s Office. It’s a pretty simple route — just keep an ear out for Tyrant.

  1. Exit the Clock Tower and run east across the third floor balcony.
  2. Follow it around to the left and go all the way to the end.
  3. Unlock the door on your right to get back into the East Storage Room.
  4. Cross straight through and exit through the door ahead of you.
  5. Take the stairs down one floor to get back to the Chief’s Office.

Hit the Item Box to pick up any of the guns and ammo you stashed earlier. Visit the Typewriter — it’s the last chance to save you’ll have for a few minutes.

Resident Evil 2 2nd Run Chief’s Office Power Panel puzzle solution Capcom via Polygon

Head into the Private Collection room and over to the Power Panel. Place both Power Panel Parts, and solve the puzzle — our solution is in the image above. Duck into the locked room and interact with the Parking Garage Key Card to trigger a cutscene.

The next level of puzzles.

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