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Resident Evil 4 remake Leon facing off against the Giant (El Gigante)

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Resident Evil 4 remake chapter 4 boss fight guide (El Gigante)

Take down the Giant in the Quarry during Chapter 4

Image: Capcom via Polygon
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After a lot of foreshadowing, Resident Evil 4’s fourth chapter has Leon facing the Giant in a boss fight inside the Quarry after a lot of boating around the Lake — and picking up the Red9 handgun.

Our Resident Evil 4 remake Giant (El Gigante) boss fight guide will help you quickly defeat the Giant in the Quarry.

How to defeat the Giant in Resident Evil 4 remake

The only real trick to this fight is ensuring you have enough ammo. Throughout the fight, check the edges of the Quarry and inside the shacks the giant smashes for various crates, herbs, and ammo to keep yourself supplied.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon getting grabbed by the Giant and using his Combat Knife to escape. Image: Capcom via Polygon

Throughout the fight, the giant will try to grab you or jump on you. Just keep an eye out for the evade quick time event — press B/circle to (attempt to) dodge. We struggled with this since there’s a delay between aiming and Leon reacting to the dodge prompt. It’s not too bad, though, so long as you have a knife. When you get grabbed, start mashing R2 to stab his hands and break free.

You can also just run around him without too much trouble — you can even dash between his legs before he gets a chance to grab you.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon aiming at the giant’s head. The giant seems unhappy about being shot. Image: Capcom via Polygon

At the beginning of the fight (we hesitate to call it a “phase 1”), your goal is to deal enough damage to get the giant’s parasitic tentacle to pop out. Damage is damage here, but he really seems to hate getting shot in the head (relatable). If the tentacle retracts at any point, just turn your attention back to his head.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon aiming at a tentacle erupting out of the giant’s back. Image: Capcom via Polygon

Once the tentacle pops out, that’s your’ new target. It’s harder to hit — especially with the low accuracy of the Red9 — but it’s the fastest way to finish this fight.

Resident Evil 4 remake the wolf Leon rescued earlier coming to aid in the giant fight.
The goodest boy.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

After fighting for a bit, that wolf you rescued from the trap back in Chapter 3 will come to your aid. They’ll help keep the giant distracted so you can go collect ammo and deal more damage.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon running toward a downed El Gigante with a melee prompt above his tentacle. Image: Capcom via Polygon

Periodically, the Giant will fall forward and expose the tentacle on its back. You’ll get a melee prompt, so get close to trigger it. When you climb up on his back, just mash the right trigger until you jump off. At that point, just start the process over.

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