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Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo Mr. Charlie doll locations

Find Mr. Charlie bobblehead dolls

Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo Mr. Charlie doll locations Image: Capcom via Polygon
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The Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo is mostly about introducing you to a town that’s been overrun by the living dead. But there is also a Mr. Charlie Challenge, with 20 Mr. Charlie bobblehead dolls to destroy.

Finding all 20 will earn you 100 Ambassador Points on

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find 14 Mr. Charlie bobblehead dolls. The reason we only have 14 out of the 20 is that these are 14 dolls that exist in every game. The remaining six seem to require some specific and arcane circumstances to even show up, but there doesn’t seem to be a logical link between the actions required and where the dolls appear. Until we know more, we’re holding off on those last six.

Don’t pick up the fire hose

Zombies don’t respawn while you’re exploring this part of Raccoon City. That means you’ll have free rein of the demo’s few blocks when you clear them all out.

However, the end of the demo will trigger after you pick up the fire hose from the Kite Bros Railway offices. As long as you don’t pick it up, you’re free to wander around shooting Mr. Charlie dolls.

Subway Station Mr. Charlie doll locations

There are two Mr. Charlie dolls to find on your way out of the subway.

Subway Station doll 1

You’ll find the first doll shortly after you take control of Jill. Facing Carlos and Victor, turn right and head to the back of the train. Go out the door and turn left. At the end of the train car, turn left again and look across the tracks.

Subway Station doll 2

Follow the path up and out of the subway, and you’ll come to the first safe room. This doll is next to the UBCS Herb Field Manual on the desk when you walk in.

Downtown street Mr. Charlie doll locations

There are three more dolls when you reach the street.

Downtown street doll 1

When you reach the street, look to the right. You’ll see this doll in just past the bodies and body bags in the open ambulance.

Downtown street doll 2

When you hit the end of the road, the fire-filled alley will be to your right. Look past the blockade and zombies toward the fire behind them. There is a doll on the hood of the police car. (It’s hard to see since it’s backlit by an inferno, so look for the bobblehead’s motion.)

Downtown street doll 3

Head down the stairs toward Moon Donuts. At the bottom of the stairs, turn around to the right and look under the scaffolding along the edge of the stairs.

Downtown safe room and pharmacy Mr. Charlie doll locations

Once you reach the second floor walkway, there are five dolls to find between the room with the safe (you can find the code with our guide), the rooftop, and the pharmacy across the street.

Downtown Safe Room (Roof) doll 1

When you reach the metal walkway, take the first right. This leads to the roof (the other way leads to the room with the safe). Up on the roof, turn left immediately and work your way around the machinery. This doll is on top of one of those boxes.

Downtown Safe Room doll 2

Inside the room with the safe, turn left immediately and follow the wall. Watch high on the shelves to your right for this doll.

Downtown Safe Room doll 3

Head through the room with the safe, and out to the walkway about the street (above the pharmacy and railway offices). As soon as you walk out onto the balcony, look up at the tracks above you for this doll.

Downtown Safe Room doll 4

On the same balcony, turn left and look at the Moon Donuts roof. This doll is perched on the edge closest to you.

Downtown Safe Room (Pharmacy) doll 5

Across the street, head into the pharmacy. Head straight in, and follow the wall left (this is where you’ll find the safe code). This doll is on the shelves on your right.

Downtown Donut Shop Mr. Charlie doll locations

There are two more dolls to find in and around Moon Donuts.

Downtown Moon Donuts doll 1

Inside the donut shop, look for a microwave in the southwest corner. This doll is next to the microwave.

Downtown Moon Donuts doll 2

Once you pick up the bolt cutters inside the donut shop, cross the street to the west. Open the chained fence, and use the red barrel to handle the zombies. Follow the alley to the left. Look on the ground between the electrical equipment boxes on your left for this doll.

Downtown Supermarket Mr. Charlie doll location

With the bolt cutters, you can now get into the Supermarket at the top of the stairs to the east of the donut shop. There is one doll inside.

Downtown Supermarket doll 1

This doll is right inside the supermarket on the checkout stand to your right.

Subway Office Mr. Charlie doll location

There is one doll to find in the Kite Bros Railway offices.

Kite Bros Railway Subway Office doll 1

Head into the room where you pick up the shotgun. This doll is in a cabinet near the floor.

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