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Resident Evil 2 Leon [2nd] walkthrough Part 1: Machinery Room G (Phase 1) boss fight

How to survive your first boss fight

Resident Evil 2 Leon walkthrough Machinery Room G (Phase 1) boss fight Capcom via Polygon
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You’ve found all three medallions and opened up the underground passage out of the Police Station in Resident Evil 2. Your next objective is to “find a way out” of the Police Station.

In this guide, we start in the Secret Room. We’ll turn a tough boss fight into a one-minute affair, collect all of the items and end just before we get into the Parking Garage.

Underground Stairs

Before heading toward the Machinery Room and your first boss fight, visit the Item Box. Equip every Hand Grenade that you have (we had two). Equip all of your Shotgun Ammo. Equip all of the MAG Ammo that you have. These will help you finish the boss fight super quickly.

From the Secret Room, take the elevator down into the Underground Stairs.

We covered this at the end of our previous walkthrough, but make sure to walk all the way down the Underground Stairs and collect the Hand Grenade on the floor and unlock the Special Weapons Case with the STARS Badge (you may have to examine it to switch it back from being a USB Dongle Key). Collect the Long Barrel (Lightning Hawk), which “reduces recoil and increases the gun’s destructive power.”

The first landing you come to will have a hall on your left — that’s where you’re going. Head into the hallway that leads to the boss fight.

Machinery Room and G (Phase 1) boss fight

Follow the hallway into the Machinery Room. Shove the bookcase out of the way, and watch as things get interesting. After the cutscene, you’ll be in your first boss fight.

That big yellow eye is probably a good target.
Capcom via Polygon

This is way less intimidating than last time. Assuming you have the equipment that we recommended in the previous section, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Throw two grenades at G, one right after the other, as soon as the fight starts.
  2. Shoot it in the shoulder a couple of times with your shotgun to make G’s eye appear.
  3. Shoot the eye a couple of times with your Lightning Hawk.

Seriously: That’s it. You can get out of here without burning a health item or using much ammo. In fact, if the fight goes south, we’d recommend reloading from the Secret Room and trying it again.

After you “defeat” G, someone will drop a ladder for you to climb out of the Machinery Room. Make sure you check those corner rooms for supplies before you climb out. Here’s what you’re looking for:

  • A Green Herb, Handgun Ammo, and a Hand Grenade in the northwest corner
  • A Red Herb and Handgun Ammo and in the southwest corner
  • A Green Herb and Handgun Ammo in the southeast corner
Capcom via Polygon

At the top of the ladder, head into the nearby office. Check all of the lockers and counters to find some Gunpowder and a Green Herb.

Head back out and follow the catwalk up the stairs. In the next office, throw the switch on the control panel to move a walkway into place. Cross the walkway that you just moved. Follow it to the right and into the next room.

Grab the Hip Pouch out of the locker, then visit the Item Box and Typewriter. Turn around from there and head into the hallway on the right. Climb the ladder at the end to enter the next area.