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Resident Evil 3 walkthrough part 3: Substation Control Room and Subway Station Monument

Backtrack to find the Shotgun, Lock Pick, and Hip Pouches

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

We’re only going to make a little forward progress in this Resident Evil 3 walkthrough because it’s time to backtrack (a lot). It’s worth it, because we’ll end up with a Shotgun, Lock Pick, a couple Hip Pouches, and an upgrade for the Shotgun (along with plenty of other supplies).

In this guide, we’ll walk you back through the areas we’ve already cleared and point out any items or collectibles along the way.

Backtrack with the Bolt Cutters

Starting in the Garage, let’s take those Bolt Cutters we just picked up, and go grab some loot (and a Shotgun).


Resident Evil 3 backtracking walkthrough supermarket
Use the Bolt Cutters to get into the Supermarket.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Head back onto the street and turn left (south). Run past the stairs that lead down to the Donut Shop, and look for the Supermarket on the right (west) side of the street.

Grab the Fancy Box as soon as you walk in, and examine it for the Blue Jewel. Head to the shelves, and grab the High-Grade Gunpowder and First Aid Spray.

Back outside, there’s a cop zombie in the car to your right that will fall out (if it hasn’t already). Grad the Handgun Ammo from the car seat after he’s dealt with.

Subway Control Room

Resident Evil 3 walkthrough Shotgun location
Use the Bolt Cutters to get the Shotgun inside the Subway Control Room.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Head to the west side of town — either through the Drugstore Owner’s room or through Moon Donuts — and return to the Subway Control Room. Loop through the hall to the center room, and use the Bolt Cutters to grab the Shotgun.

Locked Alley

Resident Evil 3 backtracking Bolt Cutter alley Donut Shop
With the Bolt Cutters, you can open the alley across from the Donut Shop.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

There’s an alley to the south of the Subway Control Room — directly across the street from the Donut Shop (to the west) — that’s chained closed. Open it, shoot the first zombie, and follow the alley to the left. Get the attention of all three zombies in the dead (pun!) end, and back up. Use the red barrel in the corner to take them all out.

Pick up the Handgun Ammo from the barrels on the left, the Hand Grenade from the corpse, and the Shotgun Shells from inside the case.

Head back to the Garage safe room. Hit the Item Box and Typewriter.

Garage to the Substation

Cut the chain on the red door inside the Garage and go through it for a quick cutscene. Pick up the Shotgun Shells and the Training Log in front of you.

Take the stairs up, and go outside. At the bottom of the next flight of stairs, turn right. Pick up the Handgun Ammo and the U.B.C.S. Suicide Note.

Turn around and head down the alley. Read the Electrician’s Notice on the wall on your right.

Resident Evil 3 walkthrough generator dogs Shotgun
Shoot the generator to electrocute the dogs (and then finish them off with your Shotgun).
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Follow the alley around, and use the generator and your new Shotgun to deal with the two dogs that attack. Keep following the alleyway around to the left.

Go past the gate on your right, and continue to the dead end. Smash the crate in front of the green(ish) sedan for Gunpowder.

Go back, and head through the gate and the orange door.

Deal with the three zombies, and then loop to the right to find a few lockers — one locked, one empty, and one with Gunpowder inside.

Take the stairs up, and grab the Red Herb at the top.

Substation Control Room

Follow the walkway into the Substation Control Room. Grab the Hip Pouch (thank goodness for that) to expand your inventory by two slots. Read the Fax from Substation Chief on the desk to the left of the door.

Resident Evil 3 Substation Control Room Charlie Doll.
There’s a Charlie Doll on the shelves in the Substation Control Room.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

At the north end of the room, turn left (west) and look at the top of the shelves next to a cardboard box for a Charlie Doll.

Get the Lock Pick

The console in this room shows the four breakers you have to activate. There’s even maps showing the locations. We’re not going to do that yet, though.

Go through the door to the left of the console, and down the stairs. Grab the Green Herbs: They Work! note, and the two Green Herbs. Check the Substation Internal Memo on the wall to the right of the gate.

Resident Evil 3 walkthrough Lock Pick location
The corpse in the corner has the Lock Pick.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Go past the locked gate to reach the corpse in the corner. Grab the Case and examine it to get the Lock Pick.

While you’re here, follow the hallway to the right (it’s a dead end), and smash the crate for some Handgun Ammo.

Backtrack for yellow locks

Since backtracking is always worth it for the loot you pick up, we’re going to back out of the Substation to gather supplies.

Head back through the Control Room, and go downstairs to that locker you couldn’t open earlier. Pick up the Handgun Ammo.

Garage yellow lock

Head east and then south to the Garage safe room and open the locker there for some First Aid Spray.

Subway Control Room yellow locks

Get back to the Kite Bros. Railway building (where the Subway Control Room is). Head into the room where you got the Shotgun, and pick the locked locker for some First Aid Spray.

In the Subway Control Room down the hall, look to the right of the console for a locked case. Pick it for some Shotgun Shells.

Donut Shop yellow lock

Get back to the street, and take the stairs down to the Donut Shop.

Go back toward the safe room to find another locked locker with a Hand Grenade inside.

Hit the Item Box if you have to, and then head back outside and up the stairs.

Toy Uncle yellow lock

Turn right (south), and pick the lock on the Toy Uncle Supershop.

Pick up the Fancy Box and examine it for the Green Jewel.

Resident Evil 3 Toy Uncle Downtown Charlie Doll
Toy Uncle’s Mega Man display has a Charlie Doll.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Check the poster on the wall to learn about Mr. Charlie Bobblehead dolls (Uncle-Short-Legs Bobbing Head Dolls).

Look to the right in the display behind the Mega Man statue for one of these dolls.

Subway Station yellow lock

Use the gate across the street from Toy Uncle to return to the Subway Station. Skip the safe room at first, and continue through the gate. To the right, pick the locked case for some Shotgun Shells.

Kite Bros. Railway Monument

In the Subway Station safe room, get the Red, Green, and Blue Jewels out of your Item Box and head to the Monument in the corner. Place them in their slots to get a Hand Grenade, a Tactical Stock (Shotgun), and a Hip Pouch.

Combine the stock with your Shotgun to increase your accuracy.

Hit the Item Box and Typewriter.

With everything we’ve picked up, we’re much better equipped and prepared for what comes next. Make your way all the way back to the Substation Control Room.

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