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Don’t skip Resident Evil 4 remake’s shooting range

Have fun, score points, earn charms

Leon S. Kennedy aims his handgun at a series of targets painted like sailors and pirates in the shooting gallery minigame from Resident Evil 4 remake Image: Capcom via Polygon

Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake brings back an entertaining diversion from the original game: the shooting range. It’s here where Leon can practice firing the hefty arsenal of guns in Resident Evil 4 (without worrying about ammo, which is infinite here), and also where players can earn charms for their attaché case.

Charms in Resident Evil 4 confer special perks, like health boosts when consuming items and ammo-crafting bonuses that grant extra bullets or use less gunpowder. For that reason alone, you shouldn’t miss the remake’s new and improved shooting ranges, which are scattered throughout the game.

Resident Evil 4’s shooting range tasks Leon with accurately targeting a series of pirate-themed targets. Players are scored for their performance, and are rewarded with silver and gold tokens, which they can trade in a token machine to earn random charms. In short, the better your score, the more tokens you earn.

Resident Evil 4 remake shooting gallery locations

The first shooting range can be found in the village area, during Chapter 3 of Resident Evil 4. After making your way through the quarry and finding the merchant’s hideout, you’ll see an elevator that takes Leon down to the shooting range. (On the game’s map, look for an icon that looks like a pair of crossed rifles, if you happen to miss one.)

Leon looks at an open elevator door in the Resident Evil 4 remake
Shooting range elevator entrances look like this, and are always nearby the Merchant
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Players will also find more shooting galleries (which add new challenges) in the Castle area in the Grand Hall (around Chapter 9) and on the climb up from the Depths (Chapter 11), and in the Island area next to the Cargo Depot (around Chapter 14). Each shooting gallery is located near a merchant and typewriter save station, typically where players do a good amount of backtracking.

Shooting galleries are part puzzle, part aiming test. Players will need to shoot a series of wooden targets that are painted like swashbuckling pirates, prisoners, and animals — while also avoiding shooting the cleancut sailors, which will deduct points from your score.

Resident Evil 4 remake shooting gallery scores

  • Captain (400 points) — These one-eyed pirates wield swords and will sometimes spin around, making them tougher to hit.
  • Prisoner (200 points) — These shackled, well-fed pirates are the easiest targets to hit, though some are tucked inside wooden barrels. You can either headshot those barrel-covered pirates, or shoot the barrel a couple times to break it open, uncovering the prisoner.
  • Sailor (-500 points) — Don’t shoot these guys. Doing so will rob you of points and high scores.
  • Skull medal (300 points) — Some targets will have skull medals attached to them. Shoot the skulls first.
  • Dogs (100 points) — These are smaller, fast-moving targets.
  • Parrots (300 points) — These are typically far off in the distance, making them hard to hit.
  • Hanging Pirates (200 points) — These guys hang down from the ceiling, an annoying distraction.
  • Dynamite — Some pirates will pop up with a stick of dynamite held aloft. Shoot the dynamite itself to clear the room of visible targets.
  • Treasure chests (100 points) — Successfully shooting all targets in a gallery will unlock a bonus round full of treasure chests to shoot. Getting to this stage of each shooting gallery is crucial for the best S-rank scores, and for earning gold tokens.

Resident Evil 4 remake shooting gallery weapons

Each shooting gallery challenge has its own weapon or set of weapons to use. The challenge is knowing when to equip (and, crucially, when to reload) each weapon for maximum efficiency. Players also need to remember which guns have penetrating power, both to rack up multikills and to avoid hitting an unintended targets.

Here’s how the shooting gallery sections break down:


  • SG-09 R handgun


  • SR M1903 rifle


  • SR M1903 rifle
  • SG-09 R handgun


  • TMP submachine gun


  • Riot Gun shotgun


  • TMP submachine gun
  • Riot Gun shotgun


  • Red 9 pistol


  • Punisher handgun


  • Punisher handgun


  • Punisher handgun
  • Riot Gun shotgun


  • Bolt Thrower


  • Blacktail handgun
  • Stingray rifle
  • Striker shotgun
  • TMP submachine gun

Resident Evil 4 remake shooting gallery rewards

Each subsection of the shooting gallery minigame rewards players with silver and gold tokens. The rewards themselves are tied to reaching certain scores or perfect completion goals, but the charms that players will get by spending their tokens at the vending machine are randomly generated.

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