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Resident Evil 2 Leon [2nd] walkthrough Part 2: Parking Garage, Electronic Part 1, Break Room

Finding the first Electronic Part in the Basement

Resident Evil 2 Leon [2nd]  walkthrough Part 2: Parking Garage, Electronic Part 1, Break Room Capcom via Polygon

Once you’ve finished the first Resident Evil 2 boss fight, it’s time to keep exploring and looking for your way out of the Police Station.

This is the first major departure in Leon’s campaign. Just like Claire, he has to collect two Electric Parts/Power Panel Parts, but he’ll never make it into the Chief’s Office. Instead, he’ll explore the Jail (that’s where his Power Panel is), and areas that are inaccessible in Claire’s campaign.

In this guide, we’ll explore the Parking Garage and its surrounding rooms, collect the first Power Panel Part, and end up at a Typewriter that you’ve seen before. We’ll pick up our search for the second Power Panel Part in the next guide.

Parking Garage

Objective: Find a way out

At the top of the ladder, you’ll find yourself in a Parking Garage. There’s nothing to pick up, and you’ll be exploring this area extensively in a few minutes, so just run straight to the north side and the gate blocking the exit. Check out the scanner on the right side of the gate to trigger a cutscene.

Objective: Obtain the Parking Garage Key Card

With a new objective, it’s time to start exploring the area surrounding the Parking Garage.


RE2 Leon 2nd Jail map Capcom via Polygon

Follow your new friend through the door in the southwest corner of the Parking Garage. Through the door, take a right, then duck into the office on your left. Grab the Police Station B1 Map on the wall and the Large-caliber Handgun Ammo.

Leave the office, and open the jail cell. Take the first left you can and walk down the hall. Don’t bother shooting the zombies — it’s not worth the time or the ammo.

At the end of the hall, you’ll get a tantalizing glimpse of the Parking Garage Key Card you’re after, but you can’t get to it yet.

After the cutscene, grab the Tool/Square Crank (Key Item) off the table and check the Memo: “Jail Power Panel” note.

You can interact with the Electronic Door Panel now, but it won’t do anything. That’s why you have a new objective.

Objective: Find the Power Panel Parts

Backtrack out of the Jail and reenter the Parking Garage.

Parking Garage

Capcom via Polygon

Cross diagonally to the northeast, and go through the door on the eastern wall — the one with a green light over it. Turn right and follow the hall around to the left to find the Kennel. Before you go in, there’s a Blue Herb on the makeshift barricade ahead of you.


Grab the High-Grade Gunpowder on your right, then continue into the room. There are three zombie dogs that are locked up in here. You can safely walk past them, but they’re about to get set free, so it’s a better idea to handle them now. A single shotgun blast to each will put them down.

Loop the rest of the way around the Kennel and out the door on the other side.


After the Kennel, turn left and walk through the door directly ahead of you to find the Morgue. Read the Autopsy Record No. 53477 on your left, then pick a fight with the zombie slumped against the wall to the left of the door.

Head to the far side of the room, and pull open the second drawer from the left. Grab the Diamond Key from the body’s hand, then back up and shoot him to make him re-dead. There’s nothing else in the drawers on this side of the room.

Head back to the right side. Open the first drawer from the left for a Flash Grenade and another for a Red Herb.

Exit the Morgue and turn right.

Hallway and Generator Room

Head to the closed shutter and use the Tool/Square Crank on the crank to your right.

Go through the first door on your right to find the Generator Room. Turn left for a Green Herb, then continue around the room. As you go, pick up the Gunpowder on a shelf to you right as you walk in and the Boxed Electronic Part. Examine the box and open it for the first Electronic Part for the panel in the jail cells.

Loop all the way to the left around the room and visit the panel under the one working light — look for the painted yellow box on the floor. Throw the switches (which appear to be randomly generated) so that the two needles are in the red. That will turn the power back on in this part of the basement.

Unfortunately, this also brings out some zombie dogs. Two will attack you here before you can even get out. Use your shotgun.

Hallway, Kennel, and Hallway to the Firing Range

Retrace your steps all the way back through the hall and around to the Firing Range to the north. Watch for a few zombie dogs between you and your destination, though. You’ll probably spot a couple at the barricade right outside of the Generator Room — take them out now while they’re trapped. You might get jumped by one more before you get to the Kennel and another inside the Kennel.

Firing Range

Continue past the door back to the Parking Garage and follow the hall to the right. Head through the first door on your left to enter the Firing Range. Read the Equipment Disposal Notice and the Tin Storage Box off the table on your right.

Open your inventory and examine the Box. Spin it around and open it to find the Car Key to one of the police cruisers in the Parking Garage. Before you head back, though, keep exploring the Firing Range.

Grab the Message from Mr. Raccoon pamphlet, then continue around to the left. Head through the door at the end of the hall into the downrange part of the room. There are two zombies in here with you, but they’re sleeping. Cross to the far left corner for some Shotgun Shells and shoot a Mr. Raccoon toy under the leftmost target.

Use the Diamond Key to unlock the office. Grab the Red Herb and Roll Film “3F Locker.”

Head back to the Parking Garage once you’re done in the Firing Range.

Parking Garage: Open the trunk

Open your inventory and examine the Car Key you found. Spin it around and hit the button to unlock the cruiser’s trunk.

The car you’re looking for is to your left about halfway across the garage. Open the trunk and grab the Gun Stock (Matilda) from inside. This lets you fire three shots at a time from your handgun.

You can discard the Car Key now.

Break Room

Head back toward the Firing Range (but don’t go in) and take two lefts to go through the door you just powered up from the Generator Room. Follow the hall around to the right and up the stairs.

At the top, loop to the right and go through the door to find the Break Room, which you found at the beginning of your [2nd] run. Make some room in your inventory, and save.

If you left anything down in the basement, feel free to clear you inventory and get it. We won’t be making that trip in the next guide, where we’ll head back into the Police Station.

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