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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 2-4 The final dog’s head and Jack's boss fight

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Table of contents

Prepare for a fight

Now that we’ve got the scorpion key and a treasure photo, it’s time to go get better prepared for the final fight.

Head left out of the safe room, then follow the hallways back — take the first left, then the next right — through the monitoring and storage rooms until you get back to the taxidermy room. This is where you emerged from the projector puzzle passage. There’s a steroid shot behind a loose stone in the upper right of the fireplace. This will permanently increase your max health, so and use it immediately.

Go back to the safe room and dump the treasure photo and anything else you’re not going to use immediately — stash the dissection room key, but keep the scorpion key.

Turn right out of the safe room this time and use the key to open the scorpion door. This is a shortcut back to the first floor of the Main Hall. Carefully, go upstairs to the recreation room. Remember Jack? Even if you "killed" him, he’s probably stalking around up there looking for you. Stick with your policy of avoidance and you should be fine.

Get the shotgun

Use the scorpion key to get into Grandma’s room. Grab the items inside with a clockwise loop from the door:

  • the broken shotgun
  • some dentures in a drawer (but they don’t do anything and there’s no "drink to forget" combo in Resident Evil 7)
  • a note on the desk laying out the dog’s heads locations
  • burner fuel on the ground to the right of the desk
  • handgun ammo in the wardrobe
  • chem fluid on the dresser in front of the window
  • shotgun shells on the bed and finally a troubling note from Grandma’s doctor in the drawer to the left of the door.

If you run out of room in your inventory, you can always come back or you can prioritize what you really want — we recommend the ammo and the chem fluid. You’re about to pick up another two-slot item — the real shotgun — so you’ll probably have to play some inventory Tetris (or just run back to your inventory box).

Listen to and avoid Jack as you make your way down to the shotgun statue on the first floor. Pick up the shotgun, which will trigger the pressure plate and lock the door behind you. Replace it with the broken shotgun to open the door back up. Now you’ve got a shotgun!

Run back to the safe room to save and clean up your inventory one more time. Use the lock pick to unlock the drawer to the right of the tape recorder for some more handgun ammo. You no longer need to carry the scorpion key, and you’re going to want some room for ammo, shells and first aid meds.

Get the third dog's head

Go back down to the basement. Retrace your steps to the incinerator room. Turn left, take the right at the intersection, then open the door on your right. This opens into a super creepy bathroom. Go down the stairs and cut back to your left. Grab the handgun ammo out of the first tub and the chem fluid out of the last one. Carefully walk toward the hallway on your right.

A molded will pour through the hole in the wall. Around the same time, one will drop from the ceiling to your right. If you’re careful, you can trigger them one at a time. Your best strategy remains face shooting. Grab the green herb from the hole in the wall as you pass and continue along the hallway.

The next room is the boiler room. There’s a molded to your left as soon as you walk in, one more along the back wall on your left and one that will attack you from the center of the room. The shotgun will drop them with one headshot.

Pick up the shotgun shells from the cart along the far wall and the strong chem fluid from the locker by the door on your way out. Use the dissection room key to unlock this door and shove the very heavy door open. Turn right before anything else and get the shotgun shells out of the locker. Return to the middle of the room and (try to) grab the red dog’s head. YAY! It’s Jack.

Turn left and follow the stairs down and to the right. There are more shotgun shells and a green herb on the shelves to the left of the next door you come to. Open the door, turn right and go up the stairs on your left. Duck through the door on your right to visit the room Jack just left. There is some chem fluid under the table to your right as you walk in, but nothing else to pick up. Lament the tragic death of the deputy, then head back outside.

Continue around to the right and follow the walkway left. The red dog’s head is dangling just off the left side of the walkway on a chain that in no way resembles bait on a fishing hook, so just go ahead and blindly attempt to grab it because nothing ever goes wrong for you.

Chainsaw fight with Jack!

A lot is happening fast here, so take a second to think about your surroundings.

Phase 1: Anger Jack

Use the pillar to get some distance from Jack and kick the body bags to knock him off balance (just like the monster in the demo). Off to the side, you’ll see two more of Jack’s impressive assortment of gardening tools inside a cage.

Your first goal is to upset Jack (more than he is already). Use the pillar and the body bags to keep him off balance, and use your firearm of choice to pulp Jack’s face. After an infuriatingly long time, Jack will fall to one knee. This will launch phase two of the fight. Jack will rip the cage open and arm himself with some crazy Jaws of Life contraption. Run right up next to him and grab the chainsaw.

Phase 2: Use the chainsaw

What follows is a long, all-out brawl with power tools. We’re not going to lie, it’s rough.

Run away from Jack, kick the body bags into him and block his attacks. Your attacks on Jack have to come from the sides or back or while he’s off balance from a body bag hit. If he’s prepared, he’ll just block them with his power tool in a truly impressive shower of sparks. Watch for that light on the chainsaw — when it turns red, you’ll have to take time to restart the saw.

Take your swings carefully. As tempting as it is to treat the chainsaw as a wild-swinging, brute force weapon, you need to be a little more surgical about it.

If you spend too much time swinging at Jack, he’ll ignore the damage you’re dealing and attack you right back — land a hit (or two if you’re feeling extra confident) and back away to regroup. When Jack goes down on one knee, get close and thrust the chainsaw into his mutated head region.

Repeat this process a couple times, and he’ll get really upset. When he knocks down the pillar in the middle of the room, you’re almost there. Drive him to his knees again, and you’ll be treated to a very, very satisfying finale to the ballad of unkillable Jack.

Hit the breakable crate next to the exit for a few shotgun shells, then use the chainsaw to cut through the bar blocking your exit. Sadly, you have to leave the chainsaw behind. Retrace your path back to the safe room one last time.

We’ll use that final dog’s head and get outside in the next section.


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