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How to solve the hexagon Stone Pedestal Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake

Rotate the Hexagon Pieces to solve the Lake puzzle

Six Hexagon slabs occupy a wooden slot in the stone pedestal puzzle in resident evil 4 remake. Image: Capcom via Polygon

Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake maintains many aspects that hallmarked the original, including puzzles that seem explicitly designed to flummox a two-bit Uncharted villain. The first major stumper comes during Chapter 4: the Stone Pedestal puzzle.

Technically, the Resident Evil 4 remake’s stone pedestal puzzle spans a couple chapters, since you have to find items across both Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. Once you have them, our guide will show you how to solve the Stone Pedestal puzzle in the Lake.

Resident Evil 4 remake hexagon puzzle piece locations

Before you can start the stone pedestal puzzle, you’ll need to track down three hexagon pieces. Hexagon piece A is found inside a safe room in the basement of a building near Chapter 3’s Shooting Range. Hexagon piece B is also in Chapter 3, on the north shore of the Fish Farm. Hexagon piece C, meanwhile, is in Chapter 4, in the Small Cave Shrine. The maps in the gallery below show the specific locations of each piece:

Resident Evil 4 remake stone pedestal puzzle solution

After you have all three hexagon pieces in your possession, place them on the Stone Pedestal. Heres a GIF of the solution:

Leon Kennedy rotates two hexagons left once to solve the stone pedestal puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake. GIF: Jeffrey Parkin/Capcom via Polygon
  1. Step one: Highlight the trio of hexagon shapes on the lower-left sector. Rotate that selection once (to the left). You don’t have the option for which way to rotate it, so you just have to hit the button once.
  2. Step two: Highlight the trio of hexagon shapes on the top sector. Rotate that selection once (to the left).

You know how the saying goes: Two lefts make a right (puzzle solution)! [Editor’s note: Boo Ari.]

For your efforts, you’ll get the depraved idol item, which has no practical use beyond the fact that you can hawk it for a ton of money.

The next level of puzzles.

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