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Resident Evil 2 Leon [2nd] walkthrough Part 4: Library, Clock Tower, Electronic Part 2

Resident Evil 2 Leon [2nd] walkthrough Part 4: Library, Clock Tower, Electronic Part 2 Capcom via Polygon

You found Resident Evil 2’s first Power Panel Part and cleared every room in the Police Station, save the Library. You’ve made your way back into the Darkroom, where it’s safe. Now it’s time to get the second (and final) Power Panel Part in the Clock Tower.

This guide will take you from the Darkroom through the Library, to the 3F hallway, to the East Storage Room, to the Clock Tower, and then back to the Break Room, picking up everything along the way.


Let’s get prepared for the enemies and puzzles soon to be in your face. Visit the Item Box, and equip the following:

  • At least two rounds for your Lightning Hawk. (You can combine High-Grade Gunpowder with more High-Grade Gunpowder to make MAG ammunition. We’ll use these to take down two zombies soon.)
  • The Mechanic Jack Handle from the Records Room. (You’ll use this in the Library to move the bookshelves.)

Before you leave, make sure you have at least three empty inventory slots for the gears you have to pick up and shuffle. More would be better, so that you can pick up the items you find along the way.

If you already picked up the Large Gear, make sure that’s in your inventory. And you’ll only need one empty inventory slot (though, again, more is better).

To the Lounge

Walk (don’t run) out of the Darkroom. There’s a Licker waiting for you somewhere in the hallway outside, and it can only hear you when you run.

Head up the stairs to the second floor. Go through the Locker Room and the showers. Follow that path down the hallway, past the STARS Office, and to the door at the end

Enter the Lounge. Walk into the Library.

Library (2F)

You can do everything here without having to fight any zombies. And that’s the goal. If you fire your gun, you’ll alert the Tyrant and make this much more difficult.

There are two active zombies in the Library (assuming that you didn’t kill them earlier). One is up the stairs to your right as you enter. Ignore it. The other is on the far side of the bookshelves, chowing down on another zombies. Ignore it, too.

Resident Evil 2 remake Mechanic Jack Handle Library
This zombie will ignore you. Keep your distance and ignore him, too.
Capcom via Polygon

Use the Mechanic Jack Handle in the Jack, and move the bookcases to create a path on the balcony above. (Seriously: That zombie eating a zombie won’t mind.) When you move the bookcase on the far left, check the area where it originally sat for Large-caliber Handgun Ammo.

Climb the ladder, and open the door that you can now reach. This brings you to a second, higher balcony above the Main Hall.

Main Hall Balcony (3F)

Exit and turn right. (There’s nothing to your left.) Watch out for two more zombies, who are on the balcony ahead of you, just when the path turns left.

Remember how we suggested that you have at least two rounds for your Lightning Hawk? Use them here. You can see one zombie as you walk (not run) away from the door that got you here. Look left, aim, and hit it with a headshot. Creep up until you can see the next one. Hit it with a headshot. Now this area is clear of zombies.

Collect the Green Herb before you can make a left.

Take the hallway around to the other side. Unlock the door to enter the East Storage Room.

East Storage Room

There are two zombies inside (unless you killed them earlier). Sweep the room to collect:

  • Blue Herb ahead of you and to your right as you enter
  • Shotgun Shells on a shelf by the Heart Door (that you can’t unlock)
  • Large Gear (Key Item) in the center of the room

The next Power Panel Part/Electronic Part is in the Clock Tower.

Leave the East Storage Room and take the hallway back the way you came. Open the door near the Green Herb to enter the Clock Tower.

Clock Tower (3F)

Read the Repair Plan letter on the desk. There are two Gear Box Panels in this room: one near the door where you entered, and one near the back of the room.

Place the Large Gear between the two larger gears near the door to unlock a staircase. Remove the Large Gear and put it back in your inventory.

Resident Evil 2 Clock Tower (3F) map Capcom via Polygon

Take the staircase up. Pick up the Small Gear. Place the Large Gear in the panel where you got the Small Gear.

Head back down the stairs and put the Small Gear into the Gear Box Panel at the back of the room.

The bell will ring and swing and dislodge a Boxed Electronic Part. Pick it up, examine it and turn it into your second Power Panel Part.

Clock Tower rear hallway (3F)

Before leaving, head to the back of the Clock Tower and through the door into the hallway. Pick up the Gunpowder (Large) at the end of the hall. Shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy on the windowsill to the left of the Gunpowder.

Back to the Break Room (1F)

Now that you’ve collected both of the parts that you need, return to the Break Room.

Make sure you’ve got both Power Panel Parts in your inventory. A Hand Grenade or Flash Grenade will be helpful soon, too.

Save your game. We’re about to go back to the basement.

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