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Resident Evil 3 walkthrough part 4: Activate the breakers in the Subway Power Substation

Find every item and collectible (and survive) in the Subway Power Substation

Back in Resident Evil 3’s Subway Power Substation after our backtracking run, it’s time to push on.

In this guide, we’ll reset all four of the Subway Power Station’s circuit breakers and point out any items or collectibles along the way.

Objective: Reactivate power at the substation

Once you’re back in the Substation Control Room, make sure you have at least one Green Herb (or a combined herb blend) in your inventory — you’ll need it in a second. In fact, stock up on as many as you can carry.

Head down the stairs, and use the Lock Pick to open the gate. You’ll get attacked during a cutscene, and receive a parasite. Eat a Green Herb (or something containing one) to get rid of it.

Throughout this next area, you’re going to be attacked by bug-zombies constantly. There too many to point out individually, so just shoot them any time you spot them.

Equip your Shotgun. Be ready to run and use the dodge button (right shoulder button on consoles) a lot. If you get caught, you’ll get another parasite and need to eat another Green Herb.

Oh, and they run along the walls and ceiling, too.

 Resident Evil 3 Subway Power Substation circuit breakers locations map
Subway Power Station circuit breaker locations.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Use the map above to plan your route, and follow our steps below.

Reset the circuit breakers (1/4)

Take the first left, and then another left. The first breaker is at the dead end. As soon as you get control after activating it, quick step out of the way to avoid bug attacks.

Reset the circuit breakers (2/4)

From the first breaker, head back up the hall. Take the second right. Clear out as many bugs as you can first, and then activate the breaker.

Reset the circuit breakers (3/4)

Backtrack to the beginning of the maze-like halls. This time, go straight. Duck down the first left (right next to breaker #2) for a Green Herb.

Continue to the end of the hall and take the left. Grab another Green Herb from the dead end, and then backtrack to take the hall on the left. Throw the next breaker.

Reset the circuit breakers (4/4)

From breaker #3, go through the gate on your left and climb the ladder. Smash the crate at the top for some Handgun Ammo, and read Chad’s Notes.

Cross the walkway, climb the next ladder down, and follow the hallway (left, right, and another right) to the end. Throw the final breaker.

Several more bugs will attack you, but they’ll also open up an escape route. Run, dodge, and Shotgun your way out and back to the Substation Control Room.

Substation Control Room

Back inside the Substation Control Room, watch the cutscene, and then hit the Item Box and Typewriter.

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