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Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough 3-2 shadow puzzle, outhouse, fighting Marguerite

Don’t make me tear off that pretty face of yours.

Table of contents

The Venomous Predator painting shadow puzzle

It’s time to use that statue in the gallery to get to the rest of the old house. Turn around from the workshop and head back up the cellar stairs. When you emerge from the tunnel, turn right and go into the kitchen.

Marguerite meets you at the door, blocking the most direct route to the gallery. Repeat what you did in the Mia tape — backtrack to the front door, pass through the guest room and into the hallway with the crate.

Marguerite is going to be patrolling the hallway and the dining room — she won’t attack you directly, but she’ll set a swarm of bugs on you and make your life generally miserable until you run away. Crouch behind the crate and wait for her to pass, then break to the left into the gallery.

Pass through the gallery and go hit the save point (and inventory box) before you continue. When you come back, make sure Marguerite isn’t in the gallery, then go interact with the pillar in the middle. Move the stone statuette until it casts a spider-shaped shadow and opens the passageway.


Follow the (harmless) bug-filled passageway to the end and emerge onto the far side of the first floor of the old house. On the right, pick up the solid fuel from inside the tire and the green herb from the trash can.

Take the first right and go up the stairs to the second floor of the old house. Your way is blocked by a crow door, but there’s a nice note from Marguerite next to the door and some chem fluid in the drawer on your right.

Turn around and return to the first floor. Turn right and follow the path around to your right. Drop through the floor into the crawlspace — again, this is the same crawlspace from Mia’s tape. Smash the crate on your right for some psychostimulants. A little farther along, look behind some pallets against the wall for more chem fluid, then turn around to find another Mr. Everywhere (man, that guy is everywh ... wait, is that why he’s called that!?). At the end of the crawlspace, where Mia’s escape ended, pick up the crank. You’re going to use this a couple times to wrap up this area.

The outhouse

Backtrack all the way out to the main floor and use the crank to raise a bridge across the gap. Your next goal is to use the crank over by that first bug nest you destroyed. You’ll have to pass through most of the house to get there, avoiding Marguerite along the way.

Get back to the dining room and then out onto the back porch. Continue straight out the door and use the crank to raise the bridge to the outhouse. Grab the first aid med from the sink to the right of the door before doing in. Inside, get the burner fuel and antique coin from the toilet, then turn your attention to the fancy chest to your left. Inside, you’ll find the crow key.

The crow key and the grenade launcher

Now that we’ve got the crow key, some backtracking is in order. Return to the old house. Before you barge through the door, peak through the window on your right — you’ll be able to see Marguerite if she’s stalking around the dining room. Sneak past her and through the gallery to hit your save point before continuing.

Clear out any extras from your inventory — you’re going to be picking up another two-slot item in a minute, and you won’t be facing any enemies on the way. Return to the main house and get to the drawing room (the room with all the taxidermy where you picked up the steroids). It’s pretty much a straight shot back from the scorpion door on the first floor of the main hall. Use the crow key on the door with the two-headed crow nailed to it.

Inside, pick up the grenade launcher. There are shotgun shells and a flame round (grenade launcher ammo) on the shelves to the left. Turn around and look behind the crates for some strong chem fluid, then grab the solid fuel and gunpowder from the shelves on the left and right side of the door. If you run out of room at any point, remember that you’re close to a safe room and can hit the inventory box without any danger.

Marguarite fight

Hit the save point in the trailer on your way back through and set up your inventory however you like it. You’re in for a bit of a fight, so focus on your burner and guns, but maybe stow the grenade launcher for now. You don’t have enough ammo to make it effective yet.

Inside the old house, turn left and head back to the crow door you saw earlier. March straight up the stairs because of course now’s when things are going to start going your way.

After Marguerite tosses you into the hole in the floor, you’re really only going to have to do two things — burn the bugs and shoot her face. She’s only got one move here — she’ll wave her lantern around and dispatch a swarm of bugs to attack you.

Use your burner on the bugs, then switch to either your handgun or the shotgun and shoot her face. It won’t take long before she falls into the pit with you. When this happens, climb out of the pit.

The altar

Now that she’s out of the way (we don’t believe for a second she’s dead), go up the stairs to the crow door. Unlock it and go into the room. There’s nothing in the drawer on your right, so just walk straight up to the altar — the suitcase on the table surrounded by hanging dolls and candles. Open it up and read the note to get the information you’re looking for, then talk to Zoe about what to do next.

Turn left from the phone and explore the hallway there. There’s a room on the left at the end that has a diary, a voodoo doll and some shotgun shells in a drawer. Leave that room and turn left to find another room.

This is the next door you’ll need to unlock, but you’ll need a lantern first. Before you leave, though, destroy the Mr. Everywhere on the table in the middle of the room and grab the antique coin from the drawers in the back right corner.

To the greenhouse

Head back to the pit where you fought Marguerite. Hey look! There’s the lantern you need!


Climb down the ladder and follow the lanky monster-thing through its tunnel. Climb up the ladder at the other end. Before you head into the greenhouse, turn left and toward the gate you see there. Grab the strong chem fluid on your right, then unlock the gate. This will lead you right back to the trailer. Get inside, save, and we’ll head for the greenhouse in the next section.


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