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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 2-2 Main hall and Mia’s tape

Ethan, if you find this —

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Table of contents

The main hall

After you’ve saved, it’s time to manage your inventory at the Inventory Box. We know what’s coming up, so take our word for it here — dump pretty much everything. You’re going to be picking up a bunch of stuff in the very near future and you’ll be just about out of room pretty quickly.

Keep one slot of first aid meds, but you can probably dump any extra ingredients. You’re really only going to need three things here — the Ox Statuette, your trusty pocketknife and the cop’s G17 handgun. First aid meds are optional, but, you’re kind of asking for trouble if you don’t bring them along. Ideally, you’re going to need less than one clip of ammo, so how much you bring is up to you — technically, you can get through this next section without firing your gun at all, but we sure don’t recommend it.

There’s nothing new — neither items nor enemies — in the rooms you’ve already been through, so just head straight for the door to the Main Hall — the one with the elaborate bull lock. When you get there, place the Ox Statuette in the left side of the lock and the door will unlock for you. Push it open to find the Main Hall. Sadly (and unsurprisingly), there’s no open door or flashing exit signs, so let’s get exploring.

It’s creepy in here, but safe and nothing’s going to jump out at you, so you can move freely. Work your way around the room clockwise. Immediately to the left of the door, there’s a table with a green herb and a Mr. Everywhere statue. A little farther along, there’s some gunpowder in an armoire — this can be combined with chem fluid to create handgun ammo. Just to the right of that, there’s an Antique Coin in a drawer.

As you continue around the corner, the phone will ring and you’ll have another conversation with Zoe over the phone. She helpfully tells you to get out of the house and doesn’t seem to notice you screaming "WHAT DO YOU THINK I’VE BEEN DOING!?" at the television. She also drops that Jack was (is — we’re just assuming that Jack follows horror movie villain rules at this point) her father. Just to the right of the telephone table, you’ll see the door you’ll be exiting through. It’s got a similar lock to the one that got you into the Main Hall, but this one is Cerberus-themed (or Fluffy-from-Harry-Potter-themed, if you prefer).

Continue your circuit around the room to find another door you can’t open yet. To the right of the scorpion door, you’ll find a grandfather clock that sure looks a lot like that one in the Living Room. Pick up the clock pendulum from inside. Next to the clock, you’ll find a newspaper with an ominous article on the front. As you continue right, you’ll see a room with a projector, a pedestal and an incomplete painting. There’s nothing to do here yet — you need whatever goes on that pedestal — so just note its location for later. Continue along the wall to the closet under the stairs and pick up the chem fluid. As you complete your loop, you’ll see a statue holding a shotgun. As tempting as it is, you can’t grab it yet — the statue is a Raiders of the Lost Ark-style trap that will lock you inside the room unless you have something shotgun-weighted to swap in. Just remember where it is and we’ll come back for it later.

There’s nothing to see in the middle of the room, so it’s probably a good time to go use that clock pendulum. Backtrack through the house to the living room. Interact with the clock and place the pendulum inside. You’ll receive the White Dog’s Head in return. Take that back to the Main Hall and install it in the Cerberus door. One down, two to go.

Now it’s time to head upstairs in the Main Hall. Take the stairs on the far side of the room — over the closet where you picked up the chem fluid, to the left of the shotgun statue’s room. It doesn’t actually matter which side you go up, but going up this side means that Grandma Baker will freak you out marginally less. She’s harmless (for now, we assume) and she just stares. There’s a photo of Eveline in the table at the top of the stairs. There’s another door you can’t open on the right. Cross the room to the left side, as hard as it is to head toward the creepy-as-all-get-out old lady. There’s nothing in the closet, so just head through the door next to Grandma.

The recreation room

We’re going to take you on a quick loop before going to the Recreation Room. You can examine the football helmet on the table in front of you when you first walk in, but there’s nothing to be gained from it. Turn right and head out onto the walkway outside. Turn left and take the walkway all the way to the end. Destroy the crate for some handgun ammo. Unless you’ve picked up a lock pick we didn’t see, there’s nothing to do about the locked box on the shelves. Turn left and head into the hallway.

Pick up the chem fluid in the drawer on your left. At the end of the hall, there’s a bathroom on the right. You can open the door, but don’t go in yet — this will be the location of a fight in a few minutes, but we have to do something else first. Turn left and continue following the hallway. Pick up the green herb out of the drawer next to the chair. Turn left from there to complete your loop and head through the door into the Recreation Room.

Do a loop of the room for collectibles. Going clockwise, there’s gunpowder in the trashcan behind the door you just came through. To the right of that, pick up the orangish-yellow book. Spin it around until you can open it to find the Blue Dog’s Head. Continuing around, there’s a diary in the drawer behind the bar that hints at some recent happenings in the bayou. On top of the bar, grab the "Mia" VHS tape.

Continue around the room until you’re over by the pool table. There’s a note on the table that mentions a Processing Area — which you’ll be visiting shortly. Above that, you can look at a stuffed cow head, but the only point is to give you a better appreciation of the Baker family’s taxidermy skills. A little farther to the right, there’s a cabinet with an antique coin and a Mr. Everywhere. Turn right from here to find a shotgun — you’ll use this shortly to swap for the one downstairs.

Take a quick detour before you go much further to put the Blue Dog’s Head in the Cerberus door downstairs. While you’re down here, head to the Laundry Room to save and hit the Inventory Box if you want, but we’re going to be finding a new save point soon.

Mia’s tape

Get back upstairs to the Recreation Room. Put the "Mia" VHS tape in the VCR on the bar. This time, you’re going to play the flashback as Mia. Once again, a lot is going to happen kind of fast, so read ahead to prepare yourself.

The video opens with you, Mia, talking to you, Ethan, but that’s soon cut short by the arrival of Marguerite. You job from here until the end of the tape is to avoid getting caught by her. That’s it. There’s no fighting (and nothing to pick up), it’s just avoiding getting caught.

As soon as you gain control of Mia, head straight down the babydoll-lined bridge because you’re living in a horror movie, so why not just lean into it. Go through the double doors at the far end. The door on your right will close on its own, so don’t go that way. Turn left instead and follow the wall around to your right. If you want to, you can look across the gap in the floor to your left to see a creepy little girl. We don’t recommend it. Go through the door in front of you. Weave your way through the old-TV-and-mold room as the candles go out around you and go through the door at the far end.

There is a crate directly in front of you, a door to your right that is locked and a door to your left that Marguerite is about to come through. When you hear Marguerite approaching, crouch behind the crate and wait. She will yell at you a little, but if she doesn’t see you, she’ll eventually move on into the next room. With the door shut behind her, you can come out of hiding and turn left to go through the door she came through.

You’ll enter a room with a projector puzzle that looks very much like the puzzle downstairs in the Main Hall. Don’t mess with it yet, though, because Marguerite is about to come in. Run through the room and out onto the balcony. Turn right and crouch on the other side of the window. We say right and not left because Marguerite is going to come through the room and check the balcony as well, but she’ll only check the right side, not the left. You can watch her through the window, but make sure to duck to the left if she looks your way.

Just wait her out. She’ll move on after a couple tense minutes. When she leaves, she won’t be coming back, so you can investigate the puzzle now. Interact with the abstract statue on the pedestal to start solving the puzzle. Your goal is to spin the sculpture in such a way that it casts a shadow in the shape of a spider — to match the painting on the wall. There’s no trick to it, just spin the sculpture with the right thumbstick until it starts looking like a spider. If you rotate it all the way around without any luck, try spinning it up or down for a new perspective. When you get it more or less aligned (it doesn’t have to be exact), hit X/A to accept the position.

This will open a secret door in the wall that leads to a narrow passage. Squeeze down the passage to the exit at the other end.

You’ll see a pile of boxes in front of you and a path that leads left and right on the far side of the room. Your goal is to get to the right and down through a hatch in the floor there. You can’t just run, though, because Marguerite shows up again. Crouch down and keep that pile of boxes between you. She’s going to approach and circle the pile counterclockwise. Keep an eye on her and match her movements.

When she’s on the side closest to the hole in the wall you just crawled through, back away from the pile and down the hall to the right. Don’t worry about doing the timing — if you don’t back away from the pile the first time she circles around, she’ll just keep circling. Just stay out of sight and wait for your next opportunity.

Drop through the hatch in the floor and into the crawlspace. Crawl away from Marguerite’s shouts toward the other end of the tunnel. You’ll see another lawnmower on your left because that’s just where the Bakers keep lawnmowers. You’ll come to a small room-like area with two things to interact with just as the door in front of you slides closed. The thing on the left is just an unidentified piece of machinery. The one of the right is a picture of two girls. When you try to go any further, the lights go out and then Marguerite captures Mia. The end. Roll credits.


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