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Resident Evil 2 Leon [2nd] walkthrough Part 3: Club Key, Portable Safes, Safety Deposit Room

Finding supplies, two Portable Safes, and keys to get you closer to the next Electrical Part

Resident Evil 2 Leon Club Key, Waiting Room Safe, and STARS Badge walkthrough Capcom via Polygon

After exploring the Police Station basement in Resident Evil 2, our guides have brought you to a safe (and save) room. This is just a quick stopover, though, so it’s time to get back out to the apocalypse.

Your next overarching goal is to get the second Electronic Part, but there’s a ton of stuff to collect (including both Portable Safes) first. In this guide, we’ll concentrate on collecting and head to the Clock Tower in the next guide.

We begin in the Break Room. Make sure you have the Square Crank in your inventory. And Wooden Boards, if you have them.

Watchman’s Room

Exit the Break Room and follow the hall back toward the main part of the Police Station. If you have any, use some Wooden Boards to reinforce the window where zombie wants to get in.

Toss at Hand Grenade at the zombies clustered in the hallway.
Capcom via Polygon

You’ll still have to deal with a couple zombies in the hall, around the corner. A Hand Grenade will do a lot of damage to all of them. Swipe them with your knife or shoot them in the head to make sure they’re dead.

Waiting Room and Hallway

You’re back in the main Police Station now.

If you didn’t board up the window in the hallway, a zombie will fall through. You can ignore it. Turn left and head to the Fire Escape. Walk up to the second floor.

Fire Escape hallway and staircase (2F)

If you’ve followed our earlier walkthroughs, you’ve already cleared out the Art Room. So don’t go in there. Unless you killed it, there’s a Licker waiting.

Follow the hallway to the shutter and crank slot. Use the Square Crank to open it up. (You should now be able to discard the crank.) Walk through.

There’s a Mr. Raccoon toy on an end table on the landing right in front of you. (You can’t get into the Chief’s Office because Leon never gets the Heart Key. That’s a Claire exclusive.)

From here, you have options:

  1. Going upstairs will take you to the East Storage Room, the Balcony, and the Roof (which is technically on 2F). That’s your eventual main story quest destination.
  2. Going downstairs will take you to the Interrogation Room and the Observation Room. You can’t get into either of those rooms yet, but you can collect an item.

We’ll save the latter for later.

Upstairs (3F)

In the landing at the top, sweep the area for the following:

  • Wooden Boards against the left wall
  • Flash Grenade in a locker
  • Large-caliber Handgun Ammo in a locker

Head through the door on the left out onto the Balcony. (We’ll be back to check out the East Storage Room shortly. There’s no good reason to go in there now unless you want a few Shotgun Shells and a Blue Herb.)

Balcony (3F)

There’s a Blue Herb on a table ahead of you. Drop down the ladder on the east side. It doesn’t go well.

Ignore the lever next to where you land and grab the Large-caliber Handgun Ammo from the bench next to the fiery debris. Turn left and head down the stairs.

There are two Green Herbs on your right — remember you can combine them with herbs you already have or each other to save inventory space.

Duck around the vent in front of the stairs. A pair of zombies will come out of the door ahead of you. Turn to the left and throw the switch on the wall.

Go through the door those zombies came through into the Boiler Room.

Boiler Room (1F)

RE2 Leon 2nd Boiler Room Capcom via Polygon

Head straight through the Boiler Room and toward the door on the right. Grab the Gunpowder on your way past.

Through the door, you’ll find an Item Box and Typewriter. Between them, you’ll find the Club Key taped to the whiteboard.

Put out the helicopter fire

Head back out of the Boiler Room and back up the stairs to the Roof. Take a right and cross to where you fell off the ladder. Use the lever you landed next to to pump some water to put out the fire.

Once the fire is out, go through the door on the left.


As soon as you walk through the doorway, there’s a Red Herb on the floor. Follow the hallway around to the right to the rest of the helicopter.

Tyrant will move the helicopter out of the way.

Run back to the Roof, and avoid Tyrant when he comes out. (You’re faster than he is, so this isn’t as difficult as it seems.) Then run back inside and down the hall where he came from.

Hallway, Observation Room, and Interrogation Room (B1)

Keep following the hallway until you arrive back at the staircase. This time, head down the stairs.

Follow the hall and hit the locker for some High-Grade Gunpowder. Use your new key to open the Club Door on your right.

Leon 2nd Observation Room and Interrogation Room Capcom via Polygon

Read the Confiscation Report to find the combination to the safe back in the Waiting Room, and then pick up the Gunpowder (on the dead cop) and Portable Safe (on the table). Solve it to get the Spare Part/Spare Key for the Safety Deposit Room.

Climb through the shattered window to grab some Large-caliber Handgun Ammo (on a table by the locked door).

Hallway to the Break Room (1F)

Leave the room and enter the hallway, heading back to the staircase. When Tyrant jumps out, just run back into the Observation Room and hide there for a bit until he goes away.

RE2 Leon 2nd Part 2 Tyrant shortcut Capcom via Polygon

It’s actually a good thing that he jumps out, because that creates a direct path into the Press Room. Use your new shortcut to return to the Break Room, save, and make sure that the Diamond Key is in your inventory.

(You could also go to the Darkroom to save, but there’s a Licker in the hallways before it, and that’s, you know, dangerous.)

Linen Room (2F)

Regardless of where you saved, head to the Linen Room:

  • From the Break Room, go back to the Main Hall, up the stairs, into the Library, into the Lounge, and into the hallway.
  • From the Darkroom, go up one flight of stairs, through the Shower Room, and into the hallway.

Use your Diamond Key to enter the Linen Room. (You should be able to discard it now.)

RE2 Leon 2nd Linen Room Capcom via Polygon

On shelf with towels to your right, collect the Gunpowder. On a washing machine, collect the second Portable Safe. Solve the safe puzzle, and head back through the Shower Room and down the stairs to the Darkroom.

Save your game. Make sure both Spare Keys are in your inventory. Head out to the Safety Deposit Room. Walk slowly, and the Licker won’t be able to detect you.

Safety Deposit Room (1F)

Put the keys in the Lockers Terminal, and enter the following codes for the following items:

  • 102 — Gunpowder
  • 103 — Combat Knife
  • 203 — Hip Pouch
  • 208 — Shotgun Shells

There’s one more room to check here.

Records Room

Resident Evil 2 records room Capcom via Polygon

Now that you’ve got the Club Key, there’s one more door you can open. Head through Reception in the southwest of the first floor. There are new zombies and a Licker in the hallway, so be careful. And Tyrant is probably going to be following you, too.

Make your way around the building and use the Club Key to unlock the door to the Records Room. Grab the Gunpowder, Tool (which will become the Mechanic Jack Handle when you examine it), and Hand Grenade, then head back into the hallway.


Head back to the Darkroom and save.

In our next guide, we’ll head to the Library on a journey to collect the second Electronic Part.

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