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Resident Evil 2 Leon [2nd] walkthrough Part 7: Sewers — Ada

RE2 Leon 2nd Ada walkthrough Capcom via Polygon

When you take control of Ada, walk to the ladder.

Draw your EMF Visualizer and aim at the wall to the right of the ladder. Hack the panel inside the wall. That powers the fan. Aim up at the fan. Hack the fan’s motor to make it explode, and climb up the ladder into the duct.

Follow the duct to the end, then repeat the process on the second fan. The panel is below you to the right of the fan.

Drop out of the duct and watch out for the zombie waiting for you. Grab the Sept. Inspection (Week 1) note from the workbench. Aim your EMF Visualizer at the door, and follow the power conduit to the left. Hack the switch to unlock the door. Walk through.

Control Room and Tyrant

Even though it’s not named on the map, we’re going to call this the Control Room.

Walk to the end of the catwalk, and grab the Handgun Ammo on the barrel there. Head down the stairs.

There are several zombies here, and your path is narrow, which makes them hard to avoid. The easiest way through here is to kill them with headshots as you see them.

Follow the walkway past the nonfunctional elevator, and hug the left wall the entire time to avoid going the wrong way.

Resident Evil 2 remake Ada Sewers
Here’s where you’ll find a Flash Grenade and Handgun Ammo
Capcom via Polygon

Use your EMF Visualizer to hack the panel that powers the elevator. Check the top of a crate near the panel for a Flash Grenade and some Handgun Ammo. (You can see the precise location in the image above.)

Hug the right wall to head back to the lift, and take it up.

Second floor

Room 1 (with the door)

Follow the catwalk, and go through the door at the end.

At the first intersection, turn right and use your EMF Visualizer to trace the wires and trigger the circuit. Approach the door that leads out, turn right before you get there, and use your EMF Visualizer to trigger the second circuit. Throw the switch next to the door, and go through.

If you do this quickly, you can trigger everything and escape before Tyrant shows up. If he does, lead him away from this room. Or knock him down and then get back to work.

Room 2 (with the fan)

Enter, take a few steps forward, and turn around. Look above and to the right of the door you just went through. Use your EMF Visualizer to trigger the circuit that powers the fan.

Grab the Handgun Ammo off the table in the middle of the room.

Use the EMF Visualizer on the fan, and crawl through after it explodes.

Inside the Incinerator

Head into the main room of the Incinerator. There’s a Typewriter on the right next to the unpowered door.

Resident Evil 2 remake Incinerator Mr. Raccoon location Capcom via Polygon
Resident Evil 2 remake Incinerator Mr. Raccoon map Capcom via Polygon

Pass the Incinerator door on your left, and look on the ground for a Mr. Raccoon toy. If you got the rest during both campaigns, you’ll receive the Complete Vermin Extermination Achievement/Trophy.

Head up the stairs, and read the Sept. Inspection (Week 2) memo. Pull the lever to open the Incinerator door.

Walk back down the stairs and into the Incinerator that you just opened. Pick up the ID Wristband off of the corpse.

Escape the Incinerator

Resident Evil 2 Ada escaping the incinerator Capcom via Polygon

Believe it or not, now that you’re inside the Incinerator, you get trapped. Still facing the corpse in the back, pull out your EMF Visualizer.

Using your EMF Visualizer:

  1. Scan the power panel to the right of the corpse where you got the ID Wristband.
  2. Destroy the yellow part above the door to the Incinerator.
  3. Scan the power panel in the middle of the wall on your left (as you’re facing the Incinerator door).
  4. Destroy the yellow part above the incinerator door.
  5. Scan the power panel on the right wall (as you’re facing the Incinerator door).
  6. Destroy the yellow part above the Incinerator door.

Exit the Incinerator, and head to the right through door between the stairs and the Typewriter. On the other side of the door, take the first left and go through the door at the far end.

Treatment Pool Room

Follow the catwalks as they loop around the room until you trigger a cutscene. Great things are about to happen!

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