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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 2-1 From Jack to the garage

Do I have your attention, boy?

Table of contents

Technically, you did escape the attic, so good job! In Resident Evil 7 biohazard's next location, the Main House, things happen fast and there’s a lot going on, so we’re going to break it into multiple sections.

Look around

When you come to, you’re having a nice meal with your new family. After the worst game of "here comes the airplane!" ever, the phone rings and it’s time for you to get out of there.

You’ve got a couple seconds to breathe before everything goes sideways again, so poke around some. You can explore the kitchen, the pantry and the living room without being harassed. Let’s start in the living room. Turn right from the dinner table and start walking toward the living room. Right before you go in, turn left and approach the back side of the kitchen cabinets to pick up a File — the receipt pinned there for a completely normal set of things to buy at a hardware store. Now you can continue into the living room.

The first important thing to notice is the clock against the wall on your left — there’s nothing you can do now (it’s missing its pendulum), but this is something we’ll be coming back to later. Continue around the room clockwise. There is some ammo in the table in the back right corner. If you crouch down right there and look behind the speaker, you’ll find a green herb. Check the newspaper on the coffee table for an article about the Sewer Gators’ disappearance.

Next, check out the kitchen. There are three disturbing notes on the refrigerator and some questionable foodstuffs inside. Turn around and pick up the green herb out of the trash. Go ahead an open the door from the kitchen to the hallway — you’re going to be using it in a few minutes and you don’t want it to slow you down.

Continue through to the pantry. There are only two things of note in here. Against the wall on your right, you’ll find a boot with the name Eveline written on it. The other, more important thing, is the locked hatch in the floor in the back left corner. This is your escape. You can’t open it yet, but this is where you’re going to be running in a second.

Getting away from Jack

Now, it’s time to face Jack Baker. Go back to the dining room and open the doors into the hallway. Turn right and ignore the stairs down to the garage for now. Continue down the hall. At the end, on the left, you’ll find a locked door — you’ll be opening this in a minute. Follow the hallway around to the right. Before you make it very far down the hall, you’ll see Jack stumble into view. He’s carrying a shovel and that’s not a good thing. Things are going to happen fast now, so read ahead a little and try to prepare.

Jack is going to chase you, but he’s not fast. Your goal is to stay out of reach of his shovel and just outmaneuver him — you don’t have any weapons to fight back with anyway. To reiterate (because we tried several, increasingly frustrating times), there’s no fighting back here — you goal is simply to run away.

There are two things you can practice using here — sprinting by clicking the left thumbstick and rapidly turning around by pulling back on the left thumbstick and pressing circle/B.

Kite Jack back along the hallway, around the corner and past the door to the kitchen. Lead him all the way back to the dining room doors and put the table between you. Jack will destroy the table, giving you your window. Sprint past him to the right, into the kitchen and out through the (open) door into the hallway. Follow the hallway right.

You’re not going to get far before Jack Kool-Aid Man-s his way through the wall. Just kite him back toward the dining room again. There’s no table to distract him this time, so your goal is to wait until he’s in the hall between the kitchen and dining room doors, then sprint through the kitchen and into the pantry. Go through the convenient door he just created in the wall and turn right into the hallway. Follow the hall all the way to the end and pick up the Hatch Key from the table. There are other things to look at in the hallway down to your right, but let’s focus on the homicidal maniac wielding a shovel first.

Turn around and pause for a second. Jack is going to be taunting you, but if you keep a cool head, you can figure out where he is without him noticing you. This has suddenly become a stealth mission. Crouch and creep back toward the hole in the wall. If Jack sees you, focus on your dining room kiting loop again. If he doesn’t, wait until he leaves the pantry (or just moves out of sight) and, staying crouched, move quickly into the pantry and to the hatch in the floor. Unlock the hatch and drop inside.

If Jack does catch you, your goal remains the same — get away from him. Use the rooms and the hallways to get some distance and break line of sight. You might even be treated to a weird scene where Jack further reduces your original limb count. But don’t get (too) distracted. You need to grab the key and get to the hatch.

The Laundry Room

Under the floor, you’re safe for the moment so you can catch your breath. Start moving forward. Watch for the bottle of HeyBro laundry detergent(?). Stop next to it and turn left. There is a lawnmower against the far wall (which is a weird place to keep a lawnmower) with an antique coin on the deck. Continue along the path to its end.

You’ll climb up inside a laundry room — this room is behind the locked door you saw earlier in the hallway. Explore the room and grab anything not nailed down. You’ll find the Main House map on the tables in the middle. On the far side of the room from where you entered, open the filing cabinet to find some chem fluid and another green herb — these items can be combined in your inventory to create a first aid med. Next, head to the shelves immediately right of the door. There’s a box to pick up and examine. Rotate it around until you can interact with the latch and open it to pick up a lock pick.

Now, turn your attention to the large green create behind the tables. This is your Item Box — it’s a storage locker and gift center all in one. Pre-order bonuses and the Dirty Coin from the demo are found here. You may have noticed that your inventory is rather small — only eight slots — so this is where you can store your extra items when you’re playing inventory Tetris. Right now, you’re probably okay on space, so you shouldn’t have to worry about shuffling anything around.

When you’re done looking around the laundry room, hit the tape recorder to save. Now it’s time to head back into the house. Before you make it into the hallway, though, the phone rings again. Talk to Zoe, who will tell you your new goal is to make it out of the house via the Main Hall — a room you can’t get to yet. She’s a hell-of-a-girl.

The cop

Out in the main hallway, head toward the dining room doors. Jack’s wandered off, so you’re in the clear for the time being. There’s a locked drawer to the right of the doors that you can open with your fancy new lock pick. Open it up for a first aid med. Poke around in the dining room and kitchen for a minute — there’s nothing to find, you’re just waiting for the next event to trigger.

You’ll hear a banging and see a flashlight through the window at the end of the hall (to the left of the dining room doors). Go to it and talk to the cop outside. He’s less than helpful, but you eventually convince him to give you a knife. He wants to meet you in the garage. That will surely go well.

Before you head down to the garage, it’s time to put that knife to use and explore a little while we’re at it. Turn around from the window and follow the hallway all the way around to where you picked up the Hatch Key. Turn right again and explore the hallway here. There are some pictures on the tables along the way to look at (and comment on). The main thing we’re here to learn about is the locked door to the Main Hall. There’s nothing you can do about it just yet, but you’re going to be coming back here in a few minutes, so it’s good to know your surroundings. The door is locked with some elaborate statue-based mechanism that seems to be missing a piece. Good to know. Continue down the hall to the end to find your first Mr. Everywhere to destroy. There are 20 of these bobble-head statues scattered throughout the game. Destroying them all unlocks the Mr. Nowhere trophy. (We’ll point out the obvious ones in this walkthrough, but we’ll be writing up a full collectibles guide in the days to come.)

Go back along the hallway and into the laundry room again. Crouch in front of the tape recorder for the second Mr. Nowhere. While you’re here, go ahead and save again because things are about to get interesting.

The garage

Now it’s time to head to the garage. Turn right out of the laundry room and take the next right. There’s a convenient sign that lets you know you’re going the right way. Before you go down the stairs, look to your right. There’s a box on the table that you could probably break. Hit it with the knife to pick up some handgun ammo. Now, head down the stairs. Use the knife to cut the tape holding the cabinet to the left of the door closed, then push the big red button.

Your conversation with the cop goes about as well as you’d expect and now it’s time to fight for your life. While Jack is distracted with his non-traditional shovel use, run behind him to pick up the cop’s G17 handgun. Before you use it, there’s one more thing you need to pick up. Turn around and face Jack again. Sprint past him to the left and head for the back left corner. There is a car key on a table. Pick it up.

Now, your goal is to get into the car and get it started before Jack grabs you. Once again, worry about getting away first. It’s tempting to use the gun, but you’re already pretty low on ammo and, in the end, it’s not the point of this fight. If you’re going to shoot him (and it’s very satisfying to do so), only go for head shots. Just like Mia before, they slow him down. You can use some well-timed headshots to create the distance you need to maneuver around Jack. Get him to follow you around the car. When he’s behind it and you feel like you’ve got some room, sprint to the car and get inside. Mash the interact button while looking in the general direction of the steering column to get the car started.

When you’re safely locked inside, Jack will move in front of you. Your job is now to prove the age-old adage of "never bring an axe to a car fight." Use the limited space available to back up and launch forward repeatedly, steering into Jack as best you can. There’s no need for fancy maneuvers here — you’re not getting out of the garage, you’re just using a car to bludgeon Jack. After a few collisions, Jack won’t get back up. Yay! Fight over.

Nope. Jack rips the roof off of your car and offers to give you a driving lesson. Just slam the car back and forth until the solution presents itself. Jack ends up worse off than you do, so tumble out of the car and take a look around. There’s a filing cabinet in the front right corner of the garage — across from where you picked up the car key. Open it for more chem fluid.

About this time, the car bursts into flames. Unkillable Jack climbs out and makes his way toward you. For this part of the fight, you’re really just killing time. Keep backing away from Jack and keep him slowed down with headshots. When the car explodes and Jack dies, you can finally take a breath.

Go to the locker to the left of the garage door for another first aid med. Turn left from there to find some more ammo on a bench in the back corner. Now, look at the bench where you picked up the car key. A ladder has fallen from the balcony above you. Climb up the ladder. Nope. Jack’s back for one last assault on your senses. Once he’s dead again (temporarily, we’re sure), get up the ladder. Turn to the left at the top to pick up some shotgun shells. Until you get a shotgun, they’re useless, but their existence certainly points to better armaments to come. To the right of the ladder, look at the shelves. Pick up the bull relief frame and flip it over. Unscrew the wing nut on the back to get the key to the Ox Statuette which sure looks like it’d fit into the door to the main hall. Interact with the left side of the shelves to open up a path to the stairs you originally took down to the garage.

From here, head back to the laundry room to save before you move on.


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