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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 2-3 Jack’s back and the basement

Heck of a thing, ain’t it?

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Table of contents

Jack’s back

Now that you know how the silhouette puzzles work, it’s time to put that knowledge to use.

Head back to that bathroom we told you to ignore earlier. Do a quick loop to pick up the handgun ammo out of the vanity and the antique coin out of the toilet (ew). Turn your attention to the tub. Interact with it to drain the fluid and it will reveal an abstract wooden statuette. This is your key to the puzzle downstairs. Now you can wander brazenly out of the bathroom because everything’s fine and nothing is going to go wrong.

Well, rats. It’s time to face a freshly-resurrected Jack with a new and more deadly gardening implement. You’ve got two choices here and, frankly, we think they depend on the difficulty setting as much as anything else. You can stand and fight, or you can run. Whichever approach you choose, the first thing to do is run back into the recreation room and crouch down behind the pool table. If you’re quick enough, this will keep you out of Jack’s sight and let you plan a little.


It’s possible to "kill" Jack here — probably temporarily, since you’re already killed him a few times and it didn’t seem to stick. Keep the pool table between you to stay out of reach of his beefed-up Garden Weasel and focus on landing headshots. When he falls, you’re free to wander downstairs to the puzzle.


Running from Jack is a much smarter thing to do, even if it’s not as satisfying. Treat him like you did Marguerite in the Mia tape or like you treated him in your first encounter. Use shortcuts and corners to break line of sight.

The quickest way away from him is to drop down to the laundry room. Run to the balcony, then to the end where you broke the crate. Drop down the broken staircase and you’ll land in front of the laundry room. Duck inside to catch your breath (and save while you’re in there).

From here, your goal is to just avoid him as you make your way back to the puzzle on the first floor of the main hall.

Sky Hunter projector puzzle

However you choose to handle Jack, your goal is to get to the projector puzzle on the first floor of the main hall without him following. You solve the puzzle the same way you did in the Mia tape. Spin the wooden statuette until it casts a hawk-shaped shadow. The result is the same, too — a narrow passage opens behind the wall. Follow it to the end to find the drawing room.

Turn right and make another counterclockwise item loop. There is a green herb in the potted plant in the corner, handgun ammo in the drawer to the left of the fireplace, chem fluid in the refrigerator, and some more ammo in the breakable crate. To the right of the locked door — the one with a two-headed crow nailed to it — there’s another Mr. Everywhere. Before you leave, grab the psychostimulants off of the table in the middle of the room — these highlight items on your HUD for a limited time.

Head out through the white door into the next room. There’s an antique coin in the ashtray on the table next to the locked box. Check the wall behind you for a disturbing note and a drawing of (by?) Mia.

Equip your gun and head into the next room — the monitoring room. As you come around the corner, a molded — a squishy-looking ooze monster — will drop from the ceiling and move to attack you. Body shots will slow it down, but headshots will drop it in just a few shots.

Continue through to the hallway on the other side of the monitoring room. About halfway to the scorpion door, turn right into the hallway. At the end of that hall, there are stairs down to the basement on the right and another room on the left. That room is your next safe room and save point. Go there.

Safe room

Before you save at the tape recorder, do another item loop around the room. Start at the wardrobe right inside the door to pick up some handgun ammo, then turn around and check the drawer to the right of the inventory box for a pair of disturbing notes.

From here, things are going to get interesting (shooty), so spend a minute at your inventory box and shuffle things around. Dump the Mia tape and convert any chem fluid into either first aid med or ammo — whichever you need more.

When you’re done, save at the tape player.

Processing area (first visit)

Keep your gun out, head down the stairs right outside and go through the door. Follow the hallway straight, through the dogleg and around the first right turn. You’re going to get jumped by another molded at the second turn. Just get its attention and back away while firing.

Follow the hall around to the right and open the white door on your right, but don’t go in yet. You’re going to get jumped by another molded coming from your left. Duck in to get its attention, then back out again. Use the doorway as a bottleneck and shoot it in the face.

This is the incinerator room. Do a sweep from right to left before you touch the incinerators. The clue to your purpose here is in the note over the sink. Continue across the room to pick up some strong chem fluid from under the table to the left of the sink and some gunpowder from under the gurney on the far left. These can be combined into enhanced handgun ammo. We suggest doing that for what’s about to happen.

The "3 a’s and a handprint" [sic] mentioned to in the note refer to the names on the fronts of the incinerator drawers. Open the one on the far right — Tamara — and the third from the left — the one with the red handprint, Craig. This will unlock the far left incinerator. Pull it open and the thing that Travis became will pour out. Unload some enhanced handgun ammo into his face to drop him. Pick up the dissection room key from his drawer.

Head back out of the incinerator room and go straight down the hallway. At the intersection, turn right. Open the gate at the end of the hallway. Unlock the door to your right, then look for the broken tile behind the pallet leaning against the wall on your left for an antique coin. Turn around and go back into the room. The shelves just inside the gate inside hold the processing area map, a breakable crate with a first aid med and a green herb. The breakable crate to the right of the shelves has some more handgun ammo for you.

Follow the room to the right, where it opens up. Loop around the room counterclockwise to get the treasure photo from the shelves in the back corner, the lock pick from the freezer to their left and the green herb from the meat-cage to the left of that. Turn around and pick up the scorpion key from the bag of meat in the middle of the room.

There’s more to pick up down the hallway behind you — including a Mr. Everywhere on the floor to the right of the door — but we’re going to be coming back this way later and your inventory is probably close to full by this point. When you go to leave the way you came, another molded will drop gracefully from the ceiling. Shoot his face, then continue on your way.

Retrace your steps to the save point. We’re going to go on an adventure to pick up the treasure mentioned in the treasure photo and the shotgun before we go back down to the processing area, so we’ll pick that up in the next section.


The next level of puzzles.

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