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Resident Evil 7 biohazard walkthrough 4-0 Testing area (all sections)

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

4-1 Dissection room, master bedroom, Lucas’ room, attic, backyard

4-2 Happy birthday VHS tape

4-3 Lucas' party

4-4 To the boathouse

Dissection room

Well, there’s no avoiding it, so you’ll have to follow Lucas’ instructions. Your goal is the dissection room where the (rest of the) deputy’s body is. Head into the safe room in near the entrance to the basement for a final save and inventory sort. You can stash the D-Series arm — it’s safe(ish) to strip down to your preferred weapons loadout and gear for now.

Head downstairs into the basement. Your first surprise is harmless and comes just inside the boiler room (we cannot wait until we’re allowed to shoot that old lady). Things get interesting after you enter the dissection room. When you head downstairs to work your way around to the body, you’ll meet a new type of molded — we’re going to call this a crawling molded, since it sticks close to the ground. These are quicker than the ambulatory molded and have a habit of jumping at you, but their heads are just as shootable.

Continue around to the other side of the dissection room and investigate the deputy’s body. There’s no sugar-coating it. You’re going to do exactly what Lucas’ sign says, but, hey look, you got the snake key.

Exit the room. There are two crawling molded approaching from the left, and there’s another coming at you from your right. Back into the dissection room to let the doorway funnel them into your line of fire. There’s one more crawling molded waiting for you near your exit, which is to the right of the room with the cop’s corpse.

Master bedroom

Your first destination is the master bedroom — it’s behind the snake door at the top of the stairs on the right side of the main hall. Lucas has made things interesting, though, and there are now two molded wandering the first floor of the main hall.

Get upstairs and into the master bedroom. You’re still not allowed to shoot grandma , but there’s a lot to pick up here.

  • a green herb in the drawer right in front of grandma
  • some shotgun shells under the chair to the left of her
  • a lock pick in the orange box on the vanity
  • some handgun ammo in the wardrobe

The note by the clock lets you know what to do next — set the clock to the same time as the other clocks in the house. Feel free to run back to the first floor of the main hall to find the answer if you want. The answer is 10:15. Setting the correct time on the clock will move the bed out of the way and reveal a hidden staircase.

Before you go down, though, head into the storage room attached to the master bedroom. There’s lots to grab.

  • a new treasure photo for an upcoming location on your left on a stool in the corner
  • another backpack — which either increases the size of your current inventory by four slots or, as we prefer to think of it, you just wear two backpacks
  • some neuro rounds for your grenade launcher behind the painting of an angel on the right (you may have to pop some psychostimulants to find these)
  • a green herb on the shelves by the door

Take the stairs all the way down and into the truly horrifying room at the bottom. As soon as you walk in, get the handgun ammo from the cabinet on your right, then grab the red keycard. Now you’re free to leave. Just be careful on your way out — there’s a new pair of molded waiting for you right near the stairs out.

Kid’s room

Stash whatever you want in the safe room, then make your way upstairs to the Lucas’ room — it’s across the hall from the recreation room. You can leave the red keycard (for now) and the treasure photo to free up space. Try not to think too much about all the new black mold on your way.

Sweep the room for items:

  • Just inside the door, there are some shotgun shells under the dresser on your left
  • chem fluid in the cabinet next to the bed
  • supplements on top of the air conditioner
  • a lock pick in the small urn on the shelf to the right of the air conditioner
  • a green herb to the left of the (broken) piano

There are two notes in Lucas’ room that hint at an entrance to the attic. You’re probably going to stumble onto the button during your sweep of the room, but if you missed it, check the lamp over by the air conditioner. Pushing the button will lower an ladder to the attic.

The attic

At the top of the ladder, turn around immediately to find the next Mr. Everywhere. Turn back around and open the cabinet to find the Happy Birthday tape. Turn right and head back into the corner for a couple more things to pick up — the toy axe and model shotgun. (There’s also a contract on the floor that answers Ethan’s earlier question about who "built this shit.") As you approach the new shadow puzzle, there will be some strong chem fluid on the shelves to your left.

If you’re running out of room (we were at this point), stash anything you want in your inventory box downstairs and return here. We’ll use both of those wooden items in just a minute, but there’s one more thing to do up here first.

Spin the sculpture around until it fills the silhouette — it’s an executioner — and unlocks the dollhouse to the right. Pick up the blue keycard and you’re done up here.

Lucas will call you on your way out of the house, but don’t leave quite yet. Swap out the broken shotgun with the wooden toy shotgun you found upstairs. Stash it for now — we’ll find another repair kit shortly.


When you get back outside, keep your gun drawn. There are a few crawling molded wandering out there now. Stay on the porch to keep them in view — they are very hard to keep track of in the weeds — and snip at them from a distance. Or, if you prefer, lure them up to the porch and use your shotgun.

On the ground, turn left and head to the corner of the yard closest to the house. There’s a hidden gap in the weeds you can pass through to find another shadow puzzle. Use the wooden axe to make a shadow seven and the chest nearby will unlock, giving you a stabilizer shot. Use it immediately to decrease the time it takes you to reload your weapons.

Head into the trailer to save and clean up your inventory, then it’s time to watch that Happy Birthday tape.

Full Resident Evil 7 guide table of contents

Now that you’re safe in the trailer (which is a phrase we never expected to write), it’s time to watch that Happy Birthday tape. This is another flashback that will also teach you how to get through the next section. It’s also super disturbing, which is par for the course in Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Coulrophobics beware!

This tape documents the fate of everyone’s favorite cameraman, Clancy. Turns out, Lucas had a bit of a test for him (and way too much time on his hands).

After Lucas’ introduction, overcome every instinct in your brain and approach the corpse-clown. Take the candle from his hand. Now, obviously, this isn’t going to be as simple as just walking in and placing the candle on the cake, but you have to go through the motions to trigger another speech from Lucas.

After the sprayers in the doorway extinguish your candle, stay in the cake room and head toward the barrel. Take the winding key which has the unfortunate side-effect of spilling whatever was inside all over the floor, but that couldn’t possibly be a bad thing, right? Take note of the locked box on the wall, but you can’t do anything with that until you find the glyphs to open it.

Head back to the kitchen area. You’re going to use the stove in a second, but let’s do something else first. Turn left and head into the bathroom to the left of the corpse-clown. Flush the toilet (what is it with the family and hiding things in toilets!?) and you’ll find a dirty telescope. It’s useless at the moment — it’s dirty — but, luckily, we know somewhere that sprays water! Walk to the doorway and use the dirty telescope. As you walk forward with the dirty telescope active, the water with wash it, turning it into a regular, usable telescope.

Head back to the kitchen and light the stove. Once you get a flame, light your candle. Turn to your right and walk into the room with the gas pipe on your left and the bank of monitors in front of you. Walk to the door to the right of the monitors and use the candle to burn the rope holding the door shut.

You can ignore the balloons filling this hallway (or you can duck down and pop them with your candle which is honestly kind of satisfying). At the other end of the hall, look on the floor to the right of the table for a deflated yellow balloon. There’s a door behind you locked with a five character password, but we don’t know that yet.

Take the balloon back to the bank of monitors. Turn to your left and fill the balloon from the pipe on the wall. It will eventually pop and it’s full of nails because of course it is. But it also had a quill pen inside.

Turn your attention to the monitors. Look at them through the telescope to see three glyphs — we referred to ours as a "jedi," a "crow on a bell" and a "fetus," but we’re not sure if they’re random. Head back to the cake room and dial these numbers into the box on the wall to find the straw doll.

Roast the doll over the stove like a messed up marshmallow to reveal the dummy finger inside, then return to the corpse-clown. Install the dummy finger, quill pen and the winding key in the clown, then wind the key.

After something happens — we don’t actually know, we had our eyes closed — you’ll end up with the password to that locked door in the hallway. Go there, dial in the word and head inside the room that opens. You’ll find the valve handle.

Take this back to the cake room and install it in the pipe to turn off the flow of water to the sprayers. Light the candle at the stove and take it back to the cake where everything works out great for our boy Clancy.

After the tape ends, hit the tape recorder to save, then it’s time to get ready for Lucas’ party.

Lucas’ party

You probably have a sense by now of the kind of person Lucas is, so you can guess what we’re going to tell you about his party: Bring guns. You don’t, however, have to bring your biggest gun — save the grenade launcher for now. We went with our standard knife-handgun-shotgun-burner kit and it worked just fine. You’re also going to be picking up quite a bit, so make sure to leave some room in your pack.

When you’re ready, install the red and blue keycards in their respective slots and head up the stairs to Lucas’ party. Head through the door and sit in front of the TV to watch a welcome message from Lucas. After it’s over, dust yourself off and head through the door behind the TV.

Follow the hallway around to the right and just keep going until your way is blocked. Pick up the green herb, then turn right and go through the door. Smash the crate in front of you for some shotgun shells, but don’t go any further into the room. Strung across the path to your right is the first of this area’s many explosive tripwires. You can’t destroy these with your knife (we tried, it didn’t go well) and you can can only safely shoot them with your handgun from a good distance away. The safest (and most ammo-conservative) way to deal with them is to just duck underneath. Follow the room around to the other side of the shelves, duck under another tripwire, then pick up the handgun ammo from the shelf.

Continue into the next room carefully — there’s another tripwire right on the other side of the door. Duck under it and head to the back right corner of the room. Look at the top of the shelves you find there to see the location of the most recent treasure photo. Move the mannequin head to find a repair kit. With this kit, you can repair that broken shotgun and turn it into an M21 shotgun — which only holds two shells at a time, but is much more powerful. We’ll do that in just a minute — you don’t have to run back to the trailer (you can, if you can’t wait, but we’ll hit an inventory box before you need your shotgun).

Head back to the doorway and use your handgun to destroy at least one (if not both) of the crossed tripwires blocking your way. Before you go through the door, turn to your left and check around the rolling shelf for some 44 MAG ammo (this is another one you might need to pop some psychostimulants to find). Head through the door and smash the crate in the hallway for more handgun ammo. Follow the hallway to the left and down the stairs. The crate on the stairs is a trap — it will explode if you smash it — so that’s a new thing to worry about.

Follow the hallway all the way to the end, past the door. Turn around and use the angle to shoot the tripwire explosive next to the door so you can get inside the room without blowing up. Hit the inventory box to repair the shotgun and swap it with the one you’ve been carrying. Clean up anything else you want to in your inventory, then head to the keypad.

Lucas will show up and give you some super helpful advice about the PIN to get through the gate. Obviously, none of those codes are right. In fact, he’s just trying to distract you. When he backs away from the gate, back up to avoid the giant spiked hammer-thing booby trap. Lucas is a great guy. Turn to your right to see a hidden door open in the wall.

Follow the hall and take the first door you see on your right. Smash the closest crate to the door for some chem fluid. The other crate is a trap. Get the shotgun shells out of the wheelbarrow, then you can exit through the other door. Smash the crate right outside for some burner fuel.

Continue all the way along that hallway, but watch for the tripwire at the end. About when you see the cages on your left, turn around — remember that pulling back on the left thumbstick and hitting circle/B will spin you — because there’s a crawling molded sneaking up on you. When you go around the corner into the barn, there will be a walking molded to your right and one walking and one crawling molded approaching from in front of you. Take them all out.

The barn

Head straight back into the barn and pick up the gunpowder off the shelf on the right. Turn to your left and look behind the hay bales for some more 44 MAG ammo. Follow the path around to the right and take the stairs up. Head through the door at the top of the stairs to find your next safe room. Grab the solid fuel from the green shelves on the left and the shotgun shells out of the trash can. Hit the inventory box and the save point.

Head out of the safe room and turn left. Take the first left and follow it around to the left. Smash the crate for some chem fluid. Head back to the middle walkway and go all the way to the far right corner. Smash the crate there for some strong chem fluid.

When you’re ready, head back to the middle and turn left to drop from the walkways down to the first floor. You’ll land next to the machine you’ll need to activate to continue. Turn right and go smash the crate you see for some burner fuel, then head to the back left corner for some shotgun shells.

Head upstairs. At the top, pick up the battery and smash the crate behind it for a green herb. Head to the shelves off to your left to find another green herb, but ignore that other crate — it’s another trap. Take the battery downstairs and install it in the machine to trigger the next sequence.

Barn fight!

Lucas will trigger the elevator and announce the beginning of a barn fight(!). When the doors open, you’ll be faced with a vomiting, fat, lumbering molded. He’s got some new tricks to watch out for — specifically, projectile vomiting — but he still has the same weakness to shotgun blasts to the face as other molded.

We had a lot of luck rushing the elevator and then staying just off to the left. This will keep you out of the direct line of fire (line of vomit) and give you a little cover when you reload. Just keep pumping shotgun rounds into the lumbering molded’s face and ducking to the left.

After the fight, hit the button inside the elevator to take you to the next hallway.

Test of skill

After the barn fight, ride the elevator up. It’ll open on a new hallway. Follow the hallway around to the left and go through the door at the end. Pick up the supplements on the other side of the sink as soon as you walk in and the chem fluid from the bookcase on the opposite side of the room.

Check out the charred corpse — presumably Clancy, but, with this family, who knows — and read the note attached to him. Those four digits are the PIN to Lucas’ room. Turn around from the corpse and head through the door. Grab the antique coin off the shelf on the right side before you hit the button to lower the stairs. Head down the stairs and you’ll find yourself right outside the room you need to get to. That’s the first thing that’s gone your way this entire game.

When you punch in the code on the keypad, Lucas won’t let you through until you empty your inventory into the inventory box — don’t worry, it’ll still be here when you’re done.

What follows is a reenactment of the Happy Birthday tape. However, we already know the password, so we can skip everything involving the corpse-clown — thank goodness — and hopefully not burn to death in the process of escaping. Grab the candle from the corpse-clown. You can’t actually do anything else just yet, so walk into the cake room to trigger a speech from Lucas.

Now, skip to the steps at the end of the Happy Birthday tape — burn the rope lock, go to the door in the hallway and dial in ‘LOSER,’ grab the valve handle, turn off the water, light the stove, light the candle, and return to the cake room. When you place the candle on the cake. As with most video games involving cake, your success isn’t met with pleasure over the PA.

Grab the bomb (Lucas gives the worst birthday presents) and look at the wall to the left of the barrel. Pull away the loose board and you’ll stuff the bomb inside. When it explodes, it’ll open up a new path for you.

Head through the wall and turn left to find Lucas’ room. Turn left inside to pick up the Testing Area map, then grab the D-Series head out of the crate next to the monitor. Hit the inventory box to retrieve all of your stuff, then save at the tape recorder. When you’re done, sit down at the monitor. Before you leave, make sure you grab the crank from the old house and put it in your inventory.

To the boathouse

Head outside onto the docks. Turn right as soon as you get outside and grab the shotgun shells. Continue along and turn right again for some handgun ammo. Turn around and use the crank to raise a walkway for you to cross.

Keep following the walkways as they wind into the swamp. You’ll come to a branch in the path, but the way forward is currently underwater, so take the right. Take another right at the next intersection and go into the shack to pick up some chem fluid, handgun ammo and shotgun shells.

Turn around and follow the pier to the end. Smash the crate for some more shotgun shells, then use the crank to raise the walkway to the boathouse. You just have to get there.

When you turn around, it’s time to start putting all that ammo you’ve been picking up to use. A crawling molded will leap out of the water onto the pier in front of you. When you turn right and head back toward the main walkway, two walking molded will head for you. Another crawling molded will jump out of the water when you cross the walkway you just raised. And finally, a walking molded will drop right in front of the door to the boathouse.

Head inside to find another safe room with a lot to pick up (which is pretty much textbook video game foreshadowing):

  • there’s a green herb on a chair to the left as soon as you walk in
  • three flame rounds on a metal table next to the inventory box (nothing ominous about that)
  • psychostimulants on the table next to the tape recorder
  • the shelf above the tape recorder has bags of chem fluid, strong chem fluid and separating agent
  • there’s some gunpowder on a crate to the right
  • smash the crate in the right corner for another green herb

Hit the save point and attend to your inventory. Spoiler: there’s a big fight coming up, so plan accordingly. Make sure you’ve got plenty of first aid med in your backpack(s) and any extra ammo you can carry. We didn’t actually use the grenade launcher in the fight that’s coming up — we’ll explain why in the next section — but your mileage may vary. When you’re ready, make sure to also grab the D-Series arm and head, then make your way upstairs.


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