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Resident Evil 3 walkthrough part 8: Return to the Subway Station and Nemesis (Rocket Launcher)

Find every item and collectible (and survive) between the Subway Subpower Station and the Subway Station

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Rocket Launcher Subway Platform walkthrough Image: Capcom via Polygon
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After Resident Evil 3’s fight at the Demolition Site, you still have to get out of town. That means navigating an on-fire Downtown to get all the way back to where you started.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the area and point out any items or collectibles along the way. We’ll make our way from the Demolition Site and Gun Shop Kendo to the Subway Station, and tell you how to avoid Nemesis and his new Rocket Launcher.

Objective: Return to the Subway Station

Outside of the Demolition Site, follow the road left. When you reach the fire truck, grab the Handgun Ammo from the hood of the car on your left.

Climb onto the fire truck.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Rocket Launcher Subway Platform walkthrough
Lure the zombie to the red barrel.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

At the end of the ladder and before you jump off, shoot any zombies that you can see one time each — you’re only trying to get their attention. We counted four. When they’re all close by, shoot the red barrel to take them out safely.

Climb down, and run down the parking garage ramp on your right. In front of the cop car at the bottom, open the case for some High-Grade Gunpowder.

Run back up the ramp and turn right. You’re heading for the Gun Shop Kendo at the far end of the street on the left.

Gun Shop Kendo

Resident Evil 3 Gun Shop Kendo
Head into the Gun Shop.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Inside the gun shop, grab the Explosive B, Green Herb, Semi-Auto Barrel (Shotgun), and Explosive A in the front part of the store. If you’re running low on inventory space, remember that you can combine items as you pick them up — like the Explosives A and B, for example.

Head through to the back and grab the Handgun Ammo and Gunpowder. After another cutscene, grab the Kendo’s Gate Key. There’s an Item Box and Typewriter to your right.

Service Alley

Back out front, use the Kendo’s Gate Key to unlock the gate to your right (west). You can safely discard the key from your inventory.

Deal with the two zombies and grab the Red Herb.

Resident Evil 3 Downtown Demolition Site House Charlie Doll
This Charlie Doll is inside the house as soon as you walk in.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Follow the alley to the left and duck through the door. Shoot the Charlie Doll on the shelf ahead of you when you get inside.

Deal with the zombie in the next room, and then head upstairs. Duck into the bedroom, and read the Raccoon Times Reader’s Column on the bed for some foreshadowing. Lock pick the case and grab the Explosive Rounds inside.

Go back downstairs and out the front door.

Objective: Escape the creature

Guess who’s back! Run for the alley and weave your way down to avoid Nemesis’ rockets. Don’t slow down for zombies or even if Nemesis is right behind you. Just keep running, and make liberal use of the dodge button.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Rocket Launcher
Don’t try to damage Nemesis. Just run.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

When you get to the front of the Subway Power Substation, Nemesis will be ahead of you. He’ll fire three rockets, and then take a few seconds to reload. Dodge the first three shots, and sprint for the far end of the parking lot to the west. Dodge a few more shots if you have to. You’ll get a quick cutscene when you succeed (well, “succeed”).

Smash the crate ahead of you when you land for some First Aid Spray. Head up into the scaffolding on the right. Climb the ladder, and you’ll end up back on the roof.

Use the walkway to get around to the donut shop area, and then head up the stairs.

Seems that Reader’s Column was right. Quickturn, and run back down the stairs. Cut to the left at the bottom.

As soon as you can, slip past the Charlie head and up the stairs. At the top, cut to the right and head for the alley across from Toy Uncle. If you’re really quick, you can avoid a fight with Nemesis here.

If you’re not fast enough, hit him with a Hand Grenade — he’ll drop a Supply Case with some Flame Rounds.

You’re not going damage Nemesis. Your only goal on the street is to avoid the rockets and Nemesis’ punches, and get to the alley that leads to the Subway Station.

After the cutscene, follow Carlos down to the platform. Keep watching the cutscenes as everything goes perfectly fine on your way out of town. (Spoiler: It doesn’t.)

The next level of puzzles.

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